Volume 14, Issue 2 - March 2013

Moulding & Millwork

Information, and how we gather it to arm ourselves with the knowledge necessary to make informed business decisions, is key in today’s economy. The members of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (MMPA) have always been willing to sit down with each other to share information regarding manufacturing processes, plant operations and market exploration. Recently, the MMPA decided it was not enough to collaborate with the competition. Having acknowledged there is a need to expand the base from which moulding and millwork operations may draw the pertinent information they require, the secondary manufacturers have opted to pull up additional chairs to the information table.

A New Model
The popular MMPA plant tours move from region to region in North America. This year, the plant tours will be held in Sacramento, Calif. Past plant tour programs were dedicated to MMPA members only, and viewed as a benefit of membership. The plant tour program consisted of tours during the day topped off by a networking event in the early evening. This format has been abandoned for 2013 to embrace an open information sharing forum.

Going forward, the MMPA membership desires to engage sawmills, MDF panel producers, PVC/polyurethane/polystyrene suppliers, wholesalers, moulding and millwork manufacturers, secondary manufacturing suppliers, distributors, pre-hangers, pro dealers, retailers and home builders for the singular purpose of gaining industry knowledge. Companies connected to the moulding and millwork realm on any level are being invited to Sacramento to participate. The industrywide event will afford all attendees access to information from along the moulding and millwork supply channel through to the end user.

Start Planning
The MMPA has turned to two of its Sacramento area members to bring this event to fruition. Co-chairs John Morrison of Sunset Moulding Company and Tom Williams, Jr. of Yuba River Moulding & Millwork are overseeing a strong committee consisting of manufacturers, secondary manufacturing suppliers, and distributors. The blended make-up of this committee will ensure all attendees will receive a return on their investment for their registration.

“An individual will gain greater knowledge of our industry from a eyes-on, hands-on point of view,” says Williams. “Starting with the Sawmill, through the remanufacturing and distribution system and finally at final stage of implementation into the home. All tour participants will gain valuable industry knowledge that would be very difficult to obtain otherwise then through an event such as this.”

The MMPA Industrywide Moulding and Millwork Event will take place over the course of two-and-a-half days at Le Rivage Hotel situated along the banks of the Sacramento River near downtown Sacramento. The program will feature three nights of industry speaker panels focused on the housing market, moulding and millwork markets, raw material supply and distribution. Plant tours will be offered during the day to include: Pacific MDF Products; Setzer Forest Products; Sunset Moulding Company; and Yuba River Moulding & Millwork. Additional tour stops will include new home construction, two distribution outfits, a pre-hanger and possible sawmill operation.

Product promotion networking tabletops will be offered on two evenings, occurring just before the speaker panels, and will be segmented. The first tabletop night will envelope raw material supply, wholesalers and secondary manufacturing suppliers. The second tabletop night will feature moulding and millwork manufacturers.

The dates of the event are September 9-11, 2013. Attendees will arrive on Monday, with the event kicking off that evening with a welcome reception and the first speaking panel. On Tuesday morning, the attendees will load into buses for the first full day of plant tours. Late afternoon on Tuesday will consist of networking tabletops followed by the second speaker panel. This format will be repeated on Wednesday. Evenings will be open for attendees to fill as they wish.

Those companies interested in securing a networking tabletop or sponsorship package for this event should contact Melissa Leal at Melissa@wmmpa.com for further information.

Kellie Schroeder is executive director of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association.


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