Volume 14, Issue 3 - April 2013


Ultimate Guide to Buying Products
In addition to learning who sells what, the DWM’s Buyer’s Guide gives you a peak at some of the specific products sold by suppliers. So from components and tools to finished doors and windows, get a glimpse into some products on the market.

Run, Forrest, Run
Smith Case Inc., designer and manufacturer of custom door and window component sales kits and carry cases, says it has reached a 50-percent reduction in lead-time for its customers and achieved the first level of progress toward launching its new “Ready to Run” program. The goal of the program is to reduce lead times for customers by 70 percent.

Don’t Just Tell, Show
Show the benefits of your energy-efficient window in an exciting and memorable way, says representatives of EDTM Inc. The company’s simple-to-use Window Energy Profiler helps companies educate customers about the value of a window’s energy efficiency. “Give a boost to your credibility as you test the performance of your customers’ current windows and give them a ‘before and after’ comparison to the energy savings your windows will provide them. The WP4500 displays four energy performance measurements including an SHGC value,” according to the company.

Looking for a Fast Cure

Curbell Plastics, headquartered in Orchard Park, N.Y., has developed a fast curing, rubber toughened methacrylate adhesive for assembling hollow metal doors that it says has resulted in improved door quality, simplified assembly processes and a reduction in door manufacturing costs. The company says that unlike spot welding, this new adhesive can be used in a wide variety of joint geometries including blind joints and that it provides excellent adhesion to steel, plastic and fiberglass components. Because there are no weld dimples, the polyester putty filling operation can be eliminated, a move that Curbell business development manager for adhesives and prototyping materials Rick Delaney says improves door quality, speeds up the assembly process and reduces cost.

Join the Revolution
Deceuninck’s Revolution Tilt-and-Turn Windows feature a seven-chamber thermal structure, and multifunctional operability that have the capability of achieving an R-value of 7+ and a commercial rating of C-100, according to the company. Revolution has minimal frame and sash sightlines and features maximum daylight area to take full advantage of today’s high-performance glass technologies. It also has an integral screen system, structurally bonded glazing technology, and is certified through the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

More, More, More
Quanex Building Products Corp. offered its Quanex Optimizer version 3.0, to help window manufacturers analyze their existing door and window systems and test new, more energy-efficient systems. The company says this aspect will be especially important as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalizes Energy Star® Version 6.0 requirements. According to the company, the Quanex Optimizer provides an instant U-factor estimate of various door and window simulations, combining framing materials with all common North American IG spacers, as well as glass packages, low-E coatings and gas fills. Quanex Optimizer Version 3.0 added more than 580,000 new frame, spacer, glass and glazing combinations, including exterior surface low-E coatings and gas blends, as well as reversed surface coatings for Southern climate applications. The newest version of the program can be loaded with existing window data to allow users to estimate U-factor results with thousands of glass and glazing combinations all without investing in outside modeling. User data is stored on Quanex’s database and can be seen only by the personnel at the user’s company and Quanex representatives.

Oh My Starphire®
New from PPG is Solarban® 72 Starphire®, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance (VLT) along with what the company calls exceptional clarity and superior solar control performance. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 72 Starphire glass has the VLT approximately the same as Solarban 60 on Starphire glass but offers 25 percent better solar control, according to the company. The company further states that Solarban 72 Starphire has the solar control characteristics similar to Solarban 70XL glass but transmits 11 percent more visible light. Solarban 72 Starphire insulating glass units feature one light with advanced triple-silver coating that is engineered for use on a Starphire glass substrate and one lite of uncoated Starphire glass.

A New Kind of Hinge
All Metal Stamping has developed an engineered composite hinge that is designed to reduce sash sag and meet stainless steel corrosion resistance. The hinge is available in both 10- and 14-inch configurations and features molded composite hinge arms that provide for tight joints, according to the company. In addition, officials say the new hinges provide for a well-supported sash that will maintain lock alignment and keep the sash in contact with weatherstripping all around the window. The company has also added 164 colors and special powder paints to add color and texture contrast to ordinary looking doors. The products are available in seven working days with as little as a 10-pound minimum purchase.

Southwall Hits R20
Southwall Technologies Inc. recently launched the Heat Mirror “Quad-Cavity” R20 insulating glass unit (IGU). Company officials say this achieves a 0.05 center of glass U-factor (R20 insulating value) at the same weight as standard dual-pane IGU. The Quad-Cavity R20 product suspends three lightweight Heat Mirror films within the IGU, creating four independent and super-insulating airspaces. The IGU is configured in an 1-3/4-inch overall thickness with krypton gas filling and low-E coatings on the second and tenth glass surfaces.

