Volume 12, Issue 8 - October 2011


Demand for Smart Windows Could Exceed $1 Billion in Four Years
Revenues from smart windows are expected to reach $1.0 billion by 2015 and then ramp up to $2.5 billion by 2018. Those figures are reported in a new study titled “Next-Generation Smart Windows: Materials and Markets: 2011” by NanoMarkets, an industry analyst firm based in Glen Allen, Va.

According to the report, smart windows will provide many opportunities for window companies, as the market “will grow to well over a billion-dollar market by 2018, with most of those revenues coming from exterior windows … Electrochromic smart windows are the largest revenue segment for architectural windows and will produce over $900 million by 2018.”

NanoMarkets says there are a number of reasons that the smart windows market will increase. These include falling prices (in part because of expiring patents), and a broader range of dimmability at a time when energy efficiency is paramount.

Likewise, NanoMarkets notes that smart windows “are about to get smarter.” While today’s market is dominated by self-dimming and self-cleaning windows, other types of smart windows are being commercialized. These include self-repairing windows based on microencapsulation and windows that are also solar panels during the day and blinds at night.


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