Volume 13, Issue 1 - January/February 2012



Quiet Closings
The Italian-made Slido Classic sliding door hardware system, a Häfele branded product, features Smuso soft close technology and is available in 40, 60, 80 and 100 KG hardware. Previously, the soft close technology was only available in cabinet and furniture hinges, as well as drawer slides. Now, it can be incorporated into the sliding door system, allowing doors to close smoothly, quietly and without slamming.

Seeing Red
Red alder is now part of Accsys Technologies’ line of modified-wood products. Like the company’s Accoya wood, Accoya Alder undergoes a proprietary modification process called acetylation designed to improve its durability, hardness, water absorption and dimensional stability while retaining its natural strength and beauty.

While alder is commonly used in interior applications, by applying the patented acetylation technology, Accsys Technologies says it has expanded the opportunities for its use to the exterior, including exterior doors and windows, while still maintaining the species’ aesthetic qualities.

According to the company, the acetylation technology alters the wood’s reaction with water by permanently replacing the molecules that want to bond with water with more stable acetyl groups. Acetyl groups are naturally present in all wood species, which means that nothing toxic is added. The altered cell structure of the wood makes it an unrecognizable wood source for insects and prevents fungal decay, the company says.

CMI Expands MiraTEC Line
If you are looking for a product to add fine details and dimension to a home’s exterior, the expansions to CMI’s MiraTEC product line may be the answer. The company has added four crown moulding profiles.

The smooth-surfaced, engineered wood composite mouldings serve as an economical alternative to PVC and fiber-cement products, and handle like wood, making them easier to work with than fiber cement. According to company information the products offer the durability and long-term perform The smooth-surfaced, engineered wood composite mouldings serve as an economical alternative to PVC and fiber-cement products, and handle like wood, making them easier to work with than fiber cement. According to company information the products offer the durability and long-term performance benefits of PVC but at a lower cost.

Factory-primed on four sides with a low-VOC primer that contains a mildewcide, the new mouldings accept all shades of paint and are backed by a 50-year warranty covering hail damage, delamination, decomposition due to fungal growth, splitting and cracking, excessive swelling and buckling, as well as damage from termites.

Kuiken Brothers Gets Classical
Kuiken Brothers Company Inc. launched its KB Classical Moulding collection and catalog, which includes 66 in-stock, historically-inspired moulding profiles. The collection includes a range of crown, casing, base, chair-rail and panel mouldings, all categorized by architectural style (Early American, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and Traditional Revival). 

The mouldings are milled from poplar, double primed and buffed; many of the profiles are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different room configurations and ceiling heights. The patterns are in a streamlined index designed to make ordering quick and easy. Also, the company’s online moulding design guide features six different classical millwork plans.
In addition, the Catalog categorizes each of the mouldings by its different classic American architectural style.

Precise Cuts

Bystronic Glass has introduced its new speed’cut float glass cutting table. According to Lorenz Buri, head of sales for architectural glass and solar technology, speed’cut has a speed of up to 300 meters per minute and an acceleration of up to six meters per square second.

According to a company announcement, the cutting bridge is driven by a linear technology that it is making available to the mass market for the first time. This replaces the previous combination of racks and sprockets and reduces maintenance outlay.

According to the company, the speed’cut is quieter during production than respectively older cutting tables thanks to this drive.  

In addition, the low weight of the cutting bridge leads to a 20-percent reduction in energy use for acceleration and braking.
The edge-deletion unit from previous cutting table models has been included and adjusted to meet the requirements for even harder glass coatings.

The control connected to the network via the Bystronic Glass ByFlow software also is designed to simplify work preparation; various cutting plans can be uploaded, while production data concerning cut glass plates, information regarding the wear of cutting wheels and the operating state of the unit, as well as cutting parameters and statistic information, can be downloaded.
In combination with the ByStore storage management software, the user also obtains online information concerning the content of the glass warehouse, complete with details about the glass amount and dimensions aswell as the batch numbers of the present raw formats. The glass quality can be monitored in each phase of the value creation chain with the integration of visual inspection systems.

ODL Expands Doorglass Options

As a way to provide more choices when it comes to doorglass, ODL has expanded its offerings with several new product selections, including the launch of a new category: Eclectic, a fusion of blended cultures, combined forms and historical elements. As part of the Eclectic line, Bellflower blends classic motifs and old-world elements with vibrant color. It features patina caming, ruby-red wave glass and yellow-swirl glass.

The second new design in the Eclectic doorglass category is Casablanca, which features Moroccan design influences and a two-color silkscreen.

In addition, ODL expanded its Craftsman category with three new designs. These nature-inspired designs include Greenfield, which features oil-rubbed bronze caming, olive and pale amber softwave glass, and reed and hammered glass; and Topaz, which has a hint of bronze glass color, offers a low-price-point option.

The fifth new design, also in the Craftsman category, is Trace. Ideal for a traditionally designed home, this silkscreened design has a privacy rating of eight, allowing light to enter the home while still providing considerable privacy.

Match Doors and Windows
RSL Inc. has added white caming as an option for its decorative door glass. Previously, the company utilized black, zinc, or brass strips of channeled metal as caming to bind various colors and patterns of glass. The white caming is available in two series, prism and glacier, and each is available in nine sizes.

Here’s an App for That
Access Hardware Supply (AHS) has developed the Retrofit Installation iPad App. According to the company, when used on-site, the app prompts the user to fill in all aspects of the door opening (including whether or not the current door sticks or jams) and all potential hardware necessary. Once the specs are filled in, users can send them directly to an expert at Access Hardware Supply. A photo of the door and current hardware can even be submitted a photo of the door. The AHS associate will respond with a hardware recommendation, along with total cost based upon the budget.

Gorell’s first mobile application, Gorell Glass Plus, is now available for all higher-end Android-based smart-phones and tablet devices, Apple iPhones and iPad devices and Blackberry Playbook tablets. This free app will allow the company’s dealers to show homeowners the U-value and solar heat gain coefficient performance ratings for its patio doors and vinyl windows, view detailed information about its high-performance glass options, and estimate the monthly payment for a typical fixed interest rate loan over a period of months. It requires Adobe Air for installation, is about 2 MB in size and can be downloaded and installed through the app store or marketplace by searching for “Gorell.”

The new Sika product finder is now available in the Android Store. This tool now allows users to access all Sika product catalogs worldwide from mobile devices running on Androids. Further information such as product or material safety data sheets can be accessed as well.

Pilkington has redesigned its online product directory, which provides a full description of all products, explanations on how they work, as well as their applications, and features and benefits. All brochures are available for download, and the website includes a full interactive project references section.



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