Volume 12, Issue 4 - May 2011



The Seventh Annual DWM/Shelter New Products Guide
Whether you are a dealer looking for a new door or window to sell, or a new moulding to offer, or a manufacturer looking for the latest components, you’ll find the latest from the industry’s leading suppliers below.

Sunrise Windows Introduces New Casement
Sunrise Windows, a vinyl window and sliding door manufacturer, announces the introduction of a new line of casement, awning, bay and bow windows. This new design offers homeowners up to 20 percent more visible glass area than a typical vinyl casement window, according to the company.

The new window line also features a Performance sash system, which delivers high energy efficiency with SunBlinds mini-blinds, and the availability of three new optional architectural hardware finishes.

Curtainwall Goes Residential
L. B. Plastics Inc.’s curtainwall application incorporates the advantages of both aluminum structural members and PVC-u doors and windows, according to the company.

“Many folks think of curtainwall as something that is unrelated to residential,” says L.B. Plastics’ Dave Byers. “But, this is not the case. Our product is an excellent choice for homes demanding large expansive views and structural performance with little hindrance to view.”

The SHEERFRAME system features the ability to incorporate both fixed and operating units into the assembly, while window assemblies can include projected, awning, hopper, casement and tilt/turn designs. Door assemblies include both single- and double-leaf doors incorporating traditional commercial hardware or multi-point locking systems. The curtainwall system can be fabricated either in-plant or on-site.

Exofol IN—Old Styles Out
Exofol IN from American Renolit is designed to provide window manufacturers with a range of new designs to offer customers, including Amati PD Soft Walnut, Calvados C Natural Cherry, Calvados K Medium Maple, Ontario PM, and Winchester PA Natural Oak. The film is designed to display depth and precision with a realistic wood look, according to the company. Exofol IN also features a scratch-resistant coating made from a ultraviolet-cured lacquer on the surface that protects the film through its life.

The film can be cleaned with typical mild household cleaners.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SuperCoat™
Quanex’s SuperCoat advanced color coating technology for vinyl and composite doors and windows is a vacuum-applied, ultraviolet light-cured color coating. The technology is designed to provide high durability and color retention for vinyl and composite door and window profiles, according to the company.

In addition, the polyurethane acrylate coating can save manufacturers time and money on paint application and allow them to cut down on post-fabrication and after-sale field touch-up costs, according to information from Quanex. The coating also includes Quanex’s low heat-absorbing color technology to resist heat distortion and has no VOC in its composition. Colors offered are antique bronze, architectural bronze, hunter green, brick red, adobe, grey, and jet black.

Passing the Sentry
Truth Hardware’s new Sentry multi-point hinged patio door hardware system combines flexibility with security, according to the company. The system features a 90-degree thumb turn located above the handle, along with high-performance adjustable hinges and multiple handle designs, all of which can easily adapt to current door designs, according to the company.

Find TRU-LOCK™ for Entry Doors
Amesbury Hardware Products has debuted the patent-pending TRU-LOCK™, a multi-point lock system for entry doors. The system is designed to provide security while allowing the homeowner flexibility in trim set hardware, according to the company. TRU-LOCK easily incorporates into standard, double-bore panel systems of all types and is adaptable to work with most handle brands, according to Amesbury officials. Once installed, the system functions the same as a standard latch and deadbolt.

Paddock and Generation 4 Offer Lockmaster®
Paddock Fabrication Ltd. and Generation 4 Sales and Marketing have teamed up to introduce the Lockmaster multi-point door locking system. The companies say the system provides security, weatherability, ease of use and a long service life. The system can be used with vinyl, wood or composite doors, and is available in one-, three- and four-hook models. It is available in both adjustable and non-adjustable configurations, and can be modified easily for custom door heights.

The locking system also is available in a variety of finishes, and comes with a ten-year mechanical breakdown guarantee.

Get an “Advantage” over Tough Materials
Franklin Adhesives and Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has developed a new emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) adhesive, Advantage EP-940, to bond treated lumber and other wood substrates that are difficult to glue.

