Volume 12, Issue 7 - September 2011


Atlanta Show Preview Straight Ahead
From Saving Energy to Manufacturing More Efficiently, GBA Exhibitors are Armed with New Innovations

Manufacturers who attend GlassBuild America, to be held September 12-14 in Atlanta, will learn everything from how to more efficiently produce their products through new machines and components, how to offer increased innovation to the end user through exciting new products, and in some cases, how to save energy at the same time. So if you will be in Atlanta, look through the following information below to plan your booth visits. And if you’re not at the show see what will be on display so you can look into some of these products at your leisure.


Visit DWM at Booth #2411
Network with our Editors
The DWM booth is taking on a whole new look this year and we want you to be a part of it. Here are just a few cool things going on at Booth #2411.

• Enter to win an iPad. How? All you have to do is come by our booth and give us a comment about what you saw at the show, what you liked, what you didn’t, what you want to buy, who you saw—you get the idea. If you give us a comment it may show up in an editors blog that week or in one of our videos. And you go into the show-end drawing to win an iPad.

• Chat with an editor. Have a few more minutes? Then get comfy on one of our couches and chat with one of our editors a bit more in depth about perhaps a unique product you saw or an interesting trend you observed. Feel free to draft your comments on our laptop or our editor will write it for you and your comment may appear in our “Overheard” section as part of our online coverage during the show.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

Booth #1021 Hardware to Match Your Window’s Weight

Are you having a hard time finding a hardware solution to work triple pane or laminated glass units? Truth Hardware says it has the answer. The company says that use of this glass, combined with the move towards larger windows, has pushed the envelope on what standard duty concealed casement hinges can handle. The company says its new high-performance hinge allows window manufacturers to meet these demanding new requirements.

The product is capable of supporting a 140-pound sash, which allows manufacturers to use triple pane and laminated glass packages in unusually large windows. This is made possible due to the patented shoe design with a built-in roller to reduce friction during operation, thereby providing smooth travel even under maximum load.

Booth #2021 Interlock Gets Intuitive
Want to offer an intuitive solution for sliding doors? Interlock USA has just the product as it has introduced what it calls an ergonomic, intuitive solution for sliding doors. Featuring its One-Motion® operation, the Intuition sliding door handle features an ergonomic One-Motion operation. It allows the homeowner to unlock and open the door in a single fluid motion; in reverse, the door closes and locks in the same single fluid motion.

With a design that eliminates the lever, the handle does not protrude into the glass area, enhancing the sightlines of any sliding door.

The product is designed for single- and multi-panel applications, and works in conjunction with the Interlock® slim backset mortise locking system.

Booth #903 Amesbury Moves into Casement Hardware
Amesbury Hardware Products will feature several products at GlassBuild, but perhaps the biggest news is that the company is entering the casement window market and will soon offer a casement system that will drop into industry standard routes and keep transition costs low.

The company also will feature its HG200 Series adjustable hinge for patio and entry doors. Each non-handed hinge is adjustable vertically and horizontally allowing customers to make alterations to their door after it is installed. Additionally, Tru-Lock®, a multi-point locking system that allows for improved security for entry doors, will be on display.

The company’s sealing products also will be on exhibited, including a new addition to the Foam-Tite® product line. C2 is a continuous seal, kerf-mounted foam product designed specifically for casement window applications. It runs continuously through all four corners of a casement window and was engineered to solve problems associated with hard welds and poorly mitered joints, according to the company.

Booth #821 Latch and Lock with Ashland’s DualTech
Integrating the tilt and lock function of hung style vinyl windows is easy, according to Ashland Hardware’s new integration technology. The company says DualTech™ combines simple, intuitive operation with a clean lock rail appearance while delivering a performance and security level that exceed industry standards.

With Flex-Fit™ technology, the connection bars flex laterally with the latch and lock units to create a custom fit to individual profiles. Sash fabrication also is very simple, requiring a basic one-step route operation for both the latch and lock and connecting latch to lock with a swing of the lock lever.

The entire system is offered in three sub-assemblies for quick, out-of-the-box installation, and can be installed in less than 30 seconds, according to the company.

When it comes to end use for the customer, the window requires nothing more than a simple swing of the levers to operate.
In addition, two lock points are provided on the window sash to offer additional safety and protection against intruders.

Booth #322 It’s a Single; No It’s a Multi
Strybuc introduces its Tru-Lock multi-point lock solution for entry doors, which converts a single-point deadbolt into a multi-point locking system. The conversion kit includes two stainless steel strikes, screws and instructions.

The company says the product offers increased home security, is compatible with top brand handle hardware, has an intuitive operation for the homeowners and is constructed from stainless steel and composite materials.

