Volume 12, Issue 4 - May 2011



Guide to Moulding and Millwork Manufacturers and Suppliers
Special Focus on MMPA Members

If you are looking to purchase mouldings or if you are a manufacturer and are looking for a supplier of machinery, adhesives or other components, look no further than the Moulding Guide in the following pages. Featured are members of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (www.wmmpa.com).

For additional moulding companies, see the April DWM/Shelter Buyer’s Guide or go to www.dwmmag.com and click on the online Buyer’s Guide.

Alexander Moulding Mill
254/386-3187 (P)

Alexandria Moulding
613/525-2784 (P)
Alexandria is dedicated to serving our customers with cost-effective, quality mouldings, on time with a 100-percent fill rate. We specialize in multi-item truckloads from quarter round to exterior door jambs complete with hinge and strike route. Also offer weatherstrip, and we barcode on request. FSC-certified.

800/261-4890 (P)
Offer radiata pine moulding and shop lumber, cutstock, blocks, blanks, fingerjoint mouldings, jambs, edge-glued panels, peelings and saw logs.

Araupel S.A.
011/55/51-3221-7344 (P)
Raw material offered includes: taeda, pine, parana pine, eucalyptus products, mouldings/frames, edge-glued panels, cut stocks, squares and laminated beams. Offer components for doors, windows and furniture. Flooring, veneered flat jambs, boards and other millwork products. Finishing includes: water-based vacuum priming, oil painting, jesso coating and exterior glue. We supply FSC-certified products.

Best Moulding Corp.
505/898-6770 (P)
We are a manufacturer of solid and fingerjoint cut-to-length mouldings. Species include: radiata; ponderosa; oak; poplar; cherry; banak; para para; soft maple; fingerjoint raw and fingerjoint primed. We stock chamfer strip and offer barcoded items. We carry an inventory in excess of two million board feet and pride ourselves on shipping quality mouldings.

Bois Expansion Inc.
800/959-6770 (P)

BrasPine Madeiras Ltda.
5551/334-631-66 (P)

Brenco LLC
402/932-1281 (P)

Bright Wood Corp.
541/475-2243 (P)
Species options including bridiata pine, ponderosa pine, radiata pine, white fir/hem fir, red oak and MDF. Product options range from cut stock, fingerjoint, solid lineal, I.S. door jambs, O.S. door frames, split jambs, 20-minute fire-rated frames, window frames, door components, patio frames, veneered flat jambs, blocks, blanks stiles and rails, window components, spindles, newell posts, hand rails, stair parts, window sash, brickmould, softwood, MDF board stock, S4S, lumber, primed, treat, cut to length, miter, barcode, hinge and strike, weatherstrip, edge-glued, vinyl-wrapped, veneer-wrapped, custom slicing, and custom profiles.

C.S. Industries LLC
404/520-0239 (P)
Offer rough mill equipment, hydro thermal wood treatment and automatic moisture meters.

Carolina Colortones
828/687-9510 (P)

Cascade Wood Products Inc.
541/826-2911 (P)
Manufactures window frames, dapping for hinges, pre-nailing frame parts, and shrink packaging. Edge-gluing, pre-machined window and door trim, round colonial columns, square columns, porch posts, spindles, newell posts, hand rails, oak and hemlock stair parts, double-hung and casement window sash. Poly-classic columns, poly-classic rail systems, poly-classic extrusions, alder frames, jambs, and mouldings.

Colonial Manufacturing Ltd.
506/452-0330 (P)

Contact Industries Inc.
503/228-7361 (P)

Custom Plywood Inc.
812/944-7300 (P)

EastCoast Mouldings
Grandview St.
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
336/667-5976 (P)
336/667-9717 (F)
We manufacture hardwood and softwood mouldings in solid, fingerjoint and primed. Our services include cut-to-length, barcoding, edge gluing, and custom profiling.
See our ad on page 53.

Endura Products Inc.
800/334-2006 (P)
Endura manufactures entry-door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

419/446-3728 (P)

General Hardwood Co.
313/365-7733 (P)

Gossen Corp.
800/558-8984 (P)
Gossen is a manufacturer of cellular PVC and mouldings and trim for the millwork industry, window industry and entry door market. Gossen exterior mouldings and trim are AAMA-certified. Gossen also wraps fingerjoint pine moulding and entry door frames in vinyl and paper.

Henrich Industrial Rubber Bands
888/770-8530 (P)
Offers custom rubber bands.

IQM Trimboards
800/771-4486 (P)

574/266-1234 (P)
Offers chemical blowing agents and color concentrates.