EP-940 can be used to bond a variety of materials, including ponderosa pine, bamboo, various imported woods, wood-plastic composite, laminated veneer lumber and a variety of proprietary treated lumber. According to the company, it meets ASTM D-5751-99 wet use for laminate joints in non-structural lumber on some types of wood. In addition, it has no added formaldehyde and qualifies for LEED credits, according to Franklin officials.

Centor Folding Door & Window Systems
Centor has introduced the F3 bottom-rolling folding system, which is designed so that it transfers a door’s weight to rollers along the bottom, requiring no overhead structural beam. Company officials say the new development makes folding doors a cost-effective option for retrofits and remodeling. Centor folding systems allow for equal-sized door panels, according to the company, and the face-fixed hinges are simple to install.

ODL Launches Three-Frame Doorglass System
ODL Inc. has launched the TriSys, a three-frame doorglass system. According to the company, the system equally emphasizes “fashion and function,” and features high heat resistance and an effective sealing system and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The new ODL TriSys system features a millwork-inspired profile as well as a clean aesthetic design with no screw hole plugs. The frame’s new FiberMate™ material developed for ODL has high ratings for paint and stains adhesion, and allows the frame to have a dark finish (with low risk of deformation due to heat).

No special primer or preparation is needed, according to the company.

Royal Goes Upscale
Officials from Royal Window and Door Profiles say the company’s OPUS I and OPUS II offer an “upscale” patio design for the replacement and new construction market segments. The patio doors incorporate a durable and heavy-duty all-vinyl frame design that can be used with two different sash systems.

The Opus I utilizes the same sash system as the company’s Performer patio door with standard features that include Royal’s 9700 handle, a single mortise lock, a 10-degree sloped sill, a 1-inch-thick glazing channel, and the company’s new Super Quiet roller.

The OPUS II system utilizes an all-vinyl welded sash system that can accommodate the company’s standard 1-inch glass thickness and also can accommodate two triple-glazing options of 1 ¼ inches and 1 3/8 inches for extreme weather conditions as well as achieve an R5 rating, according to the company.

Hardware options, such as a twinpoint lock and the Euro Series handle, also are available.

SUNFLEX Debutes SF 50/55c
SUNFLEX-Wall-Systems has launched its SF 50/55c, an interior real wood clad folding sliding door system.

Company officials say the new system has achieved a design pressure rating of +/- 60 psf (for inswing and outswing units) with a construction depth of 2 3/16 inches. The system can achieve a U-factor of 0.24 Btu/h·ft²·F with low-E triple-glazed units, and 0.32 Btu/h·ft²·F for low-E double-glazed units. SUNFLEX is manufacturing the product with panel dimensions of maximum 4 feet in width and 12 feet in height.

The wood-clad interior can be supplied in two different design shapes and a variety of wood species and finishes.

Kolbe Debuts New Folding Door System
Kolbe’s new folding door system is designed with panels that fold back against each other to create an expansive, inviting opening, according to the company. Both the access and folding door panels utilize a uniform, optional 4-5/8-inch bottom rail to maximize views even when the doors are closed, and to accommodate a large size of high-performance LoE2-270 glass. Company officials say a specially designed, thermal weep sill enhances the door’s energy efficiency, while optional, concealed hardware, architecturally correct mortised hinges and other design details accentuate its traditional aesthetic.

MasterGrain Advances Craftsman Door Line
MasterGrain is introducing its new Craftsman door line featuring fir grain and several other unique features, including flush removable fiberglass frames. The company says the new frames accept 1-inch insulating glass.

In addition, the company offers an optional integrated dentil shelf for the doorlite frame. This design is attached to the door in the manner of a traditional insert, not taped or glued to the surface of the door. The frame also sits on a ledge to give added strength and proper orientation, according to the company.

Simulated divided lites (SDL) molded in fiberglass also have been developed to complete the company’s Craftsman offering.

Simply Patio Screens with New External Screen Corner from Magnolia
Magnolia Metal and Plastic Products Inc. has launched an external patio screen door corner, which company officials say will replace the need for the “old-style aluminum door frame scrap-producing, miter-cut internal corner.” The overall exterior design of the new corner follows the contour of the screen’s heavy-duty frame profile for a sleek and seamless look in the finished screen, according to the company.

