Volume 14, Issue 1 - January/February 2013


International Builders’ Show
Companies to Showcase Their Latest Products

You can pretty much guarantee that if you walk the halls of the International Builders’ Show (IBS), you will hear at least one person comment on how small the event is compared to recent years. Yes the square footage has shrunk, and there are fewer exhibitors showing their wares than in years past, yet it is still the place for builders, as well as members of the door and window market, to gather in search of the latest products. Following is a look at those companies who will be featuring new products or celebrating milestones when the event is held January 22-24 in Las Vegas.

Booth #C2138
Getting Decorative

ODL Inc. is featuring two new decorative doorglass designs: Inglenook and Grace.

“ODL has expanded its lines of decorative doorglass to offer builders and homeowners even more ways to enhance a home’s curb appeal,” says Roger Finch, distributor channel marketing manager, ODL USA.

Inglenook is an addition to the Craftsman line of decorative doorglass, and features patina caming. The geometric design features clear soft wave and micro-iced granite glass with clear bevels and ruby red floral accents.

Grace is offered in the Classic style of doorglass, and features a combination of granite, micro-granite, micro-cubed and clear bevels. The flowing center pattern includes soft, delicate edges that highlight the structure of the glass panel, according to the company.

Booth #N2957
The Bi-Fold Family

Panda Windows and Doors, based in Las Vegas, will feature its bi-fold door systems which the company describes as a custom crafted option of door systems made of multiple panels, up to 10 in one direction, and used along a simple track system. Panda adds that this provides an alternative to sliding door systems, and is used widely for large openings.

The company’s bi-fold door family offers the best thermal value as the thermal break technology used reduces thermal conductivity. This is achieved through use of a polyamide iso-bar, with glass fibers integrated to provide maximum strength, and 500 times less thermal conductivity than aluminum. The use of high performance glass also makes it a great choice for any project—even where severe weather is a concern, according to the company.

Many specialty options and configurations are available.

Booth #C7138
Discover New Designs

The importance of window profile wrapping laminates is increasing, according to the German-based company, Hornschuch. With that in mind, the company says it will present a wide range of innovations in this market at IBS. In North America, Hornschuch is represented by O’Sullivan Films Inc., member of the Hornschuch Group.

The company will present a broad array of products under its brand skai®. While many in the industry may associate profile wrapping with windows, the laminates are also increasingly gaining ground on patio doors and façades, according to the company.

The trend towards more color on windows continues to increase, both for wood designs as well as solid colors. The current colors can be combined harmoniously with various façade colors, according to the company.

Hornschuch will also showcase its Metbrush profile films which are being expanded by two color tones. The new colors, chocolate and mocha, offer the commercial and architectural window market additional possibilities, the company says.

All of its products are equipped with the company’s cool colors technology which provides a clear reduction in the heating of the profiles in intense sunlight. The cool colors effect is the greatest with dark coated window profiles. Special pigments reflect up to 80 percent of infrared solar radiation, thus, they reduce heating of the profile surfaces by 20 percent and more.

Booth #N1269
A New Kind of Stain

Stop at the Aquasurtech OEM booth and you will be able to view company representatives spraying fiberglass door skins with NuStain , in conjunction with the use of its new grain-enhancing “grain filler.” NuStain is ideal for fiberglass doors and composites, according to the company. The forces of nature impose special demands on coating systems intended for door and window applications, according to the company. Aquasurtech meets these challenges through a series of AAMA tested, environmentally friendly, waterborne coatings which incorporate hardness along with flexibility, heat reflectance, and excellent color/gloss retention.

In addition, AquaSurTech will provide your company with all the necessary assistance in equipment selection, start-up and training to ensure a cost effective, high quality color offering for PVC, aluminum and fiberglass applications.

Booth #C7634
Doorframer Protects Your Door

Door manufacturers continue to explore better, faster, more cost-effective ways to secure their doors and protect them during transit and display. Doorframer says it has the answer and will display its solutions at IBS.

This includes the latest addition to its product line of door protection and packaging products—The Door Fast 2 (DF2) Piece Closure. Features include a ratcheting stay-tight system, quick snap separation that keeps both parts together until applied and a single-cavity molding for better cost savings.

The product also fits every door from 23/8- to 2¾-inch backsets, split and flat jamb styles and jamb thicknesses up to 1 inch. Installation is also simple and no tools are required on the line or for removal at the time of door installation, according to the company.


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