Chelsea Lately
Chelsea Building Products in Oakmont, Pa., has introduced a line of cellular PVC mouldings. With consistent cell structure and density, the product cuts and installs easily using traditional tools and techniques and the mouldings have excellent profile detail and definition, according to the company. The specially developed frosted finish is said to be weather-resistant and look just like pre-finished wood.

Verify IG Gas Content Instantly
The ThermalCheck system from Integrated Automation Systems is designed to measure the gas content in insulating glass (IG) air spaces. To use the system, an operator inserts the testing wand into the airspace and presses the test button. ThermalCheck displays the percent of argon or krypton gas in the airspace and prints a label with reading. If the gas content fails below the specified setting, the system displays an alert.

Scapa Expands
Scapa has expanded its range of acrylic foam tapes (AFTs) to meet needs of the door and window manufacturing market. According to the company, it offers a wide range of high-performance bonding products, designed to replace mechanical fasteners, spot welds and liquid adhesives in permanent applications where a high strength bond is required. The AFTs can be utilized on a variety of materials, including glass, metal, plastics, wood, composite materials and painted surfaces.

Look at Them Grilles
Ohio-based Creative Millwork provides up to 10 standard grill colors—and an unlimited number of custom colors—on a variety of substrates, including pine, extruded cellular PVC, extruded aluminum and CNC-profiled aluminum. It now offers them with a solar reflective coating variation by Sherwin-Williams—Polane SR. According to company product information, Creative Millwork tested Polane SR and found it to work extremely well on PVC, significantly reducing any design concerns of solar heat gain and any corresponding thermal expansion.
While it says darker colors are usually special order items, the company settled on Polane SR as its standard finish and says doing so reduced inventory costs on the finishing materials it must carry for more than 400 colors. Creative Millwork president Mark Estock estimates that color matching for new products can be accomplished in three to four days, and, in an emergency, within a day.
The company estimates that its current color palate includes more than 400 colors and company literature indicates that its finishing line, which includes two paint booths and gravity-fed paint guns, coats the grille muntin bars to match the color and gloss levels of their customers’ exterior window sashes and frames within 1.0 Delta-E, the smallest color difference that can be seen by the human eye. According to Creative Millwork’s press information, its finishing work meets AAMA exterior grade performance standards.

Spray the Glass
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed Spray-It, an eco-friendly, thermal spray coating for use on glass and building materials to lower energy costs. Spray-It can be applied easily to windows or tile surfaces on existing or new buildings via an inexpensive high-pressure spray mechanism. Spray-It is made from a lithium-fluorine co-doped tin oxide coating material called Lifto that is suitable for spraying directly onto glass or tile surfaces to form an insulation layer. The Lifto coating can be applied easily either indoors or in open-air conditions.

Give ‘Em Your B.E.S.T
Forimpex Inc., a Canadian enterprise, has launched their new concept of pressure-equalized rainscreened door sill, the B.E.S.T Contact, a patent-pending product that it says “grants door manufacturers the possibility to meet the newest performance standards NAFS-08 and Canadian Supplement CSAA440S1-09. The name B.E.S.T. (which stands for Beat Efficiency Standard Test) Contact is based on the technological approach Forimpex took to design the line, which it says provides industries with a new economical component solution while slightly modifying the assembly line. The product is offered for a range of simple or dual doors, fixed or mobile panels and inswing or outswing doors.

Bend It Like Vinyl
By joining forces, J&S Machine and 3C Clomea have equipment that is now compatible with all 3C Clomea vinyl bending machine models and now allows those machines to also bend aluminum and steel. According to the companies, the equipment is installed easily and composed of heating elements, an electrical panel and control console that allows users to manage the air emission of the heaters and keep a consistent temperature during the bending process.

Euro Vision
Ventana USA® has rolled out its EuroView 70DS line of products that includes swing doors, fold and slide doors, lift and slide doors and tilt/turn windows. EuroView 70DS is a commercial grade system with slightly rounded edges and thermal insulation values with warm edge up to U-Value 0.176 and with an aluminum edge up to U-value .194. Gaskets are standard in grey or black and comprise a system of dual compression seals designed to keep cold, draft and moisture outside, according to the company. Following the NFRC guidelines for thermal insulation, most EuroView 70DS products are Energy Star® qualified (depending on glazing) and meet sound transmission controls according to AAMA 1801-97 (also depending on the glazing).