Booth #111 Get Innovative with 360 Innovations
360 Innovations says its Window+Door software suite fully integrates the sales and production cycle on one efficient scalable solution. The software’s flexible architecture, based in Java, allows customers to choose from just the configuration and quoting module (CustomBuilt360) that integrates to the back office, or the complete manufacturing and ERP modules (BusinessCore360).

360 points out that its software is built on a core structure with many add-on modules available that present options for both small and large companies to tailor the system to their needs and budget. The modular structure delivers a high return on investment because customers can select only to license the modules needed now and others may be added later as the company grows.

New improvements on display this year include the company’s re-designed workflow modules that allow customers to setup/enable lead tracking, follow-up and other CRM functions. The ability to capture online leads with a web-based configurator also will be on display.

The company also has added many new features to its Web360 online quoting solution. In addition, it has expanded with a new Tennessee-based sales office to better service its growing U.S. customer base.

Demos will be running on a variety of computers throughout the event.

Booth #1131 Gain Intelligence at FeneTech Booth
New to the FeneTech booth will be its FeneVision Business Intelligence as well as the iPad and tablet PC apps. The company will promote its modern and integrated FeneVision ERP software featuring quoting, order entry, purchasing and many other functions.

The company will also highlight its Business Monitor and Factory Monitor which use the latest technology to provide complete visibility of the operation of your business – accessible anytime.

The company also will display its FeneVision LineScanner, a scanning solution for quality control, measuring and sheet identification. Integrated with FeneTech’s optimization and production/ERP systems, the scanner can be used for: surface quality and size comparison inspection; inspection of edge deletion quality; acceptance or rejection of units based on empirical data; easy-to-read display of rack/slot number for tempered lites; and system-level problem solving, process reviews and overall production statistics using archived scan results for each lite.

Booth #1621 WTS Offers Simple Solutions
If you are a manufacturer or dealer using an iPad, you may be interested in TouchQuote, available from WTS Paradigm.
TouchQuote is a mobile selling solution for construction and remodeling sales consultants to use in-home, on jobsites or wherever building products are sold. The tool will assist with the quoting and ordering process to make the in-home visit quicker and easier than ever before, according to the company.

Features include comparison quoting, quick data gathering, quick presentation of pricing and options, configuration and pricing data customized for your products, quick generation and collection of payment information.

WTS says the technology is suitable for retailers, dealers, contractors, builders, lumberyards and manufacturers.

Booth#1840 New Machine Remembers your Bends
A new machine from J&S Machine uses previously stored bend data to calculate the roll position necessary to achieve a desired radius. This feature saves time and material that would otherwise be wasted entering data based on best guesses and running material through the machine multiple times, according to the company. GBA attendees can check out the new CR126HAIM machine at this year’s event.

The hydraulic aluminum profile bending machine with three driven rolls in a pyramidal configuration utilizes an inverter to control the roller rotation and position speeds. It can be programmed to create multiple radius parts in a single pass while maintaining smooth transitions between bends. It also utilizes a material detection photocell to reduce material loading time with feed distance programming, and it can be operated on a horizontal or vertical bending plane.

Booth #45 Be Consistent with Nordson Drums
Nordson says its VersaDrum® piston pump bulk melters deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives to insulating glass production. Piston pumps provide constant pressure with variable flow, which the company says is ideal for intermittent dispensing applications. The company describes the product as having an “open” design, thus supporting high viscosity materials and large volume outputs required in secondary sealing of IG units. The melters offer quick, easy installation on linear extruders as well as most other edge sealers, and support manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use.

Booth #631 Machines in Motion at Sturtz Booth
Stop by the 2,000-square-foot booth space of Stürtz and manufacturers will see a full range of cutting, welding and cleaning equipment for vinyl fenestration products, including the LinearPro Series of saws. This series features high speed linear motors for maximum output and accuracy. Stürtz also will feature Vertical Four Point Welders and Twin Head CNC Corner Cleaners for both frame and sash.

Booth #2031 Erdman Makes IG Sealing Easy
Erdman Automation says its fixed head IG secondary sealer is a simple and economical answer to manufacturers’ secondary sealing needs. The stationary sealant application system gives operators the ability to apply a consistent secondary seal easily to IG units.

How does it work? The operator simply positions a glass unit in front of the stationary sealant applicator, and the control system tracks the glass while the operator passes the glass from left to right through the applicator. The spacer is measured by a depth probe, and the machine applies sealant based on the speed at which the glass is being moved by the operator and the height and depth of the spacer. When the operator gets to the corner, he rotates the glass 90 degrees and repeats the process until all sides are sealed.

The company also will feature its IG Flexible Spacer Applicator, which it says enhances the accuracy and speed of the spacer application process. The protective adhesive film is rolled automatically onto the machine for easy removal and disposal. The glass can then out-feed directly to the Erdman® IG Secondary Sealer or any other work station.

