Volume 12, Issue 7 - September 2011

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Are You a Motivator?
It’s All About Leadership
by Dan Warren

Hopefully by the time this article is published the weather we currently are experiencing nationwide will have dissipated. The destruction seen from coast to coast borders on unbelievable. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have been affected by blizzards, tornados, floods or drought all over our great country. It seems weather records are recorded to be broken and this year has been a record-breaker in a number of categories.

"We as leaders have the ability to motivate or un-motivate our people."

Is Relief Coming?
Look at what has happened worldwide; earthquakes have occurred on a number of different continents, which have caused tsunamis that have affected even more continents. The loss of life is beyond comprehension, and no price can be placed on those losses. The property that was damaged or completely lost seems to be insurmountable. Every disaster has an effect on various commodities throughout the entire world. Lumber, oil, transportation, food—it ripples through and trickles down to everyone.

What about our country’s economy? The terms fragile, frail, weak or feeble come to mind. Soaring oil prices, high food prices and shortages—where does it end? You can’t pick up a newspaper or watch network news without more distributing news. We are involved in two wars and many other military operations worldwide. Our borders continue to be unstable and vulnerable. Fuel prices have approached and passed the $4 mark in some areas and seem to be headed for $5. I remember when my monthly vehicle payment was cheaper than it is today to fill the tank.

Project Confidence
Depressed yet? It’s easy to get that way but your depression (or should we say, lack of enthusiasm) is not going to help motivate your company and your co-workers. A less than confident owner or manager can have devastating consequences on your company environment and ultimately your success. Am I suggesting ignoring the depressing news? You can’t, but you can talk with your people about it and at least try to offer a positive outlook. Your actions (or lack thereof) can set the tone for your entire operation. Granted, I have a small operation and can converse with all my employees daily. That may or may not be true for you but the bottom line is we, as leaders, have the ability to motivate or un-motivate our people.

People right now are concerned and wondering what the future holds. I wonder also, but if my company is going to succeed, not only do I have to put on a happy face, but I also have to encourage my people to do the same. Don’t avoid talking with your employees about the issues facing our country and world. Listen to their concerns and reassure them that they will be okay. We should all be concerned about what is happening nationwide and worldwide but crawling under a rock and avoiding the issue is not the answer.

If we work together as a country and in turn work together as a company we will succeed. Are there going to be tough times? Absolutely. Can we work through them? Absolutely. Great leaders create great companies. Depression or motivation? It’s up to the leadership. It’s up to you!

Dan Warren serves as president of Warren Window & Supply Inc. and past president of AMD.


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