Lavrama S.A.
011/5541-341-5757 (P)
Manufactures raw and primed fingerjoint mouldings, edge-glued products, door jambs and frames, millwork products in taeda/elliots pine. Produces mouldings and split jambs.

Lee Lumber & Building Materials
773/509-6700 (P)
Specializes in short run special trim pine, poplar and other hardwoods. special jambs and frames. Also offers special sash parts.

Lianga Pacific Inc.
253/383-4761 (P)
Offers embossed pre-finished jambs and mouldings, veneered mouldings, hardwoods and softwoods, OEM components—moulded and wrapped.

Lorient North America
859/252-7441 (P)
Manufacturer of gasketing products, smoke and fire seals, and intumescent materials.

LP Building Products
574/825-6501 (P)

Luvipol Doors Inc.
616/392-7100 (P)
Offers interior and exterior hardwood doors, factory machining and finishing; interior hardwood mouldings, jambs and frames. Fire-rated doors and frames up to FD-90.

Meyer Moulding & Millwork Inc.
800/399-2288 (P)
Meyer Moulding is a solid lineal moulding manufacturer serving moulding and building material distributors throughout the west with distinctive architectural moulding in multiple species. Expansive inventory of finished mouldings maintained in a variety of species and profiles, ready for full or partial truck delivery.

Momentive Specialty
Chemicals Inc.
614/225-4000 (P)

National Casein of California
714/979-8400 (P)

Oregon Fir Millwork Inc.
800/227-9210 (P)
Manufactures Douglas fir exterior door frames, interior jambs, brickmould, cut-to-length, and window casing.

Pacific Adhesives
916/383-1509 (P)

Pacific MDF Products
916/660-1882 (P)

603/352-3205 (P)
Products include solid, cut-to-length, barcoded and packaged custom mouldings in ponderosa, eastern and radiata pine along with traditional mouldings from Northeastern hardwoods. Other products include exterior blinds and shutters, attic venting louvers window grilles, and hardwood door lites. Our pattern creative cut-up division offers raised panel room dividers with custom artwork integrated into the design.

Produits Forestiers J.V.
418/836-5025 (P)
Offers fingerjoint and MDF mouldings, primed mouldings, edge-glued products, door jambs and frames, stiles and rails, 20-minute fire frames, and door and window components.

Produits Matra Inc.
418/382-5151 (P)

Regal Custom Millwork
714/632-2488 (P)
Offers maple and other hardwoods.

Roland Boulanger & Company Ltd.
819/358-4100 (P)
We guarantee 100-percent eastern white pine mouldings, steel door style and rails, astragals and exterior frames (routing for hinges and strike installing weatherstrip, vinyl overlaid). Also offer mouldings in fingerjoint clear pine and hardwood. Window components (cutstock), edge-glued material, wrapped mouldings with veneers, vinyl, polyester, and paper also are offered. Mouldings are barcoded upon request. Unitized packaging for full or partial truck loads.

Royal Mouldings
800/368-3117 (P)
Offers LEED-certified mouldings.

Schlegel Systems Inc.
1555 Jefferson Rd.
Rochestor, NY 14692-3197
800/586-0354 (P)
585/427-9993 (F)
Offer door and window fenestration products, door seals, foam clad weatherstripping for doors and windows, pile seals and fenestration design assistance.
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Setzer Forest Products Inc.
800/824-8506 (P)

Sguario Forestry and Millwork Inc.
407/816-1000 (P)

Shawnee Woodwork Inc.
785/354-1163 (P)

Sherwin-Williams Co.
940/482-7068 (P)
Compliant coating systems available in solvent and water reducible technology. A comprehensive product offering for primers, stains, sealers and topcoats, as well as UV-curable technology, also is offered. Serviced nationally by local sales and services representatives.

Sierra Pacific Industries-Millwork Division
530/378-8000 (P)
5/4, 6/4, 8/4 cutstock, 20-minute fire-rated machining and mortering, veneered flat jambs, weatherstripping, edge-glued products, door components, veneered stiles and rails, window frames, window sash parts and glazed sash all are offered. Also: hinge application, knock-down window and door components, ponderosa pine for the domestic window industry, SFI certification, 1,700,000 acres of privately owned timberland, 13 sawmills, two millwork plants, door and window plants, distribution center and fiber products.

