Volume 14, Issue 1 - October 2013

Industry Indices

McGraw Hill Construction (MHC) found in a recent study that sustainability is becoming “business as usual” with more firms increasing environmental investments. In fact, 43 percent of firms dedicate funds to green efforts.

Across the board, all sustainability activities are increasing. For example, recycling is now standard practice, and renewables are increasing, despite the economy, according to the report.

Some of these increases are undoubtedly due to consumer demand: 81 percent of respondents report that the public is expecting environmental awareness from corporate America—up from 66 percent in 2009.

Lumber Demand Increases While Prices Rise
The improved U.S. housing market of the past four months has resulted in both higher lumber production in the U.S. and an increased importation of lumber, according to a report from Wood Resource Quarterly. As a result, lumber prices have gone up by more than 30 percent from their levels at this time last year.


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