Stretch It Out
The K-29 series of vertical stretch wrappers from Wakefield Equipment offer quality at an affordable price, says the company. The K-29 is not just another redesigned or converted pallet wrapper, it is built exclusively to wrap windows and its flexibility allows for wrapping a large variety of sizes. Customized fixtures to accommodate features unique to your doors or windows is not a problem, says the company, and oftentimes can be done at no additional charge. For a video demonstration, go to the Video Gallery on the company’s website.

Be One of the Elite
South Plainfield, N.J.-based Vision Hardware has announced the development of the company’s Vision Elite Series, an exclusive line of designer patio door handle sets that the company says complement high end sliding patio doors.
Models PD1700, PD1600, and PD3000 are available in a variety of configurations, while the Vision Hardware Elite Series handles are available in single and multi-point designs with anti-slam feature availability. Rounding out the elite offering is the PM 540, a patented self-adjusting mortise lock that the company says installs quickly and easily into any sliding patio door configuration.
Other features of the Elite series include both classic and contemporary styles, painted and plated finishes as well as die-cast zinc and aluminum.

Get Smart
Endura Products, a door system component manufacturer in Greensboro N.C., has announced the introduction of its Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill (ZAC). Comprised of a patent-pending, spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom, the ZAC is a self-adjusting sill system which the company says overcomes “real world” conditions.
Because a consistent margin and contact between the sill cap and the door bottom is critical to creating a sealing effect which limits air and water infiltration of the door unit, the self-adjusting, articulating (+/- 1/8-inch under any conditions) ZAC negates the need for the builder and/or homeowner to monitor and then fine-tune adjust the seal between the sill and the door, the company says.
Additionally, ZAC cap and door bottom can be retrofitted to any installed Z Series Sill to address problem installations in the field.

Time to Evolve
Zeeland, Mich.’s ODL Inc., has rolled out its Evolve line of frames, which it says is engineered to correct problematic scallop and corner flares and creates a smooth, even appearance against door skin. The use of foam tape to eliminate squeeze out and oozing seals as well as “new and improved auto-aligning screw hole plugs,” the company offers insulating glass blinds, clear and low-E, single-lite grills between glass and decorative glass as part of the line. The line is available in 22- 36, 7- by 64, 20- by 64 and 22-by 64 inches.

An Integral Part
Soniplastics from Boucherville, Quebec, has introduced the first model in a product line slated for diversification: The Integral doorframe system, which now comes in what the company calls “a ready-to-assemble format and comprises all the components needed to produce a standard-size doorframe.”
According to the company, by packaging and delivering the system as a complete kit, manufacturers can reduce assembly time.
Configured for all door sizes, the system was designed to fit with the Omni window system line, which the company says will contribute to an enhanced aesthetic.

Making It Click
RocSolid has launched a full line of prefinished, prehanging components that it says combines “the durability and strength of a corner keyed window outside” with the “rigidity and ease of construction of wood on the inside.”
This combination, the company says, lowers the cost of material, assembly and inventory, is easy to assemble, paints easily and also easily adapts to standard manufacturing. Optional steel frame reinforcement is available.

Boulevard of Decorating Dreams
Skyreach L&S Extrusions Corp. out of Vaughan, Ont., has announced the launch of its Boulevard Series French Style Perfect patio door system. The wide sash door combines what the company says is “fine engineering with beauty and simplicity, making it perfect for new home construction and renovation projects alike.” The Boulevard is available in widths of 5-, 6- and 8-feet, a height of 6-feet 8-inches, and a variety of multi-panel system combinations, custom sizes and custom finishes. This product is currently available from Skyreach.

Movin’ on uPVC
Rehau provides a program of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) door designs to meet wide-ranging project and performance requirements, with a variety of styles, colors and configurations, courtesy of the company’s proprietary (uPVC) formulation and extrusion process.
The complete line of door designs includes the System 2200 sliding patio door, System 2500 lift-slide door and System 4500 tilt-slide, bi-fold and hinged doors.
Rehau’s new System 2200 high-performance sliding patio door is available as a knock-down kit in standard U.S. and Canadian sizes. Designed to provide commercial-grade durability, it features a saddle rail sash and end adjustable, stainless steel precision bearing rollers. The interlocking sashes and pocket design of the door enhance structural durability and, along with a multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism, provide resistance to water and air infiltration.
With features including glazing capacity up to 1 3/8-in. (35 mm) and 0.17 U-factor thermal performance with typical argon fill, the System 2200 has been tested to achieve a rating of R-PG55, according to the company.

