Volume 12, Issue 8 - October 2011


Win-Door Showcase
Featuring the Latest Door and Window Products in Toronto

The latest door and window products will be available in Toronto, November 15-17 during Win-Door North America. Educational sessions will also be offered so check out the box below for all the offerings.

Booth #1829
Truth Offers Window Opening Control Device

Window opening control devices (WOCD) have become a very important subject among window manufacturers and down the supply chain. So if you are looking for a WOCD to incorporate into your product line, check out Truth Hardware’s Safe Gard product.

Being able to operate a window safely and securely, but that also has safe guards in place to control the window’s opening, helps prevent accidental falls, according to Truth. The company also adds that WOCD’s also aid in emergency egress purposes, which is critical in today’s building projects. The company says this is the first “reliable engineered solution for the hinged window market.” SafeGard is an easy to install and easy to operate solution that meets today’s stringent safety requirements such as ASTM F2090-10, adds the company.

Booth #1717
Amesbury Offers Hardware and Sealing Solutions

Amesbury’s Hardware and Sealing divisions will have a variety of products to showcase at Win-Door.

If you are looking for hardware, the HG200 Series adjustable hinge for patio and entry doors, can be adjusted vertically and horizontally allowing perfect alterations to doors after its installation. Also being featured is Tru-Lock®, a multi-point locking system for entry doors. The technology allows for improved security with operational simplicity and flexibility on trim hardware, according to the company.

Amesbury Sealing Products will introduce ALLER-GUARD®, which the company says is the only patented pile weatherstrip system that seals against mold and fungi and features heavy strength fin sealing and safe microbiocide product protection.

SSI, an Amesbury Sealing Products Company, will feature the first foam door seal that includes a Category G Edge Seal Intumescent. This all inclusive seal combines the superior performance of QFOAM® to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G and H rated gaskets, according to the company.

Booth #2031
Go European with Interlock’s Tilt and Turn Solutions

Interlock will showcase what it calls, “leading European window solution for inward-opening applications.” The newest tilt and turn hardware systems from SIEGENIA-AUBI are available for wood, vinyl and aluminum profiles.

The company says these hardware solutions support heavier sash weights than their American counterparts—up to 286 pounds. The hardware is available for standard as well as speThe company says these hardware solutions support heavier sash weights than their American counterparts—up to 286 pounds. The hardware is available for standard as well as special shapes, such as round top and trapezoid windows, while concealed versions are also available.

SIEGENIA-AUBI and KFV products are distributed exclusively by Interlock USA.

John Evans—a Constant Force

John Evans’ and Sons will display its SideLoad Constant Force Balance System which it says offer various benefits as compared to block and tackle systems. These include: a lower price, reduced operating forces, a substantial reduction of on-hand inventory with smaller space requirements and a patent-pending design that allows for a quiet and tight fitting sash.

The system utilizes AAMA-qualified springs and provides for a simple conversion from block and tackle.

Booth #2025
Erdman Makes IG Sealing Economical

Erdman Automation says its fixed head insulating glass (IG) secondary sealer is a simple and economical answer to a company’s IG secondary sealing needs. The stationary sealant application system on the sealer gives operators the ability to apply a professional, high-quality, consistent secondary seal to IG units easily.

Operators simply position a glass unit in front of the stationary sealant applicator. The applicator control system tracks the glass while the operator passes the glass from left to right through the applicator. The spacer is measured by a depth probe, and the machine applies sealant based on the speed at which the glass is being moved by the operator and the height and depth of the spacer.

Each corner is filled under pressure with a back-up plate or a wiper making for a perfect fill with little or no objectionable bulge in the corners, adds the company.

Booth #1312
WTS Paradigm’s UX Configurator: Bolder than Ever

The UX Configurator, from WTS Paradigm, is the same powerful configurator the industry has come to know, with a new bold look and feel, says the company. WTS says it interviewed hundreds of customers and end users to gather feedback, and utilized new technologies to elevate the Configurator to higher levels of user acceptance.

“Our easy-to-use interface lets users spend less time creating a quote and more time selling,” says the company.

WTS adds that the new interface brings customer confidence to the selling process by seeing a more realistic representation of what they are purchasing. Users navigate through products and options and can see detailed information on products.

Booth #1203
Gain a Peek at Royal’s New Patio Door

Royal Window and Door Profiles will give Win-Door attendees a sneak peek at its new Vinyl Bi-Fold Patio Door, available to door and window manufacturers in February 2012.

The new product offers a thermally broken, all vinyl frame with aluminum reinforcement, which is suitable for all climates. The slim line welded sash allows maximum viewing area and offers an abundance of naturalight to illuminate the living space. The reinforced panels ensure a durable and long-lasting quality product, according to the company.

The company says the sash has been designed to use the most common insulating glass configurations and meet the most stringent energy codes in the industry. In addition, the product offers enhanced security features with the inclusion of a multi-point locking system.

Multi-panel configurations, and maximum design options are available.

Booth #1849
A New View on Patio Doors

Masonite has a whole new look for patio doors with its designer product line that features the SpectraWeld™ technology. This method bonds composite material to a single sheet of glass, giving the appearance of caming, or multiple pieces of glass fused together. The collection includes six glass designs, ranging from ornate to simple. Design options include vines, diamonds and traditional divided lights.

