Volume 14, Issue 1 - January/February 2013


Top Door Manufacturers
A Look at North America’s Top Door Companies

Following a bumpy ride (make that a roller coaster) that has lasted over the course of several years, forecasters predict that the housing market is finally on an upward trend. This has companies reporting cautious optimism in 2013. However, no one is popping the champagne cork just yet.

This month, DWM publishes its first-ever list of Top Door Manufacturers. The ranking is primarily based on annual sales. If a company did not report this information, DWM provided an estimate based on published information and conversations with industry experts. While the majority of companies on our list did release their annual sales to us, or at least a range of where they would fall, a few were so reserved they wouldn’t divulge any sales figures or even tell us their number of employees.

The list is reserved for those companies whose primary business (60 percent or more) is door manufacturing for the residential market. Our list has it all: wood, folding, fiberglass and more.

Just because a company is among the top in the nation, however, doesn’t mean it has it easy. For example, Masonite, at the top of our list, announced recently that it lost a good chunk of its business from Lowe’s—its second largest customer. The big-box retailer said it will reduce its interior door business with Masonite to the tune of $70 million annually. It was that news that prompted the door manufacturer to announce recently that it would close its Kirkwood, N.Y., plant, resulting in the loss of approximately 70 jobs.

Then there is Taylor Building Products, large enough perhaps to appear here, but at press time, the company’s assets were sold to Wausau Supply, proving that some companies are still struggling.

Tampa, Fla.
Masonite® says it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of interior, exterior and patio doors for residential and commercial applications. For more than 80 years, Masonite has been committed to building enduring products and simplified solutions through innovation.

Masonite embraces the innovative spirit by constantly seeking new processes, technologies and materials with an eye on producing residential and commercial doors that are stylish, functional and durable, all while increasing efficiency with the implementation of Lean Sigma. Through the use of this comprehensive system, every aspect of the company is synchronized and seamless. Lean Sigma processes allow Masonite to operate at extremely efficient levels, with a focus on innovation, quality, consistency and performance.

Annual sales: $1 billion to $2 billion range
Leadership: Frederick J. Lynch, president and CEO
Door lines: Interior doors, entry doors, exterior doors, glass doors, commercial and architectural doors
Product mix: 75 percent residential and 25 percent commercial
Number of employees: 7,000
Years in business: 80

Woodgrain Doors
Nampa, Idaho
Wood-grain Doors says it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of wood stile and rail doors, and offer a unique combination of beauty and durability. Made in an array of attractive designs, and offered in ten wood species, MDF, and factory primed, Woodgrain offers a wide range of doors to complement any interior.

Woodgrain has manufactured millwork and building products for the residential and commercial construction markets since it was founded in 1954. As a family-owned and-managed business, Woodgrain is one of the largest manufacturers of interior pine doors and prefinished mouldings in the United States.

Woodgrain Doors is committed to innovation through continuous improvements in manufacturing, investment in design, best quality craftsmanship and the use of the highest quality raw materials to build doors that are as durable as they are beautiful.
Annual sales: The company says it falls in the $400-$700 million range.
Leadership: Kelly Dame, CEO
Door lines: Interior and exterior wood stile and rail doors in the following species: Radiata Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Knotty Pine, Oak, Knotty Alder, Poplar, Fir, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Primed and Primed MDF
Product mix: 95 percent residential, 5 percent commercial
Number of employees: 270
Number of locations: 2
Years in business: 27

Therma-Tru Corp.
Maumee, Ohio
Therma-Tru says it is the nation’s leading manufacturer of entryway doors. Within the building products industry, Therma-Tru takes pride in its reputation as the company that offers the entire entryway system, not just different parts and pieces. The company offers slabs, glass and components that are designed and tested to work together.