“After countless requests by many of our valued customers this corner should do exactly what it is and was designed to do,” says Tony Malik, Magnolia president.

Four-in-One Machine Available from Joseph
The new SCF 430 from Joseph Machine Co. has the practical functionality of four stand-alone work stations, according to the company. The base machine provides for two universal fixture sections and an industrial-grade HMI and is network-capable. All machine sequencing and CNC movements are controlled through a PLC controller with EtherCAT drive communication for precision accuracy on part fabrication.

The machine also is equipped with a bottom-mounted 90-degree direct drive saw assembly with an oversized 30-inch Carbide-tipped saw blade. The blade is powered by an 11.5-hp variable frequency motor that utilizes a hydro-pneumatic vertical saw blade feed with the chassis guided on precision rails and linear bearings.

The SCF 430 also features a four-axis CNC spindle with absolute encoder feedback that performs the work with a smooth and symmetrical fashion, according to the company.

Expand IG Operations with Secondary Sealer
The new Erdman® fixed-head IG secondary sealer is equipped with a stationary sealant application system that provides its operator the ability to easily apply a professional, high-quality, consistent secondary seal to IG units.

To utilize the system, the operator positions a glass unit in front of the stationary sealant applicator. The applicator control system tracks the glass while the operator passes the glass from left to right through the applicator. The machine then applies sealant based on the speed at which the glass is being moved by the operator. When the operator gets to the corner (the end of the glass unit) the operator then rotates the glass 90 degrees and repeats the process until all sides are sealed, according to information from the company.

The machine can be configured for dual- and triple-pane units, and can dispense hot, cold and two-part sealants. Custom models and sizes also are available.

Tough as Iron
Stiles Shop Solutions has introduced its Ironwood series of classical woodworking equipment. The line includes an Artisan series of spindle shapers and is equipped with cast iron bases, adjustable fences, easy-to-use controllers, and heavy-duty motors, according to the company. The machinery provides quick changeovers along with the flexibility to create quality profiles in a short time. The Artisan line ranges from the fixed spindle FX550 up through the PS 1000 Plus CNC shaper with touch screen LCD.

The introduction of the classical line of Ironwood equipment includes the series of Genesis jointers and planers in addition to the series of Artisan shapers. The Ironwood products include two years of 24/7 technical support. Boring equipment and straight line rip saws also are available.

Bang the VersaDrum® for Consistent Sealant Dispensing
Nordson Corp.’s VersaDrum® piston pump bulk melters deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives for insulating glass production, according to the company. The piston pumps provide constant pressure with variable flow, ideal for intermittent dispensing applications, while the open design of the high-pressure melter supports high-viscosity materials and the large-volume outputs required in secondary sealing of insulating glass units.

New Progressive Machine Can Do It All
The Progressive Systems patent-pending center feed indexing double end machine (CFI) can used for end machining, notching, routing, boring and drilling.

The CFI can manufacture various lengths of wood, fiberglass, composite or metal components of a door or window consecutively with zero setup time between components. The system utilizes single center feed chain to feed components to multiple fabricating stations. All axes are computer-controlled with servo positioning. The components are fixtured, machined and then index transferred to the next operation or machining station.

Pilkington Updates Online Calculators
Pilkington North America Inc. has redesigned and updated its Sun Management and Thermal Stress online calculators to include an interactive format, new products, updated performance data and improved features. The Sun Management calculator is an interactive online tool for generating three-part Specifications in Construction Specification Institute (CSI) format. These three-part specifications then can be incorporated easily into project plans.

I t provides solar, optical and thermal properties of Pilkington glass products and includes a variety of exterior appearance color options, a range of glass thicknesses and single- or double-glazing options, including the company’s new low-E fourth-surface technology. The calculator also includes project photos and links to the Pilkington project reference page for a quick review of actual projects.

