Volume 13, Issue 4 - May 2012


DWM Magazine’s Eighth Annual Guide to New Products
Doors, Windows, Mouldings and More—Find the Industry’s Latest Products Right Here

Whatever your product needs may be, DWM magazine has got them covered right here in our Eighth Annual Guide to New Products. We asked companies to share with us news and information about their new products, and the result was an overwhelming display of their latest and greatest. Here over the next seven pages we’re excited to bring you the outcome of that request. Take a look and shop around a bit—we’re sure you’ll find something here you need.

Quanex Optimizer Now Available as an iTunes App
Quanex Building Products Corp. unveiled its Quanex Optimizer as an iTunes app for iPad earlier this year. The program accurately estimates U-factors of windows based on the components used. It was previously only available as a web-based program used by the company’s sales team.

“We demonstrated the Quanex Optimizer as a web-based program this past fall, and the interest was phenomenal,” says Ric Jackson, director of external affairs. “Our customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on this technology, and we are thrilled that we are now able to offer it to them through iTunes.”

The Quanex Optimizer provides an instant U-factor estimate of various combinations of framing materials with all common North American IG spacers, as well as glass packages, low-E coatings and gas fills. In total, the program can assess 45,000 combinations to help users find the right balance between cost and performance when choosing window components.

Various updates have been made to the Quanex Optimizer for its release via iTunes, including a user-friendly interface.

Sell, Quote, Price with One Touch
TouchQuote, an iPad mobile selling tool from WTS Paradigm, was created for use in-home, on jobsites or wherever building products are sold. The new tool assists with the selling, quoting, pricing and ordering process to make the in home visit quick and easy, according to the company.

TouchQuote makes it possible to present a product line, gather information about the job, configure and price units, and close the sale using an iPad. Configuration and pricing data can be customized, comparison quoting can be generated in seconds, and an agreement and/or invoice can be printed or emailed to the homeowner on the spot, according to the company.

It allows sales consultants to focus on the customer and the sale because as they are not distracted by manually calculating pricing and options, according to the company, and the quick data gathering provides a streamlined, in-home sales process. Configuration and pricing data is customized and one-time data entry allows for efficiencies through an entire life cycle of a window sale. Likewise, a single set of order data used in the sales, manufacturing, and installation process eliminates mistakes and reworks due to re-keying and human error, according to the company.

Taking Millwork to the Web
The new online product configurator from Ponderosa Software is a web-based tool designed to help millwork dealers increase revenues and improve customer service, allowing customers to design, view and configure their own millwork products directly on the dealer’s website.

Accessible through any Internet browser, the new configurator uses a software wizard along with high-resolution images and detailed illustrations to present selection criteria for entry door systems, interior doors, windows, window units, stair parts and other customized millwork products.

According to the company, users select their desired options, each with rules or constraints to ensure that the options are compatible and can be properly ordered. Once the order has been submitted, the dealer can confirm specs and pricing with the customer, relieve inventory, schedule assembly time and track associated labor.

The configurator works in conjunction with the Ponderosa Millwork Enterprise Resource Planning software and can be integrated with an electronic catalog and e-commerce software.

Weinig Adds Holz-Her to Product Offerings
Weinig, based in Mooresville, N.C., describes itself as “the leading solutions provider in solid wood processing, specializing in moulding, ripping, crosscutting, finger jointing and scanning.” The company has added a new member to the group: Holz-Her, specializing in CNC routers/machining centers that further complement the Weinig solid wood equipment. Holz-Her also offers a full line of panel processing equipment.

OptiGas Reduces Waste
The OptiGas 500 IG gas-filling system now includes an integrated and automated thermal verification procedure. Other new features in the patent-pending system include a streamlined user interface and automated calibration of the thermal testing process.

With OptiGas each successive unit can receive a different and precise gas mix from all argon to all krypton to any proportion between using a single wand per air space. Its proprietary filling process can also reduce krypton consumption by up to 86 percent per unit, according to the company.

The system was developed by Integrated Automation Systems Inc., a company that says the product can statistically verify thermal performance for all units. The now-integrated ThermalCert technology measures and verifies actual gas content of filled units. Certificates of verification and consumer product labeling are available.

Glass Styles Reflect Regional Inspirations

From the Southwest to the Southeast, ODL Inc. has added four regionally inspired door glass design families to its decorative products. The designs—Mohave, Compass, Delray and Carrollton—are now part of the company’s Classic, Contemporary and Eclectic collections.