Therma-Tru engineers its doors to work together for ease of installation, unified aesthetic appeal and long-term durability. The company has remained competitive throughout its five decades of history because of the quality of its products, competitive price points, leadership in innovation and by providing one-stop-shop aspects for trend designs in entryway systems.
Annual sales: Estimates place Therma-Tru’s parent company, Fortune Brands’, annual sales at $3 billion. Estimates place Therma-Tru at $181.5 million.
Leadership: Mark Savan, president
Door lines: Fiberglass and steel entrance doors, fire-rated doors, hinged patio doors and sliding patio doors
Number of employees: Estimated at 2,000 employees
Number of locations: 2
Years in business: 50

Steves & Sons
San Antonio, Texas
Steves & Sons was established in 1866 and is currently managed by its fifth and sixth generations of family management. Over the last five years, Steves & Sons has undergone a transformation from a prominent interior door manufacturer to a national producer of a full line of products including commodity composite and steel doors as well as premium wood entry systems. Beyond the aforementioned additions, Steves is in the final stages of development on 90-minute steel edge, in-house steel processing and prefinished premium and fiberglass product lines. Every member of the Steves & Sons team embodies the “We Can Do That” attitude, which is evident through their price, quality and service in both the retail and jobber trades.
Annual sales: $120 million (residential)
Leadership: Sam Bell Steves II, president; Edward Galt Steves, CEO
Door lines: Interior flush, interior molded, stile and rail, MDF, steel, fiberglass, premium wood entry systems, pocket doorframes, custom machining and pre-hanging.
Product mix: 90 percent residential, 10 percent commercial.
Number of employees: More than 800 Number of locations: 6 Years in business: 146

Sugarcreek, Ohio
ProVia says it is a leading manufacturer of professional-class entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, windows, siding and manufactured stone. The professional-class designation reflects the company’s high level of quality, service and customization. ProVia has been an Energy Star® Partner since 2002, and has won the prestigious Energy Star Partner of the Year award for Door Manufacturing three times, and the Energy Star Sustained Excellence award three times. The company continues to experience robust sales growth, demonstrating the demand for professional-class and energy-efficient products.
Annual sales: The company says its sales fall in the $100-125 million range (67 percent of that is comprised of door products.)
Leadership: Bill Mullet, CEO; and Brian Miller, president Door lines: Exterior only: steel and fiberglass entry doors; steel and fiberglass swinging patio doors, vinyl sliding patio doors; and aluminum storm doors. The company also produces vinyl windows, wood plus vinyl windows, aluminum storm windows, insulated siding, vinyl siding and manufactured stone.
Product mix: 98 percent residential, 2 percent commercial.
Number of employees: Approx-imately 500
Number of locations: 5
Years in business: 35

Los Angeles, Calif.
Annual sales:
$100 million
Leadership: Shirley Wang, CEO; and Franco An, president
Door lines: Exterior fiberglass doors, composite door jambs, doorlites and steel doors
Product mix: 85 percent, residential and 15 percent commercial
Number of employees: 100 Number of locations: 4
Years in business: 18

(now owned by JELD-WEN)

According to the CMI website, the company’s heritage in the building products industry dates back to 1968. CMI manufactures and markets three diverse (yet complementary) product lines for the residential, commercial and industrial markets: CraftMaster Interior Doors; MiraTEC Treated Exterior Composite Trim; and Extira Treated Exterior Panels. The company’s manufacturing network includes a facility in Towanda, Pa., which produces door designs, trim and panels, as well as door manufacturing facilities in Christiansburg, Va., Ozark, Ala., Garland, Texas, and Plainfield, Ill. In 2012 the company was purchased by JELD-WEN.
Annual sales: Estimated at $67 million, though that includes its moulding and panel lines.
Door lines: Interior doors include flush, molded and stile and rail door designs.
Number of employees: Estimated at 900.

Simpson Door Company
McCleary, Wash.
With a century of experience, product innovation and industry-leading design, Simpson Door Company says its comprehensive line of interior and exterior stile and rail doors includes hundreds of standard options from panel to French to decorative entry doors with matching side lites and transoms. Simpson also offers a number of visualization tools so customers can see the doors they are getting before they arrive at the jobsite.
Annual sales: The company says it falls in the $50-75 million range.
Leadership: Stacie Conkle, vice president and general manager
Door lines: Stile and rail exterior and interior doors, custom doors
Product mix: 95 percent residential, 5 percent commercial
Number of employees: 175
Number of locations: 1 Years in business: 100

