Volume 13, Issue 1 - January/February 2012

AAMA Analysis

Bigger and Better
AAMA Releases 2011 Edition of NAFS

AAMA has just released the next edition of AAMA/ WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440, also known as the 2011 North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for doors, windows and skylights. Already set to be referenced in the 2012 I-codes (the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC)), the revised standard features several changes.

This standard/specification was thoroughly restructured with separate sections for products and materials and components, together with updated performance parameter tables.

Smooth Operators
More operator types were also added. The 2008 version of NAFS addressed 31 operator types, while the new version offers 36. The five additions are described below.

Mullion assembly (MA) is defined as the unit formed by joining two or more individual fenestration units together with a horizontal or vertical member.

Parallel opening window (POW) is defined as a window consisting of an operable sash that moves horizontally outward perpendicular to the plane of the frame and remains parallel to the frame throughout its range of motion.

Secondary storm product (SSP) is defined as a door, window or skylight product intended to be used only in conjunction with (and attached to the internal or external frame or sash of) a primary door, window or skylight product for the purpose of enhancing thermal performance.

Tubular daylighting devices for closed ceiling (TDDCC) and for open ceiling (TDDOC) were added. TDDs are defined as non-operable fenestration units primarily designed to transmit daylight from a roof surface to an interior space, and generally consisting of an exterior glazed weathering surface, a light-transmitting tubular conduit with a reflective inner surface and an interior closure glazing in a retainer frame. In closed-ceiling installations, the tubular conduit passes through unconditioned space, while in open-ceiling versions, the tubular conduit is suspended in conditioned space.

The roof window (RW) and unit skylight (SK) categories have been split into two: glass glazed (RWG/SKG) and plastic glazed (RWP/SKP) and are not identified by performance classes.

'"he outermost surface of test samples of hardware intended for repetitive human touch by the consumer in its installed condition must be tested for the presence of lead in accordance with ASTM E1753."

Check for Lead
Requirements on lead content for hardware were also added. The outermost surface of test samples of hardware intended for repetitive human touch by the consumer in its installed condition must be tested for the presence of lead in accordance with ASTM E1753 (Rhodizonate surface swab test). If the hardware is coated, the coatings (e.g., paint, plating, oil or clear coat) are considered the outermost surface of the part. If lead is indicated, the lead content must be confirmed by either Test Method A (under which the lead content of the surface material must not exceed 0.02 percent by weight) or Test Method B (which specifies percentage limits for bronze or brass).

Mullion provisions were reorganized with new ratings and designations. If tested as a combination assembly, the individual units making up a factory-made combination assembly must also qualify as individual units. Combination assemblies with mullions between separate door or window units can be qualified by testing as a single combination unit or by testing as individual units, with mullion performance tested separately or calculated for air, water and structural performance in accordance with AAMA 450, Voluntary Performance Rating Method for Mulled Fenestration Assemblies. Field-mulled units are not covered.

NAFS-11, the material-neutral guidepost for fenestration specifiers, has been evolving since 1997 and serves as the basis for product certification as required by IBC and IRC. Everyone in the industry should be familiar with the requirements of this standard/specification.

Ken Brenden serves as technical services manager for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association in Schaumburg, Ill.



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