Volume 12, Issue 5 - June 2011


Re-Mov™ That Adhesive
Weiss USA LLC has introduced a new silicone and adhesive remover, Re-Mov. The formula is designed to break the bond between silicone caulks and a variety of surfaces. Company officials say Re-Mov contains no flammable or corrosive chemicals and can be used on most delicate surfaces without causing damage.

Venture Tape® Introduces High-Performance Glazing Tapes
Venture Tape (formerly Venture Tape Corp.) has added two new products to its glazing product line. Venture Tape VG700 Series and VG1200 Series Glazing Tapes are closed-cell polyolefin foam tapes with a unique differential adhesive system designed especially for door and window glazing applications. The double-coated foam systems are designed for adhesion to PVC and other typical sash and frame materials as well as adhesion to glass. The liner side adhesive is designed for adhesion to glass. The exposed/sash side adhesive on both series is compatible with PVC, steel, wood, aluminum, etc., and employs high heat resistance, structural strength and performance for in-plant applications, according to the company.

The tapes are available in white, black and grey.

Hot-Hot-Hot … Melt Sealant Available
Fenzi North America has added Hotver 2000 to its product line. The company designed the sealant to have a fast flow rate, low room temperature tack and low application temperature. The company now also offers its Butylver PIB in a gray color along with the traditional black.

Alside Adds Design Options with FrameWorks™ Window Color Collection
Alside recently introduced FrameWorks, a collection of high-performance interior and exterior laminate window finishes. The collection includes seven new exterior colors: architectural bronze; Hudson khaki; desert clay; English red; castle gray; American terra; and forest green. Seven interior woodgrains are available as well: white; light oak; dark oak; foxwood; cherry; light maple; and rich maple.

Company officials say its FrameWorks technology allows for the adhesive to bond the laminate finish permanently to the window substrate, providing durability against harsh environmental impacts. In addition, FrameWorks does not need to be painted and requires minimal upkeep.

FrameWorks laminates are available in most of Alside’s product families and are available on Alside windows sold east of the Rockies.

ViWinTech Adds ColorTech Paint Option to Vinyl Windows
ViWinTech Windows and Doors has expanded its product line to include the ability to color-match windows to the exterior trim color on a home. The process uses the company’s ColorTech technology, which includes 12 standard exterior colors and an array of optional designer colors. 

ColorTech coating is water-based and environmentally friendly, according to company officials. The paint also is designed to be heat-reflective so that it resists fading, according to the company. 

Designer Window Looks Available from Samuel Kz
The Samuel K Designer Window is a custom-created overlay manufactured and pre-cut for an exact fit to the window specifications. According to the company, it provides a high-end decorative look, offers privacy and does not affect light transmittance. Officials say the product is designed to look and feel like real glass. The manufacturer also has integrated ultraviolet inhibitors into the layers of material that make up the window, which is designed to have a stained glass appearance.

MGM Produces All-Vinyl Four-Panel Telescoping Door
MGM Industries has designed and produced an all-vinyl sliding four-panel door.

The Series 9600 has four separate tracks, which enables each door panel to slide to either side, creating a 9-foot clear opening on a standard 12-foot-wide door. Company officials say the door is completely wood-free and utilizes ¾-inch overall insulating glass.

In addition, MGM has placed door handles on both end panels, allowing entry or exit at either side. The vinyl frame is available in MGM’s standard colors of euro-white, tan and earthtone, along with custom paint colors.  

It’s a (Double) Snap
Royal Window and Door Profiles’ Double Snap™ vinyl trim systems are now available through Specialty Casings Inc. The new single-wall, vinyl extrusion trim systems were designed to replace field-fabricated aluminum trim coil and provide a fast installation. According to the company, the trim system can be attached to a wall easily by two locking sides, so that no nails, screws or other fasteners are visible.

The double snap vinyl trim system is available in an attractive colonial design that company officials say complements the door or window opening, and can be used in both retrofit or new construction jobs. Standard white and custom colors are available.

Quanex Building Products Launches ScreenItAgain.com
Quanex Building Products Corp. has launched an online shopping source for made-to-order door and window replacement screens and grilles. The website, www.ScreenItAgain.com, allows customers to configure the product needed to replace broken or missing window screens and window grilles with a few simple clicks.

ScreenItAgain also offers a variety of energy-saving solar screen mesh products.

DMSi Hits Milestone with WMS Offering
DMSi Software has seen seven of its ERP Agility customers begin utilizing its Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software this year. These include Boise Cascade Building Materials in Boise, Idaho, Building Products Inc. in Watertown, S.D., Eastern Aluminum Supply Co. in Goldsboro, N.C., Kohl Building Products in Reading, Pa., OneTree Distribution in Syracuse, N.Y., Texas Plywood and Lumber Co. in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Wurth Wood Group in Charlotte, N.C.

DMSi’s WMS is designed to be fully integrated with its Agility system and provide real-time system direction and inventory management of warehouse activities.



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