TruStile Doors
Denver, Colo.
TruStile Doors says it is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of premium stile and rail MDF and wood doors for residential and commercial applications. As a made-to-order door manufacturer, TruStile offers more than 400 standard door styles with 66 profile options and can custom-build virtually any door design. Using its proprietary TruCad Door Design Tool, the company says its full line of paint-grade and stain grade doors can be individually tailored to reflect personal design styles. TruStile adds that it provides the shortest lead times in the industry with a limited lifetime product warranty.
Annual sales: Estimated at $23 million.
Leadership: Scott Schmid, president/CEO
Door lines: Interior premium solid MDF and wood doors
Product mix: 75 percent residential, 25 percent commercial
Number of employees: Estimated at 200
Years in business: 17

Glasscraft Doors
Houston, Texas
In 1977 the GlassCraft Door Company started a small retail store in Houston with the guiding principles of quality and value, according to the company’s website. Building from these core values GlassCraft Door Company says it has grown into the number-one hardwood entry door company in America. The company has a 180,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Houston.

“Our dedication to excellence is built into each product and continues with industry leading customer service and product warranties,” says the website.
Annual sales: Estimated annual sales of $17 million.
Door lines: According to the company’s website, Glasscraft produces premium fiberglass doors and wood doors, as well as a Buffalo forge wrought iron entry door.
Number of employees: Estimated at 128

Tru Tech Doors
Vaughan, Ontario
Tru Tech Door Systems is a Canadian privately owned company specializing in the manufacturing of residential entry door systems. Since its inception in 1998, the company’s growth has come from the philosophy that door manufacturing has to be vertically integrated. Tru Tech says that as a company it has always been forward-thinking and a leader in its approach to residential door systems, focused on quality and design, creating innovative product lines and styles. The company says it is positioned to expand its manufacturing potential to double in volume.
Annual sales: $15-20 million (residential)
Leadership: John Careri, president Door lines: Exterior, steel and fiberglass residential entry doors. (The company also produces door lites, which comprises 10 percent of its business, and steel-edge doors, which comprises 30 percent of its business).
Product mix: 80 percent residential, 20 percent commercial
Number of employees: 150
Number of locations: 2
Years in business: 14

*Description provided by company

Good Vibrations:
What Has Door Manufacturers Optimistic
As DWM compiled this year’s list of the nation’s top door companies, we also asked them to provide some insight into what they’re optimistic about for the year ahead. Read on for a sampling of the answers from representatives of those on our list.

Plastpro: The increase in single-family and multi-family construction will continue in 2013.

ProVia: We believe we will continue to see modest strengthening of the remodeling market in 2013.

Therma-Tru: Increased awareness of the energy-efficiency of doors and windows is the greatest legacy of the Energy Tax Credit. Energy Star has excellent consumer awareness and can be a driving force for our industry in 2013 and beyond. While increasing energy standards are a good means for pushing product design forward, we need to be careful that Energy Star products remain a compelling consumer investment. The increased energy efficiency needs to be worth the incremental cost of the product.

Masonite: We are anticipating the return of growth in the construction industry in 2013, and we expect new construction to be the premier growth driver in 2013 with a growth rate in the high teens year over year.

Steves & Sons: Improved business climate.

Tru Tech Doors: The U.S. economy seems to be edging up.

Woodgrain: Housing starts being up and the recovery of the housing industry and economy.

The Down Side:
Door Manufacturers Share Their Worries

Despite a good bit of optimism as we look toward a recovering residential market, door industry executives admit they still have some concerns for the months ahead. Read on to find out their top areas of worry.

Masonite: While the construction market is expected to grow, certain factors will continue to present obstacles that may slow recovery. Uncertain economic conditions and mortgage availability, changes to lending regulations, foreclosures, inflationary pressures, and labor shortages provide challenges to the market.

Plastpro: The continuation of stringent mortgage approval requirements could limit the single-family home starts.

ProVia: Although we’re not “worried” about it, we will keep our eyes open for any events that could create another recession or downturn in the remodeling market.

Steves & Sons: Indecisive and irrational government legislation.

Tru Tech Doors: Flat Ontario economy.

Woodgrain: Inflationary pressure and the job outlook for the housing and remodeling industry. The lack of skilled workforce is a concern as well.


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