Mohave joins the Eclectic line with a Southwest Native American textile pattern mixed with Mission Prairie style details and featuring many glass textures and colors reflective of the Southwest desert landscape. The door glass is framed with oil-rubbed bronze caming. Compass joins the Contemporary line and reflects the contemporary style of the Southeast with a chic compass rose center element offset with nickel caming. Delray, also Southeast-inspired, is a new addition to the Contemporary line and features glass textures and geometric designs enhanced by nickel or patina caming. Carrollton joins the Classic line and has a fleur-de-lis center element surrounded by patina caming, and features a combination of textured glass and clear bevels.

Seal Units in No Time

The Automated Secondary Sealer with integrated gas fill from Erdman Automation speeds cycle times by allowing companies to gas fill and apply secondary seal to IG units simultaneously. According to the company, this integration saves users both time and space.

The gas fill can be integrated in both the Erdman 6000 and 7000 series IG Secondary Sealer. The sealers offer many benefits including: reduction of waste, clean-up and defective IG units; can be added easily to existing IG lines; recognizes cavity size and depth automatically; offers consistent sealant application and quality; is capable of producing both dual and triple-glazed units; and is available to dispense warm, cold and two-part sealants.

Setting a New Benchmark
GED Integrated Solutions says the latest addition to its family of i-3 Technologies, the Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS), produces triple-pane insulating glass (IG) units in 20-second cycle times. The machine can handle Intercept warm edge as well as standard type and most other brand spacers, according to the company.

The machine can also adapt to a range of IG unit combinations, including efficient assembly of dual- or triple-pane units from 14- by 16-inches to 72- by 100-inches in size and in any order sequence. The machine allows for dual units at six per minute and triple units at three per minute.

The ability to simplify the complexity of manufacturing both triple- and dual-pane IGUs in any sequence is made possible through the development of GED’s new Win IG-5 software and the “no-touch” Vortex vacuum lift technologies, according to the company.

The software allows the IGU manufacturer to have complete production control of all aspects of the IGU manufacturing process. Operations can now schedule each unique IGU in a one-piece flow manner as the visual software interface provides grid, spacer and glass alignment.

A Trio of Choices

The Advantage Trio from Franklin Adhesives and Polymers, a division of Franklin International was created to help wood window manufacturers assemble their products. It includes three high-performance adhesives from the Advantage family: Advantage 415, Advantage 425 and Advantage EP-925.

Advantage 415 is a water-resistant, two-part crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger jointing, edge gluing, hot pressing and radio frequency gluing. According to the company, Advantage 415 offers the longest open time of any of its adhesives designed for window parts and is ideal for intricate window designs. When mixed with aluminum chloride, the product surpasses both ASTM D 5572 wet-use finger joint and ASTM D 5751 wet-use edge glue standard, according to the company.

Likewise, Advantage 425 is also a water-resistant, two-part crosslinking PVA emulsion adhesive and is one of the highest performing finger joint products available as measured by ASTM and Hallmark standards, according to the company. When mixed with aluminum chloride, the product also surpasses the ASTM D-5572 wet use finger joint standard for flexures and tension.

Rolltech Rolls Out Warm-Edge Spacers

Fenzi North America says the Rolltech selection of warm-edge spacers, manufactured through Fenzi Group, show superior R values for insulating glass. Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra are stainless spacers, showing ease of bending and handling of spacer frames during IG production. The use of warm-edge spacers, such as these, will prevent condensation on the IG-unit and the window rabbet, damage on the frame and reduction in heat loss, according to the company.

The Chromatech Ultra is a well-known stainless steel technology with a polycarbonate top, offers high spacer stability and string corners which enable a strong production flow and can be bended on all benders supplied today, the company adds.

Metallic Expansions

A new range of colors suited for commercial applications, including metallic finishes, is now available from Renolit Exofol FX. This new range includes architectural bronze and other anodized type finishes, silver and aluminum, copper, black and more. According to the company, the scratch-resistant surface emboss of this range features either a smooth stipple or an etched-type finish that brings a rich, durable appearance.