Smith Millwork Inc.
920 Robbins St.
Lexington, NC 27292
800/222-8498 (P)
336/243-2688 (F)
Manufacturer of custom mouldings and door jambs in almost any species of wood. Wholesale moulded skin and wood doors, pre-hanging components and red oak are also offered. Step treads, lineal mouldings (fingerjoint, clear, MDF, red oak, and PVC) and PVC outside corner and trim boards.
See our ad on page 54.

Southwest Moulding Co.
214/630-8961 (P)

Stiles Machinery Inc.
616/698-7500 (P)
Supplier of advanced CNC equipment for panel processing, solid wood and related industries as well as education, parts and service.

Sunset Moulding Co.
530/790-2700 (P)
Sunset Moulding Co. specializes in lineal, cut-to-length, fingerjoint and “suntrim” MDF mouldings. We offer a full line of specified length primed MDF boards, MDF shelving, exterior frames (machine and weatherstrip), stiles and rails, flat jambs, mitered and shrink-wrapped sets, priming, barcoding, home center programs, certifications including FSC, MCF and EPP, and recovered and recycled content and exterior trimboards.

915/886-9973 (P)
Manufactures solid lineal and cut-to-length mouldings. Offers Ponderosa and radiata pine UPC and two of five labeling.

800/788-3635 (P)
Manufacturer of Timbergate interior doors. Available either prefinished or unfinished in eight standard woods and 16 standard finishes. Optional sticking and panel profiles along with various panel thicknesses offer Timbergate customers the ability to customize doors at no up charges.

Timbron International
925/943-1632 (P)
Manufacturers of premium plastic mouldings that “work just like wood.” Timbron collects and recycles waste products and manufactures durable interior mouldings. SCS certified, Greenspec’s top 10 labeling, barcoding, unitized packaging, partial truckloads, and will entertain OEM projects.

TLC Mouldings
1554 Springhead Rd.
Willacoochee, GA 31650
912/534-6363 (P)
866/653-4852 (F)
“Harmony” industrial and lightweight MDF primed casings, bases, chair rails, crown, window stool and primed MDF boards, and green cross certification on all products.
See our ad on page 59.

Tuson Trading Corp.
516/746-3668 (P)
Tuson Trading is an international wholesaler of wood products sourcing from the United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China and Russia. We specialize in the procurement of millwork, mouldings, blocks, stiles, edge-glued boards, picture frame and industrial components; clear, fingerjoint, and primed are available. Pine, alder, Douglas fir, hemlock fir, oak and maple are offered.

Valspar Corp.
336/802-4756 (P)
Offers coatings and paints.

Vi-Lux Mouldings Inc.
105 Richmond Blvd.
Napanee, Ontario K7R 3Z8
613/354-4830 (P)
613/354-6589 (F)
Vi-Lux Mouldings extrudes 100-percent cellular PVC mouldings and trim including door and window components (door frames, astragal, brickmoulds, SDLs, sill and nosings), interior and exterior mouldings (casings, baseboards, crowns, caps, rakes, quarter rounds, corners), shutter components and custom profiles.
See our ad on page 51.

Walker Lumber & Hardware
615/254-3344 (P)
Manufactures lumber, building materials, millwork, hardware and paint.

Weinig Group
704/799-0100 (P)

West Coast Machinery
916/383-5940 (P)
Complete line of production woodworking machinery for moulding and millwork industry. Also offers cutterheads and used machinery.

Willamette Valley Co.
800/333-9826 (P)
Offers water-based primers, topcoats, sealers and specialty coatings. Polyurethane and epoxy fillers, water-based and solvent putty and spackle.

Woodeye North America
770/995-6765 (P)
Scanners for defect recognition, grading and sorting and rip scanners.

Woodgrain Millwork
208/452-3801 (P)
Manufactures pre-finished/embossed mouldings, primed mouldings, solid lineal, MDF lineal, split jambs, cutstock (sash and industrial), fingerjoint edge-glued boards, window frames, interior door jambs, exterior door jambs, routing for hinge and strike, weatherstrip and/or hardware applied, 20-minute fire-rated and veneered flat jambs.

Young Manufacturing Co.
800/545-6595 (P)
Young Manufacturing is a full-line supplier of exterior door frames, exterior door sills, and stair treads.

Yuba River Moulding & Millwork Inc.
530/742-2168 (P)
Full-line producer of high-quality moulding and millwork products, specializing in small profiles and large profiles, in solid lineal, fingerjoint MDF and solid-cut pre-finished substrate, unitized truck-piggyback edge-glued material, carton packaged material and barcoding.

Zeni & CIA S.A.
54/11-5811-5000 (P)
Manufactures high-quality fingerjoint mouldings and primed mouldings, blanks, boards, and door and window components.



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