Volume 12, Issue 9 - November/December 2011


2011 Industry Benchmark Survey

The Dealers Have Spoken
What We All Can Learn to Move Forward

When dealers and distributors participated in DWM magazine’s first-ever Industry Benchmark Survey, they offered valuable insight that suppliers can learn from as they build their marketing strategies for the coming year. First, while R-5 windows comprise a small percent of their business currently, they do forecast strong growth in 2012. Another positive is that many see slow but steady economic growth. On the down side, many dealers say they have had to cut prices in order to compete. We asked two groups of questions to our respondents: marketing and economic. Find out what they had to say on both of these important topics. Thanks to all who participated.

By the Numbers
86 % of respondents sell both doors and windows.
56% sell mouldings
53 % sell millwork
28 % say 70-100 percent of their business comes from remodeling
28% say 50-69 percent of their business comes from new construction.

Marketing Savvy

"We have had to reduce our mark-ups to remain competitive."

Business and Economics


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