Volume 13, Issue 1 - January/February 2012

From The Publisher

One Simple Phrase

Did you notice the changes yet in DWM magazine? As you continue flipping through the magazine you will find a few changes—some subtle design changes and others that are more pronounced.

We have more content aimed at dealers and distributors—this is all based on your feedback. You can now find this information grouped together for easy reference. The dealer and distributor section begins on page 46. But that doesn’t mean this is the only part of the magazine targeted toward dealers, and it doesn’t mean manufacturers can’t find valuable information there as well. Be sure to read the entire issue. For example, the feature on page 46 talks about how to sell energy-efficient doors and windows and the one on page 50 details how to target remodelers. And don’t forget to look to page 54 which focuses on one dealer who took some unorthodox approaches that paid off in terms of growth. I could go on but you get the idea.

The article on selling was particularly interesting as I was able to talk to window companies to learn their very different ways of targeting the consumer. One conversation in particular resonated very loudly with me and it came from Steve Rennekamp, president of Energy Swing Windows and Doors in Murrysville, Pa.

“We sell relationships,” he told me. “For most people once they get the job they move on. We don’t’ do that. We work extra hard at defining expectations and following through. There are fewer people looking to buy but the people who are looking are checking out companies more than ever and that is good for companies like us. We do what we say. We do things from a follow up perspective that most won’t do.”

We do what we say. Such an easy concept but one that many don’t follow. We all know companies throw around sayings and write ad copy, and many times don’t follow through with those promises. What Rennekamp said plays off what Joe Calloway, author of “Becoming a Category of One,” told an industry group earlier this year when he served as the keynote speaker. He talked about how Southwest Airlines was so successful for this very reason: they do what they say and they define expectations.

Do you do what you say? How can you work toward being a Category of One? As usual, I welcome your thoughts on these and other issues. Email me at ttaffera@glass.com.


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