Slide to the Right
Eclipse Architectural, a division of Vancouver, Can., based DS Group, offers exterior folding door selections in aluminum, PVC and wood, as well as bottom rolling folding door hardware, along with its insect screens and UV protection sun filter fabric.
The company’s C3 aluminum folding door system is available in four standard finishes (clear, bronze or black anodized and white powder coat), comes with stainless steel hardware and a thermally-broken model is available as well.
Its PVC E32200 and 2300 folding door systems are available in a standard white or can be painted on of six standard finish colors. It has standard 1-inch low-E, insulating glass and a thermally-broken system frame that has been tested for code requirements. The 2200 series has narrow stiles, measuring 2½-inches.

Brand New Label Maker
The Camcode Division of Horizons Inc. has developed a new solution for door and window manufacturers to track items through production-line applications that include one-time painting and temperature curing. Previously, barcode labels had to withstand the chemicals and high temperatures that the windows came in contact with during this coating process. Camcode’s product information indicates its polyester paint mask barcode label was created specifically to allow the manufacturer to track windows moving in and out of its secondary operations, including a powder/liquid paint application and high temperature cure up to 375 degrees F.
Constructed of a polyester face stock, the label features a paint mask film designed to remove cleanly after painting, leaving the label ready to be scanned. According to the company, the film also allows the label to stand up to high temperatures, mild acids, general purpose cleaners, oil and water.

Go Automatic
The Rockwell Bolt automatic sash lock is designed to operate similarly to a standard sash lock but with extra features and benefits. According to the company, the Bolt sash lock has a built-in indicator that shows whether it is locked or unlocked, along with a self-locating keeper and an automatic locking function. It also features built-in compression along with an interlocking bolt, keeper and lock housing. The lock is available in surface, semi-flush and flush variants for multiple mounting applications.

Getting a Handle On It
Caldwell Custom Components in Rochester, N.Y., has introduced a line of extended length handles that the company says “increase[s] the user’s locking leverage, providing a solution that requires less force to lock.” Both the Linear and Euro style handles are for use with Commercial Grade MPL Systems: structurally glazed, Euro-groove and standard mount. The extended length handles are available in satin nickel, satin chrome, white powder coat and black powder coat with solutions for mounting through material less than 0.125-inch thick.

Make it Snappy
Royal Building Products has available its Snap-In Cellular Trim System for interior extension jambs and casings. The snap-together offering is described as an easy-to-install and low-maintenance alternative to wood trim. The system is available through Royal platinum fabricators or their dealers. Buyers can choose from white matched to the vinyl window, or a range of Royal Bond Spectra-Coat paint colors. Trim comes in 16-foot lengths, with a choice of 1 5/8-inch, 3 5/8-inch or 4 5/8-inch by 3/4-inch jamb extensions and 2 3/4-inch and 3 1/4-inch casings.

LaCantina Offers ADA Compliant Folding Door Threshold
LaCantina Doors offers what it says is the first folding door ADA compliant ramp sill. “After working with architects and designers who were frustrated with being unable to utilize folding doors in commercial spaces, LaCantina Doors identified a need for a true ADA compliant threshold” said Lee Maughan, general manager. The company says its stylish ADA ramp is the first to comply with the American with Disability Acts (ADA) Code #1124B that requires gaps in walking surfaces to be no greater than ½ inches.

Security Screening
Tru-Frame®’s Viewguard™ security screen door is made from black painted marine grade stainless steel mesh for corrosion resistance in salt-air environments. The mesh is integrated into heavy-duty aluminum door frames via a PVC clamp that the company says prevents galvanic deterioration. Available in standard colors of bronze anodized or white thermal setting polyester, the doors can be custom colored as well and also come in a French door kit for double doors. yyä www.truframe.com

RiteScreen Makes it Custom
RiteScreen says it offers its customers uniquely designed window screen programs. The Screens Separate and Screens Installed programs are customized screen solutions, which allow door and window manufacturers to reduce inventory and increase production of their core products, according to the company. The company adds that the programs offer an efficient way to manage their screens through these uniquely designed programs.
The programs begin when a customer places an order with RiteScreen through a secure EDI system, secure FTP site, or via e-mail. The order is processed the same day and the screens are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. The Screens Installed program is for manufacturers who install the screens in the windows during production.
The Screens Separate program, commonly referred to as ‘house packs,’ is ideal for manufacturers who ship the screens separate from the window units, according to the company. Rite Screen offers various packaging options including stretch wrap, bags and cardboard. The screens are transformed into pre-packaged orders, packed by either job lots or truck routes, and arrive labeled, bar-coded, and ready to be loaded onto the customers’ trailers for delivery to their customers.

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