Volume 13, Issue 5 - June 2012


Slash Gas Use
Do you want the capability to make R-5 triples for about one third the current gas cost—or almost one-sixth less if you make asymmetrical triples? If you answered yes then Integrated Automation Systems may have a product to fit your needs.

The company offers the OptiGas 500 insulating glass gas-filling and thermal verification system, and the newly-updated OptiGas 500 now comes standard with integrated and automated ThermalCERT thermal verification.

“While users like the potential savings and incredible gas filling flexibility they gain with OptiGas, they get really excited about verifiable and promotable thermal performance,” says Integrated Automation Systems president Mike McHugh. “We’ve put it into one unit and made it standard.”

McHugh says one door and window maker has built its 2012 marketing and sales efforts around verified thermal performance. “They are responding to consumer doubts with data showing argon or krypton really comes with the windows and doors they sell. They see ThermalCERT as a major competitive advantage.”

OptiGas uses a proprietary filling process to essentially eliminate any krypton loss, according to the company. This reduces krypton consumption by two thirds for conventional R-5 triples to about $16 for an average double-hung. With asymmetrical triples, the company says gas consumption can cost less than $6 per window.

Digital Technology Helps Mecal Reduce Waste
The new High Speed Mecal MC307 machining center is equipped with digital technology. According to the company, the control system design is capable of supporting data transfer speeds up to 50Mb/s, and the main functions of the machine can be set with parameters. It has maximum speed of 492 feet/minute for X axis and speeds up to 131 feet/minute for the Y and Z with 3600 degree/minute for A axis. With these new capabilities the machine can render up to a 30-percent reduction of working cycle time when compared to similar machines, according to the company.

The new table (4th axis) rotates from +/- 135 degrees and the 7.3 HP Electro spindle has a max RPM of 18,000.

The work area has been increased to more than 13 feet and with the pass-through design capability it has been increased to more than 26 feet machining part length and has dual zone capacity. The eight tool magazine, located in the center of the machine bed, is completely enclosed while machining.

EuGénie Technologie Launches New CNC Line
The ANNY CN-L CNC three-axis door jamb machining center is the newest development from EuGénie Technologie. According to the company, the machine offers a number of features for North American door manufacturers. For starters, the new line can fabricate all door jamb material, including wood with or without PVC and aluminum cladding, PVC door jambs, wood/PVC astragal and mullions; it can cut the length as well as the DADO angle for the head and sill; and has machining features for hinges, multi-points and strike/double strike and face-plates, among other features.

In addition, the company has added new quality check technology, which can detect the variation of the thickness and straightness of the material. Also, the machine can auto detect the length of the material to help avoid operator mistakes.

All of the company’s equipment features interactive and parametric interfaces.

Araupel Invests in Technology
Araupel, a Brazilian exporter of finger-jointed mouldings, door jambs, door frames, split jambs, flat jambs, door casing, brick mould, stiles and rails, window extension and flat stool, among other window components, announced it has invested in its manufacturing facilities. The company will update the existing production lines to the newest worldwide technological standards as well as introduce new technologies.

According to the company, investments include the installation of six modern dry kilns, a fast-running planner mill that is fully equipped with scanning and control technologies, optimizing board edgers, and a new lumber sorting and stacking line, among others.

Stretch It

Big Stretch high-performance caulk for doors, windows, siding and more is now available from Sashco Sealants. According to the company, it has powerful adhesion and elasticity that allow it to stretch and compress to absorb just about any movement.

Big Stretch spans gaps up to 2-inches wide and stretches up to 500 percent of the original joint size without cracking, according to the company. It is easy to use and tool and can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Improve Productivity
Designed for use in the assembly and weathersealing of doors and windows, the InstantGlaze window assembly sealant from Dow Corning was created for use with high speed XY or robotic glazing equipment to improve manufacturing productivity and window performance, according to the company.

The sealant can be used without primer on most common window materials for standard and impact-resistant glazing. It is also compatible with most common insulating glass sealants.

Some of the other features and benefits, according to the company, include a durable adhesive bond between the glass and frame, instant green strength that delivers improved productivity in window assembly, silicone weather resistance, and a long open time, potlife and moderate temperature offer a user-friendly application.

Consistent Dispensing
VersaDrum piston pump bulk melters from Nordson Corp. deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives to insulating glass production. Piston pumps provide constant pressure with variable flow so are ideal for intermittent dispensing applications. These melters offer quick, easy installation on linear extruders as well as most other edge sealers. The “open” design of this high-pressure melter supports high viscosity materials and the large volume outputs required in secondary sealing of insulating glass units. Additionally, VersaDrum melters support manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use.

Make a Permanent Bond

New Pres-Bond P4500 glazing tape from Pres-On was developed to help make window fabrication easy, fast and reliable for manufacturers. This AAMA-approved, cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam tape is double-sided with a high-tack acrylic adhesive that permanently bonds to wood, aluminum, stainless steel and PVC window frames.

Available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths up to 216 feet, P4500 tape comes with a quick polyethylene release liner so it is easier to apply than mechanical fastening devices, silicone caulks or other liquid sealants for mounting, bonding and sealing. And, according to the company, it will not weather due to temperature extremes, UV or oxidation. It can also block out water, light, dust and all forms of moisture that will impact product performance for the end-user, according to the company.

MM&PP Launches New Corner Option
The newest addition to Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products (MM&PP) Inc.’s heavy duty patio door screen program is an external patio screen door corner created to replace the need for the aluminum door frame scrap producing miter cut internal corner. According to the company, the overall exterior design of the new corner has and follows the contour of the HD frame profile for a sleek and seamless look in the finished screen.

“With the recent emergence of the do-it-yourselfer trying to do more home repairs to save money along with the constant scouring of the Internet for the next big thing, this corner will be extremely easy to work with, reduces waste and should be very well received by all who build or repair patio door screens,” says Tony Malik president.

Iso-Trude Goes Green with New Sweep
The adjustable door bottom sweep is the newest green sealing solution for exterior doors from Iso-Trude materials. The new sweep is available in beige, bronze and white and, according to the company, is tough and durable, can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures and is tear and crack resistant.

It is stocked for immediate shipment and free test samples are available.



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