All Masonite designer patio doors are manufactured with low-E glass, improving thermal performance and allowing for year-round energy efficiency. In addition, the company says when completed with its multi-point lock options, all patio doors add security and longevity to any room providing passage to the outdoors.

Booth #1722
Steve Brown Machinery Distributes SWISSPACER

Steve Brown Machinery Solutions is distributing SWISSPACER, a thermally optimized spacer bar made from a highly insulating composite material. Extremely thin metal membranes guarantee air and gas tightness as well as an excellent adhesion for all insulating glass sealing compounds, according to the company. Swisspacer’s thermal performance makes it the ideal solution for increasing the energy efficiency of windows, the company adds.

Because of its structural composition Swisspacer can be used in all types of IG units, including curtainwall facades where it is exposed to high thermal and mechanical loads.

Additionally, the product is available in 17 colors.

Booth #1927
Quanex ‘Races’ to Win-Door with Innovative Lineup

Quanex Building Products Corp. has strategically aligned its Mikron, Truseal Technologies, Edgetech I.G. and Homeshield businesses with the goal of furthering the fenestration industry through high-performance products, creative marketing support, technical services and the expertise necessary to help customers grow their businesses in a competitive marketplace.

“Because it is so highly focused on achieving stringent energy-efficiency standards, the Canadian fenestration market has been and continues to be an important part of our business,” says Mike Hovan, senior vice president, sales and marketing for Quanex’s Engineered Products Group. “We look forward to sharing our diverse range of extrusions, IG systems and window and door components with customers, and discussing how we can help them drive their businesses forward.”

New to this year’s booth is ‘The Optimizer,’ a program that estimates the total window U-value without the expense of experimenting with variations at a certified lab. Each Quanex sales person will be equipped with The Optimizer in the field, enabling an instant U-value assessment of various combinations of Mikron framing materials with all common North American IG spacers, glass packages, low-E coatings and gas fills. The program can assess 45,000 combinations to help customers find their right balance between cost and performance.

In addition, Quanex will feature components from its companies, including:
• MikronWood™ next generation composite material, which boasts the beauty of wood with the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of vinyl or fiberglass.

• EnergyCore™ frame and Duralite® spacer window system, which reduces thermal conductivity by up to 45 percent and achieves R-5 with a triple-pane glass configuration.

• Super Spacer® dual-seal warm-edge spacer systems that are backed by more than 20 years of field performance in commercial and residential applications worldwide.

• ImperiClad™ moisture-impervious door frame systems with MikronWood that includes a water-shedding threshold with unique energy-efficient, weather-stripped jambs.

Booth #1912
New and Improved: EDTM’s GLASS-CHEK PRO

EDTM will display its line of instruments and sales kits to the window and glass industry, and will allow attendees the opportunity to test the equipment and view live demonstrations.

One of the products to be on display is the GLASS-CHEK PRO (#GC3000) which is used to identify types of low-E coatings in a window as well as thickness. The product is also a great tool for testing the thickness of triple-pane windows.

However one of the biggest selling points has turned out to be the ability of the meter to identify different types of low-E coatings, says the company. The Glass-Chek Pro will indicate if the low-E coating is a hard coat or soft coat low-E product. If it is a soft coat, the meter will tell the number of silver layers used to make up the coating, allowing users to estimate the type of coating being used. This is particularly beneficial for window replacement companies, as it helps them select the proper low-E to use in the replacement window. EDTM says this guarantees to their customer that the replacement window will offer similar energy benefits as the one being replaced.


Get Educated
Wednesday, November 16: 9:00 a.m.
Ask the Inspectors: Forum on Code Changes

As new building codes roll out across the country, these require manufacturers, dealers and installers to meet a host of requirements in areas such as labeling of products for air, water, structural and U-Values. Codes are like a “license to do business” and without proper testing and labeling, products will be rejected by building inspectors.

Each region in Canada has its own wind, rain and energy requirements, as specified in the Canadian Supplement of the North American Fenestration Standards, making information and understanding of these regulations crucially important to every market across the country. The codes also affect the installation of doors, windows and skylights, and carry sections dealing with sealants, trim and flashing.

Jeff Baker, technical consultant for Fenestration Canada, will lead a presentation and discuss these important issues with a panel of building inspectors drawn from locations across a range of Canadian provinces.

Wednesday, November 16: 11:00 a.m.
Glass Performance and Energy Efficiency: The Straight Talk

Bill Lingnell, technical consultant to the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) and an expert in glass and architectural products, joins IGMA’s executive director, Margaret Webb for an hour of candid, straight talk about insulating glass.

What are the best spacer bars? What is the most effective cavity width? Coatings: hard coat or soft coat and on which surface? Fade resistance: Can you really believe manufacturers’ advertising? Gas-fill options and the best ways to prevent gas loss. Sound reduction: How does laminated glass and triple glazing help? All of these questions and more will be answered in this seminar. An Ask the Expert question and answer period will also take place.

Thursday, November 17: 1:00 p.m.
New Code Changes: A Focus on Exterior Doors

Doors have been an integral part of the national building code for many years, however new codes signal a renewed scrutiny. Products will now be subjected to a range of requirements including temporary and permanent labels, door viewers or transparent glazing in the door or side lite, a class (minimum R) and a performance grade. They will also be tested for size, positive/negative design pressure, air infiltration/exfiltration and cycles and more.

Jeff Baker, technical consultant for Fenestration Canada, will offer a detailed look at how these codes can dramatically affect your business.



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