Volume 13, Issue 5 - June 2012

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One Company Shares:
What to Know Before Buying Replacement Windows
Homeowners considering buying replacement windows need to know four important letters: A-A-M-A. This is the message that Simonton Windows is now sharing with homeowners and others in the market for windows. The company is letting homeowners know that AAMA is important to them because the group provids independent product performance information on doors and windows and its Certification Program is the only in the door and window industry that requires components used in the finished door and window assembly to pass its own set of performance tests.

“The AAMA Product Certification Program is the most experienced, longest-established quality assurance program available to window and door manufacturers,” says Dean Lewis, AAMA chief engineer, Certification Programs. “The AAMA program provides consumers with the assurance that finished window and door products, and components used in window and door assembly, pass stringent performance tests. AAMA also requires product and component testing at AAMA-accredited labs so that tests are performed by qualified, experienced professionals using equipment that is properly calibrated and maintained. The stringent AAMA Certification procedures assure consumers that the products they choose, when properly installed, match the quality of the sample product tested.”

Simonton is letting homeowners know that AAMA’s program requires the use of AAMA-accredited labs so that tests are performed by qualified, experienced third-party professionals using properly calibrated equipment.

“AAMA testing provides many benefits for consumers,” says Timothy J. Efaw, testing team leader at Simonton Windows. “Since the testing is done to a specific industry standard, homeowners can evaluate products by comparing standardized testing results.

“Consumers should look for windows and doors that meet the AAMA tests for structural integrity that withstand wind loads. A key tip for consumers is to be suspicious of any door or window product that is not tested,” he adds.

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