Booth #2549 Add Color to Profiles in a Snap
GED Integrated Solutions will showcase its advanced profile coloration system, ColorTRU, which the company describes as a cost-effective and production-friendly alternative to painting and laminating. The system transfers solid color and wood grain foil automatically to vinyl profiles. Unlimited graphic, color and design capabilities are available.

ColorTRU’s foils are comprised of multiple layers of materials that do not interfere with the welding process, according to the company. The machine transfers the foil automatically, while heat and pressure bond it to the vinyl profile. This new process ensures no de-lamination, no trimming of excess, an instant cure and parts that can be processed immediately, according to the company. Additionally, the transfer process eliminates the need and use of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) for cleaning and thus eliminating mess.

Contoured rollers conform the foil to shaped profiles affording a throughput of up to 10 feet per minute. As a modular system, ColorTRU’s processing stations can be added sequentially to make additional profiles. Manufacturers can use a single-pass station or multiple foiling stations for processing with quick changeover from profile to profile and color to color.

Demonstrations will be held throughout the event.

Booth #1953 Famatec Machine is Friendly to the User
Many companies aim to ease the strain on employees bodies due to heavy loads and Haeco says the Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator is a great way to ease the strain. The machine precisely counterbalances heavy loads to allow an operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer glass plate and similar panels with precision.

Equipped with appropriate end-of-arm tooling, it is the ultimate “friend” for manipulating, transferring or installing product. Three different models offer load capacities of 330, 550 and 880 pounds, with a working radius of 20 feet.

The Friendly adapts to the operator’s preferred working height and position, allowing loads to be smoothly and progressively positioned and placed during assembly, suspended for further processing or transferred from one location to another. Once suspended, the product can be moved manually or under power.

The product is available exclusively from Haeco which says it costs less than an average worker’s compensation back-injury claim, according to the company.

Booth #2837 Tekna Goes 3D
Tekna USA Corp. will feature its TKcadX, 3D CAD model interpretation software, which enables the generation of NCX files directly from 3D drawings. The company will demonstrate the process, beginning with a 3D CAD model and finishing by machining the parts.

The company says 3D-models contain only information about the planes and features of a working piece, not the machining processes necessary to arrive at them. TKcadXsolves this by independently scanning and analyzing the features on a 3D drawing and then separating them into easily recognizable machining operations for the programmer to verify as valid operations to be performed on the CNC machine. These operations are then exported to CAM software such as TK-Cam, which optimizes the tool assignment, calculates the clamp-positions and generates the NC-code that runs the machine.

Booth #2341 Automate your Workflow with TigerStop
TigerStop says it can help window manufacturers reduce waste. The company will demonstrate its workflow automation, which it says enables instant hand-off to the factory floor. Employing a TigerStop positioning system equipped with Clipboard software enables quick and easy work order downloading and management providing efficiency, accuracy and productivity, according to the company.

Attendees will learn how to pull work orders directly from their network to a TigerStop, replacing the “paper chase” with increased data handling speed and a highly visual, real-time view of job progress. They will also learn how to reduce waste by at least 33 percent. TigerStops can optimize each cut with the ability to make optimizing changes on the fly with Visual Optimization powered by Clipboard.

Booth #1531 Lisec Shows Off its IG Skills
Lisec America says it will highlight its competence in insulating glass production by demonstrating its fully-automated spacer-frame bending system BSV-45ANK. The BSV-45ANK is a solution for short bending cycles, as well as automatic processing of various spacer-frame materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastic frames.

Booth #2147 Save Money and Energy with speed’cut
Bystronic Glass Group is showcasing its float glass cutting table speed’cut, which can be used for many applications including cutting of architectural glass—quickly. With a speed of up to 300 meters per minute and an acceleration of up to six meters per square second, the machine guarantees a quick processing of cutting plans, according to the company.

The deployed measuring system offers precision on the desired dimensions, therefore reducing potential grinding tolerances to a minimum. The company adds that the honeycomb structure of its cutting bridge offers enormous energy saving potential. The low weight of the cutting bridge leads to a 20 percent reduction in energy use for acceleration and braking. The speed’cut is excellent in terms of economy, flexibility and reliability and is characterised by a low operating expense, adds the company.

Booth #1702 Renolit Adds to Laminate Film Line
American Renolit’s EXOFOL IN offers several existing wood grain design laminate films to enhance the look of the interior of window frames of all construction. And now the company has added Winchester PD to its stock range of interior designs. Winchester PD is a medium dark oak with a beautiful realistic design. The company says it is the perfect complement to the popular lighter natural oak Winchester PA in the series.

RENOLIT EXOFOL IN offers several existing wood grain design laminate films to enhance the look of the interior of window frames of all construction. It is suitable for substrates of PVC, fiberglass, aluminum composite and more.

