Volume 13, Issue 7 - September 2012


Easy Operators

Roto Fasco Canada has available a casement operator with nesting handle and snap-on cover. According to the company, the base is manufactured in zinc alloy, zinc plated and is powder coated. Its cover is manufactured in anti-UV ABS and the gear bar is manufactured in carbon steel. In addition, the gear teeth are quenched processed and zinc electroplated. The operator has passed both AAMA and CSA requirements, according to the company.

Moisture Meter’s Hand-Helds Make it Easy
The new line of moisture meters introduced recently by the Moisture Meter Co. offers the entire product range of AB Brookhuis from Holland. The company has a full line of hand-held meters both with the traditional pin probes, but also with non-marking meters available for finished materials. It also offers in-line, fully automatic and integrated meters available for the production line.

Mold Defenders
Cascade Wood Products offers preservative treating with Woodlife 111—a clear penetrating non-swelling, paintable, water-repellant wood preservative. It helps control the growth of decay, fungi, staining fungi, surface mold and mildew, according to the company. It also stabilizes the wood against the effects of moisture and reduces dimensional changes that can cause swelling, warping and splitting.

The company has been producing millwork for nearly 60 years and manufactures interior and exterior door frames, mull posts, trim, casing, mouldings, cut stock and 5/4-, 6/4- and 8/4-inch sash parts. The company also offers value-added processes such as priming, dapping, and weatherstrip, hinge and strike installation.

Eco-Friendly Tape

Venture Tape of Rockland, Md., has added a new generation of products to its glazing product line for door and window applications in residential, industrial and light commercial buildings. The Venture Tape VG700 Series and VG1200 Series glazing tapes are closed-cell, polyolefin foam tapes that provide high performance, adhesion, weather resistance and durability, according to the company. Both products feature a reformulated adhesive system and a new, improved liner. According to the company, the tapes have low VOCs, making them environmentally friendly and a contributor toward LEED-compliance credits.

A New Dawn in Shading
Several shading options are available from Eclipse Technologies. Included in these offerings is the Solara retractable awning system. According to the company, the system offers a cassette housing, built-in-light system and 16 different fabric options. The fabrics all feature 100-percent solution-dyed acrylic yarns that are fade resistant and coated for waterproofing and UV protection.

Also available is the Aira line of retractable screens, which is available in 11 standard colors. This line of screens is made out of powder-coated aluminum and nylon components that are designed to not fade, according to the company.

In addition, the company offers the Sola line of custom motorized screens for large screening applications and exterior window shading. According to the company, Sola offers homeowners the choice of color, screen mesh and accessories such as a wireless wall switch, a single channel handheld remote and a weather sensor that can detect and automate operation in accordance with wind and sun conditions.

GLCT Offers Tooling Options

Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg. Inc. (GLCT) has available the Great-Loc SG universal tool system, which allows changing inserts and backers to cut different profiles using the same cutter body. This system also utilizes the patented Great-Loc clamping system for accuracy, positive registration and safety.

According to the company, the Great-Loc SG universal tool system provides interchangeability of inserts and backers between router bits and cutter bodies that have the same cutting width. The inserts and backers of a given width can be used in either a router bit or cutter body.

Get a Grip Nupro

Products has introduced the Gripper V-150, which is designed to lift, pull and move doors and windows safely. Although back injuries account for no work-related deaths, they do account for a significant amount of human suffering, loss of productivity and economic burden on compensation systems, according to the company. Back disorders are one of the leading causes of disability for people in their working years and afflict more than 600,000 employees each year with a cost of about $50 billion annually according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The frequency and economic impact of back injuries and disorders on the workforce are expected to increase over the next several decades as the average age of the workforce increases and medical costs go up, according to Nupro.


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