Volume 12, Issue 7 - September 2011


Take it from the Top
Fort Atkinson, Wis.-based HOPPE North America has available a line of top-hung, fold and slide hardware. Compared to bottom rolling products, with this hardware line the wheels aren’t exposed to debris and elements, which the company says can cause premature wear and decrease performance. 

The fold and slide hardware also features a concealed bottom channel for a smooth transition between spaces and passivated stainless steel components for corrosion resistance. 

STARPHIRE, Star Bright …

PPG Industries has introduced SOLARBAN® 72 STARPHIRE® glass, a solar control, low-emissivity glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance, clarity and solar control performance. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 72 Starphire glass offers visible light transmittance (VLT) approximating that of Solarban 60 Starphire glass, yet it offers 25 percent better solar control, according to the company. Likewise, Solarban 72 Starphire glass has solar control characteristics that are similar to those of Solarban 70XL glass, but transmits 11 percent more natural light.

Style Setting
Whether classic or contemporary, old world or eclectic, Zeeland, Mich.-based ODL’s collection of decorative door glass products includes options for most any design. The company says it uses handcrafted glass, including clear, textured, beveled and colored products, that is sealed between two lites of tempered safety glass, which is insulated for air- and water-tight performance.

Different designs offer varying levels of light and privacy; non-standard options, such as size, configuration, glass textures, colors and more, are also available. Products include door lites, sidelites, transoms in a variety of styles, patterns and options.

Shine on Casement Options
Combining performance and aesthetics, the new casement window from Sunrise Windows in Tempernace, Mich., was created
to give dealers and homeowners the look of traditional wood, as well as 20 percent more glass area compared to some other vinyl windows. It has a reduced window frame appearance to maximize the visible view area, as well as a full range of window options.

One such feature is the performance sash option, which can handle a 1 3/8-inch thick triple pane insulating glass unit. The company says this feature allows the window to reach thermal performance as low as a 0.22 U-factor with a glass package that includes its SunBlinds option of having the blinds between the glass lites. 

The casement also comes with slim-line profile hardware avail-able in three finishes. A hidden multi-point locking system is
also available.

Ventana USA Goes European
Ventana USA has added vinyl European doors and windows to its product offering for fabricators. Currently using Veka’s 70DS Euroview System, Ventana manufactures a full ran-ge of products from tilt/turn windows (in sha-pes and rectangles) to a number of door styles including swing, fold and slide, lift and slide, and parallel tilt and slide. An array of colors and finishes also is available.

CWS Achieves DP100 with Lockmaster
Florida-based door and window manufacturer CWS recently tested its “Wind-pact Plus” residential swing doors, fitted with the new Paddock Lockmaster multi-point door locking system. The doors were tested to Florida and Dade County standards at its Orlando, Fla., test facility. Company officials say the doors tested achieved a rating of DP100 on the 6’0’x 6’8” double door and DP70 on the 8’x 6’ double door set.

The Lockmaster system was developed for the North American residential door market with strat-egic components manufactured from Austenitic stainless steel and is offered with high-security laminated shootbolts for enhanced per-fomance applications, according to the company.

Grand Mark Solutions Provides Dealers with One-Cut Technology
Grand Mark Solutions, an affiliate of HighMark Digital Inc., has announced plans to equip its dealer network with HighMark’s One-Cut technology.

The new technology allows the dealer to measure, cut and fit a replacement entry or interior door by capturing a 3D electronic image of the door (without removing the existing door) using a high-tech measuring unit.

Then, the image data for the new door is uploaded to a dedicated One-Cut machining center where, within a few minutes, a new door is custom-milled for the existing door frame. When the new door arrives at the local dealer’s facility, it is ready to install with just a few basic tools.

Seal with Precision Graco has introduced the PGM Metering System, a precision gear metering and dispense system
for sealants and adhesives. The system, which consists of a pos-itive displacement gear pump and control center, provides a smooth, consistent bead dispense, even with high-viscosity materials, according to the company. With high flow rates for both high-viscosity hot melt materials and ambient materials, company officials say the Graco PGM also allows manufacturers to improve operational production capacities.

Pleats, Perhaps?
Genius Retractable Screen Systems officials says it decided to introduce pleated retractable screens in the United States after noticing their popularity in Europe. The pleated Sheer Screen Advance by Genius can be cut to size on-site rather than being pre-cut at the factory. In addition, the pleated Sheer Screen is available without an intrusive bottom channel, and instead features a flat bottom rail that simply rests flush to the floor. In addition, the Sheer Screen does not utilize any type of tension spring, so the screen moves back and forth with just the gentle touch or a finger and will remain in any position.


Bully Door Pins for Simple Removal
The brand-new Pinbully was designed to remove door hinge pins quickly and easily and, according to its manufacturer, is designed to fit perfectly into the hinge hole so it will not scratch or mar doors, door hinges or door frames. Using the Pinbully, company officials say a door can be removed from its frame in 45 seconds or less.

To use the Pinbully, it should be held vertically against the bottom of the pin and struck with a ham-mer to raise the pin about a quarter of an inch at the top. The tool then is simply flipped around and held at an angle against the underside of the pin’s head; once struck again, the pin will be raised completely, according to the company.


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