The metallic finishes are suitable for PVC, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, composites and more. According to the company, the Exofol FX line is made with a three-layer construction that is unique to the industry. The polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base layer now includes Solar Shield Technology, which utilizes infrared reflective pigments that reduce heat build up, according to the company, adding that the two transparent top layers include a middle layer of PMMA and top layer of polyvinyl fluoride film (PVDF). Offering a low surface tension, the PVDF protective layer helps safeguard against dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants and makes the finish resilient to abuse, such as graffiti, which can be cleaned easily without any damage, according to the company.

The full range of Exofol FX films is covered by a 10-year warranty for all of the United States and Canada.

Operable Options

Following the trend toward operable glass walls, HOPPE has launched a lift and slide program that features a comprehensive catalog covering not only parts, but recommended door construction and installation as well. It includes a broad range of lift and slide handle sets as well as a new quick ship program.

The company says this new program is ideal for manufacturers who want to add lift and slide doors to their offering.

Also new, Hoppe has added an all-stainless HLS multi-point locking system available in a single package. Each hardware package contains locks, strikes and fasteners and has been pre-configured by panel height for both single doors and French doors. Both high performance three-point locking as well as ultra-high performance five-point locking are available.

Fasco Launches New Sliding Patio Door Handle
New hardware options for a range for door and window designs are available from Fasco. These include the 9700 Euro sliding patio door handle, which was created to mix and match with all of the company’s handle sets. It is has zinc die cast construction and is available in painted and plated finishes.

According to the company, the handle is compatible with industry-standard single or multi-point mortise locks and fits stile thickness from 1.25 inch to 2.25 inches.

Optional key cylinders are available.

Constant Forces for Side-Load Windows
Manufacturers have a new option for side-load windows with John Evans’ Sons Inc.’s SideLoad Constant Force Balance System.
The company says that when compared to other systems this new offering has reduced operating forces and reduces on-hand inventory with smaller space requirements. In addition, it has a patent-pending design for a quiet and tight-fitting sash.

The system utilizes AAMA-qualified springs and provides for a simple conversion from block and tackle, according to the company.

Heavy-Duty Hinges
Increasing demands for triple pane and/or laminated glass have pushed the envelope on what standard-duty concealed casement hinges can handle. As a result, Truth Hardware introduced its new high performance hinge, which offers performance and weight-carrying capabilities to help window manufacturers meet these new requirements.

The hinge can support a 140-pound sash, which allows manufacturers to use triple pane and laminated glass packages in large-size windows, according to the company. The hinge features a patented shoe design with a built-in roller to help reduce friction during operation and provides smooth travel even under maximum load.

Intuitive New Offerings
Featuring one-motion operation, the new Intuition sliding door handle from Interlock USA allows homeowners to unlock and open the door in a single fluid motion; in reverse, the door closes and locks in the same single motion. With a modern design that eliminates the lever, the handle does not protrude into the glass area, enhancing the sightlines of any sliding door, according to the company.

And designed to complement the new handle, Interlock also has a new exterior pull available in locking and non-locking options. For use in single and multi-panel applications, the Intuition handle works in conjunction with the Interlock slim backset mortise locking system for large-scale vinyl, metal and wood sliding doors.

Opening Up to New Door Options

Several new door offerings are now available from the Novatech Group, including the new Design Collection of steel entrance doors that feature contemporary style and clean lines. The doors feature glass that blends seamlessly with the contemporary style of these entry doors and the contemporary frame has a modern profile.

Also new are the Scarlett and the Rondo, two recently launched total privacy glass designs. According to the company, the grooving process incorporates an engraving technique on sandblasted or glue chip glass for even greater privacy.

And in the group’s Resiver patio door line, the all PVC R-1600 garden door has three different sill designs (outswing, inswing and FH inswing) to accommodate any type of configuration. A blinds-between-the-glass option is available as well.

These Doors are Taylor-Made with Adjustable Hinge Plates
The new Timberline deluxe fiberglass doors from Taylor Building Products feature the adjustable hinge-plate system. The doors can be moved up or down, in or out, for a tight weatherseal and full 4-inch lock-and-hinge stiles have been added for strength.

The doors have a cherry, oak, mahogany or fir grain that can be stained easily and are available in 2-, 3-, 6- and 8-panel designs as well as Craftsman styles.

A New Overture in Doors
Designed for maximizing views, Royal Building Products recently launched its new Royal Overture folding door series. According to the company, the slim-line welded sash offers an abundance of natural light, and multi-panel designs are available to fit any décor or space. The doors are available with a maximum width of 312 inches and a maximum height of 118 inches, and offer a thermally broken, all-vinyl frame with aluminum reinforcement.