Booth #1215 Technoform Expands its Sizes
The range of Technoform’s standard TGI®-Spacer widths now extends from 1/4- to 1-inch. The company says that independent laboratory testing shows that this hybrid spacer system, incorporating high-performance polymer and low conductivity stainless steel, delivers superior sightline temperatures, condensation resistance and U-factors that meet or exceed existing energy codes.

TGI warm-edge spacer provides structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal in both residential and commercial applications. Additional performance benefits include exceptional argon retention, easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment, machine-controlled muntin locations, corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes and aesthetically pleasing sightlines.

Booth #415 Quanex Houses Various Companies Under One Booth
Manufacturers looking for door or window solutions will find a variety of product brands at the booth of Houston-based Quanex Building Products Corp. The company will debut its line-up of products and services at the show including Mikron, Truseal Technologies, Edgetech I.G. and Homeshield. The booth will feature integrated high-performance door and window systems, including energy-efficient IG components, extrusions and fenestration components, including:

• Super Spacer® dual-seal warm-edge spacer systems. Backed by more than 20 years of field performance, the all-foam construction of Super Spacer products provides superior thermal performance, condensation resistance and long-term durability, the company says.

• MikronWood™ next generation composite material. Quanex says this product boasts the beauty of wood with the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of vinyl or fiberglass. The company adds that it offers resistance to thermal conductivity with k-values that are 63 percent better than wood and 83 percent better than fiberglass.

• EnergyCore™ frame and Duralite™ spacer window system. Used in combination, Quanex says these two materials reduce thermal conductivity by up to 45 percent and achieve R-5 with a triple-pane glass configuration. New additions to the EnergyCore product line will also be introduced, including single-hung and slider options.

• ImperiClad™ moisture-impervious door frame system. When combined with MikronWood™ this product includes a water-shedding threshold with energy-efficient, weather-stripped jambs, says Quanex.

Booth #642 SheerFrame: Exceeding the Limits
L. B. Plastics says its SheerFrame Impact System doors and windows offer hurricane performance that is beyond the normal performance achieved by most companies. The units boast superb performance, according to the company, because the design is a true system that incorporates the specific strengths of each component.
Performance levels include: +65/-80 (psf) on a 53- by 78-inch double hung; +80/-120 (psf) on a 36- by 76-inch casement; and +100/-120 (psf) on a 48- by 96-inch fixed lite. The company adds that the units that can take the force of 200 mph winds.


Booth #2515 Save Your Glass
From mishandling and production issues, to everyday use and abuse, glass damage happens and GlasWeld says its repair solutions are the answer to saving glass. The company provides flat glass repair solutions from glass scratch removal kits to creating customized manufacturer programs for addressing damage, customer returns and rejects at the production and distribution level.

The Gforce2 Glass Scratch Removal Kit can help remove simple rubs and scratches, and includes more disk options to remove deeper, more severe damage. The new center water feed system allows pinpoint accuracy and control in tight edges and corners.


Booth #1711 Be Ready for New Codes with ClimaGuard
Guardian will showcase a variety of glass products at its new booth. One of these featured products is the company’s ClimaGuard residential glass family that provide comfort, security and energy savings, according to the company.

Guardian ClimaGuard IS, a family of fourth surface-coated low-E glass, includes ClimaGuard

IS-15 and IS-20 which help companies meet new codes and Energy Star® standards without the use of argon gas or a third lite of glass, adds the company.

As Energy Star® requirements continue to evolve, the ClimaGuard IS family arms window makers with already-to-code product in advance of 2013 updates. The glass is available in annealed stock sheets, which Guardian says reduces the cost to manufacturers by about a third.

Booth #1201 PPG Shows How to Get to R-5
A display in the PPG booth will highlight technology that helps dual-pane residential IG units to achieve R-5 center-of-glass performance.

The PPG dual-coat technology incorporates one pane of 3-millimeter Solarban 70XL glass on the second surface of an IG unit and one 3-mm pane of SUNGATE® 500 glass on the fourth surface, separated by 0.5-inch of argon-filled space. The configuration generates a winter nighttime U-value of 0.20 at the center of the glass, providing insulating performance that is better than or equal to any competing dual-pane IGU on the market, according to PPG.

Booth #1723 Seal it with Lauren

Lauren Manufacturing offers engineered sealing solutions for progressive door and window designs. The company says it works with customers to improve product quality through engineered solutions and diverse operational capabilities, meet stringent industry energy-efficiency standards and achieve greater production efficiencies: from scrap reduction to quicker assembly.

It offers standard products and custom solutions for many applications, including windows and entry doors, using a wide range of materials, including EPDM, silicone, neoprene, TPV, polypropylenes and more.


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