Launches Loyalty Program
Glasswerks Inc. in Los Angeles has a new customer loyalty program. The Glassperks rewards program allows clients to accrue points earned per purchase and redeem them in exchange for exclusive discounts, complimentary services and merchandise.

“Both time and money are scarce in this economy, but by investing in our online tools and customer outreach programs, we have already seen decreases in our inbound call volume to our customer service representatives and increases in customer engagement with our bi-weekly sales promotions,” says Ed Rosengrant, vice president of sales and marketing.

Move Up to Frontline
FrontLine Building Products Inc. offers a range of components for front entry systems, including entry door cladding and transoms for both custom specialty and historical windows. According to the company, its interlocking transom F+I+T system works with the company’s door cladding to resist water leakage between the door and transom. In addition, an extruded aluminum-clad exterior provides low maintenance with multiple design options, according to the company.

360 Innovations Launches Virtual Showroom
360 innovations announced the availability of CustomBuilt360WEB, its Virtual showroom. The CustomBuilt360 online virtual showroom provides a seamless design experience, allowing customers to digitally configure their very own and doors and windows on the web and immediately click-thru design aspects, hardware and glass components to match and enhance their designs, according to the company.

“Our solution is easily deployed to a website providing our customers with a true online configurator to generate new business," says Emmanuel Perdikis, vice president marketing at 360 innovations.

The showroom is streamed automatically to the client’s browser – no special plug-in is required. Users can also create or link to other web pages and directly forward customers to marketing or website promotion product pages.

Finally, the company adds that clients can leverage their online strategy to reach their consumers in the comfort of their home to deliver a consistent buying experience to increase overall sales.

WTS Paradigm Updates UX Configurator
WTS Paradigm officials say they’ve given the UX Configurator a new bold look and feel through a new user interface. The redesigned UX Configurator allows users to navigate through products and options easily, and to see detailed information on products. It also provides real-time pricing updates and an engineering accurate drawing of the product being quoted, according to the company.

For more advanced users who configure multi-wide and mulled units, a pop-up form similar to a web interface allows users to customize pieces of the overall window easily while still being able to manage common properties across the entire configuration, according to the company. Manufacturers also can take advantage of the branding technology to apply their own color themes, layout and logos to the UX Configurator.

Flex Your Schedule with DMSi
DMSi Software has added a new flexible resource scheduling feature to its Agility software. This feature auto schedules materials, personnel and equipment to meet production requirements. The resource scheduling feature is designed to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and allow just-in-time production by fully utilizing resources, minimizing processing time, and ensuring timely completion of jobs, according to the company.

The new GC3000 GLASS-CHEK PRO digital instrument measures the glass and air space thickness of single-, double- and triple-pane windows from a single side. The tool also detects low-E and will allow the operator to not only identify the low-E surface of a double-pane window from one side, but also the type of low-E coating used in the window. The GLASS-CHEK PRO will indicate if the low-E coating is a hard-coat (pyrolytic) or soft-coat (sputtered) low-E product. If the tool determines that a soft-coat low-E has been used, the meter will also tell the operator the number of silver layers used to make up the coating.

Versatex Makes Packaging Change
Versatex has begun making its mouldings with a proprietary free-foam process to provide a low gloss that consistent with its trim and sheet products. The color of the new mouldings also has changed to match the company’s other products as well.

In addition, the company has made a slight size change on a few of its products, including the shingle mould, which now will be available in 11/16- by 1 5/8-inch); the six-inch crown, which now will be offered in 11/16- by 5 ¼-inch; bed moulding, now available in 9/16- by 1 ¾-inch); and baluster, which now will be offered in 1 ½- by 1 ½ inches. The lengths on all profiles, however, will remain unchanged.

A Finished Look
CertainTeed is expanding its line of restoration millwork with a new feature called FinishedEdge. FinishedEdge is designed to provide a crisp, clean edge for PVC trim boards by heat-sealing the four edges using a proprietary process that creates a quality, smooth finish.

Because the new feature eliminates problematic grooves and pockets that allow dirt to collect on the surface, little cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep trim boards looking clean and white, and the product does not require painting, according to the company.



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