According to the company, the sash has been designed to use the most common insulating glass configurations, from 1 inch to 1 3/8 inch triple glazing, and meet the most stringent energy codes in the industry. Overture has an R-6 ability and is Energy Star qualified.

Also available is 3-point locking hardware as well as independent locking systems at every other panel.

Information, Please

The I-Design information kiosk from DAC Products is one of the company’s newest developments designed to help users increase efficiency and workflow, display products, and boost their image.

The company says the information kiosk brings sleek curves and stylish design to a practical application. It can hold up to a 32-inch flat panel TV and features a locking storage cabinet for housing a computer or media player. On board cable management allows users to hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse without excess wiring. In addition, it has a unique design that makes it easy to port.

The I-Design information kiosk is available in several color combinations and the cabinet, base, and countertop are available in several standard colors.  

In addition, the company has made improvements to its Knock Down Display (KD300), adding storage to the unit as well as a heavy-duty caster base with 4-inch casters for durable transport.

More Living Space, More Options

Western Window Systems has expanded its offerings to include a new wood-aluminum clad door system that can open entire walls and expand livable space. The system features 1.75- inch panels available in sizes up to 60-inches wide and 120-inches tall. Stainless steel bearing rollers are available in either 2.12 inches or the 3-inch monster roller.

Laminated veneered lumber cores provide strength and durability for every pane, according to the company, and exterior cladding is made from extruded aluminum.

With unlimited exterior finish options, all painted finishes conform to AAMA 2605 ratings using Kynar paint. For anodized finishes, both the dark bronze and satin colors receive a Class 1 rating, according to the company. Vertical stiles are available in narrow (3.62 inch) or medium (5 inches), while bottom rails are available in 3.62-, 5-, or 8-inch dimensions.

Interior wood is available in pine or VG Fir, with options for custom wood species upon request. Panels are available in either contemporary or traditional styles, both of which come with different stops and simulated divided lite muntins.

These Doors Glide and Slide with Ease
For more than 25 years Weiland Sliding Doors has designed and built high-performance sliding doors and windows. The company’s offerings include its lift-slide door, which allows large glass wall panels to glide across spans as wide as 60 feet.

According to the company, the system is unique because of its flush floor transition from the indoors to outdoors, and its security and rated performance in many weather environments. The company’s lift-slides can be as tall as 16 feet and come in an almost limitless number of custom-made configurations.

Tell Them the Temp

A new tool from EDTM can be used to add dynamic visuals to sales presentations. The company’s new Heat-Sheet is a temperature demo card (HS2050) that changes color when it encounters heat. It is used in combination with a heat lamp to illustrate heat passing through a glass or film sample. According to the company, as heat passes through inefficient glass or film, the Heat-Sheet shows a dynamic color change, but color change does not occur when placed in front of energy-efficient glass or film.

According to the company, the Heat-Sheet helps demonstrate all three kinds of heat transfer (radiant, conduction, and convection), is simple to use and is approximately 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall so can be transported easily.

New Measuring Tool Makes a Mark
Prodim International BV has available the Proliner 8, a self-contained measuring tool in both 2D and 3D versions. It is advanced in both functionality and appearance. It weighs 10 kg, has a foldable measuring head for optimal protection during transportation, adjustable beep volume and a wire length of 7.5 meters with a diameter of 15 meters.

Also, with the integrated Proliner Leapfrog software the tool can accommodate measurements larger then 15 meters. Drawings on the Proliner can be done on the job site and finished with the integrated CAD software. The measurements can then be exported as a DXF, CCD or TXT files to a USB stick or optional network connection. The measurements can also be sent directly to a CNC machine, plotter or CAD design program for direct production.

Door Sealing Options and More

Schlegel, an Amesbury company, now offers a door seal with patent-pending intumescent foam that meets a Category G edge seal. According to the company, this seal combines Q-LON to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G- and H-rated gaskets. The all-in-one seal was developed to eliminate the intumescent strip cost, installation labor and for aesthetic purposes.

In addition, Amesbury Sealing Products announced the addition of a flexible dust pad as part of its specialty products line. According to the company, it is produced with a proprietary backing that allows it to conform to uneven or slightly curved surfaces with great adhesion and without sacrificing performance. The flexible dust pad is available in a variety of pile heights, backing widths and colors, and is offered reeled, chopped, kiss-cut or special die cut. It can also be customized.


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