Volume 14, Issue 4 - May 2013


The Ultimate Guide to New Products

When we say this is the “Ultimate” Guide to New Products and Services we really mean it. With numerous submissions we couldn’t fit them all in the print issue. So be sure to go to dwmmag.com/digital and click on the May issue. Our “Only Online” section features dozens more products not found here. So whatever you are looking to buy, look here and online to find the latest product offerings.

A Royal Tilt

Royal Building Products has launched its new Royal La Marquise tilt-and-turn product line, which includes the tilt-and-slide patio door, developed for the North American market yet designed with what the company calls “a touch of European style.”
The window product line also offers optimized thermal chambers of the profiles, a selection of different depth of frames suited for several construction details and the ability to use IG configurations up to 42 mm, according to the company. The Royal Tilt-and-Turn product line exceeds the standards of the industry and achieves thermal values of R-7 and ER-46 using low-E/argon standard glass package.

Security in Aspen
HMI Doors, a manufacturer of steel and fiberglass entry, aluminum storm, and security storm doors, has introduced its Aspen Collection fiberglass doors.

Available in six stain colors or wood grain finishes of mahogany or cherry, the Aspen Collection also comes with a full length 4-inch lock side stile that is made of finger jointed pine with a solid oak edge. The seven-gauge steel plate that is embedded the entire length of the stile (patent pending) adds security and stability to the fiberglass shell, according to the company.
The ArmorMax jamb system (patent pending) uses a 18-gauge steel “L” frame embedded in the jamb on the lock side to replicate the security of the steel “L” frame that shored up the jamb. This gives homeowners in the 1970s the security they desired. The hinge side is optional.

CGI Sentinel
CGI Windows, manufacturer of hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors has released an updated version of its Sentinel 150 sliding glass door.

Based on dealer feedback, the door is now available with concealed installation screws, updated two-point lock, improved fixed panel clips and a redesigned door stop.

Standard features include tandem stainless steel rollers with precision bearings in a stainless steel housing, stainless steel fasteners for durability, 4-3⁄4-inch deep frame on a two-track (for retrofit), and a 6-inch deep frame on a three-track.

Fashion Pleats

LaCantina Doors, of San Diego, Calif., has introduced its pleated screen system, which it calls a “truly integrated door frame and screen system.”

Offering what the company calls the largest single span insect screen of its type, the new Pleated Screen System is LaCantina Doors’ most cost effective solution for large horizontal openings. The system features a pleated mesh design that allows a single screen to span nearly 15 feet wide while a double screen can accommodate an opening up to 29 feet, 6 inches wide.
Available in two options, the product provides a complete folding door and screening system while the retrofit pleated screen kit is available for aftermarket installation.

Cardinal Offers a Clear View

Cardinal CG Co., recently introduced LoE-i89, a new energy-saving fourth-surface (roomside) coated glass that the company says offers more light transmittance and less reflectance. It will soon be available in a less expensive annealed version.
According to the company, LoE-i89 delivers a center of glass U-factor of 0.20 when coupled with Cardinal’s LoE3® or LoE2® glass and in a double-pane argon-filled unit. Without argon and with or without capillary tubes, the still delivers a U-Factor of 0.23.

LoE-i89 is described by the company as being virtually clear with no haze to mar the view. A tempered version is available now. It replaces LoE-i81, Cardinal’s previous 4th surface glass.

Decorative Glass
ODL Gets Decorative

ODL Inc. recently introduced two new decorative door glass designs: Inglenook and Grace. They join ODL’s nature-inspired Craftsman and traditional Classic collections, respectively.

Inglenook is an addition to the Craftsman line of decorative door glass. The geometric design features clear soft wave and micro-iced granite glass with clear bevels and ruby-red floral accents. Inglenook features patina caming.
Grace is offered in the Classic style and features a combination of granite, micro-granite, micro-cubed and clear bevels. The center pattern includes soft, delicate edges that highlight the elegant structure of the glass panel. Grace is available in nickel caming.

In addition to introducing the Inglenook and Grace designs, ODL has added two new door glass designs to its updated line of Severe Weather® Doorglass, which is engineered to withstand the most damaging weather conditions, according to the company.

Drop In and See the New Caldwell Products

Caldwell Manufacturing has introduced three new products lately, starting with its Roller Tilt® Drop In that the company says provides easy sash removal in a robust case assembly. It is also available in the cartridge configuration (with bracket attached) for a lean solution. A company release adds that it also provides maximum sash opening and is a maintenance free, green compliant option. It further states that all Roller Tilt® designs provide lower operating forces by eliminating the friction associated with a constant force spring tape sliding against the jamb walls.

Also on Caldwell’s growing list of products is its Magnum 4-Bar hinges, which the company says has hinges for projection, casement, curtainwall, Euro-groove, surface mount, and structurally glazed applications. The hinges are available in commercial, architectural and loose rivet configurations with the capability to support vents up to 180 lbs and 60 inches in height.

Ready for a Revolution
Deceuninck’s Revolution tilt-and-turn windows feature a seven-chamber thermal structure and multifunctional operability in a window that the company says has the capability of achieving an R-value of 7+, and a C-100 rating.

Revolution tilts in and locks for secure, indirect ventilation. It has minimal frame and sash sightlines and features maximum daylight area to take full advantage of today’s high-performance glass technologies. The product line also offers installation accessories for the North American market, and the company says it has complete compatibility with the most popular North American door systems.

Revolution is offered in a range of architectural colors, woodgrain patterns and finishes, and also has an integral screen system, structurally bonded glazing technology and American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)-certified profiles.

Getting Hotover Here

Fenzi North America continues to provide its Chromatech Ultra and Chromatech warm-edge spacers. These Chromatech spacers show more than a 12-percent improvement in sightline temperatures over aluminum, providing ease of spacer bending and handling for frame assembly, according to the company.

Fenzi Chromatech Ultra is a combination of stainless steel with a polycarbonate bridge across the top, available in white, black and grey. The Chromatech stainless spacer is also available in a range of sizes and easily handled for spacer frame assembly. Both are manufactured by Roll Tech A/S—an AluPro company that is part of the Fenzi Group.

Additionally, Fenzi North America is also marketing its Hotover 2000, a one part hot-melt butyl, specially formulated to give IGUs what the company calls the best mechanical properties to last the longest in the field. A mixture of butyl rubbers and synthetic polymers, the product runs on standard hot-melt pumping equipment at lower application temperatures, saving additional energy costs.

Well Shoot!

G-U Ferco’s new Secury S-Bolt door lock offers features and benefits that the company says are not found in other systems. This system—described as both active and inactive—can be used with Ferco’s Secury Hook Locks or our patented Secury automatic locking systems. Larger 3⁄8-inch diameter and full 1-inch projection of the shoot bolt offer deeper penetration into the head and sill, according to the company.

The communication system for double doors eliminates the possibility of opening the inactive door first, by not allowing users to lock the active/main door unless the inactive/slave door is fully locked first. It also guarantees that all doors are fully locked. No reversing gears are required as the Secury S-Bolt’s new bi-directional gearbox offers strength and performance without the need for a reversing gear.

Let Roto xDrive Your Design
Roto has unveiled new window hardware. The operators—CRS powder coated and 300 CRS powder coated and 300 Series SS—are available in split arm, single arm (5.5-, 7.5-, 9.5-, 13.5 inches) and dual arm, the latter of which also comes in narrow. The xDrive line, according to the company, offers reduced opening awning and is available in standard or custom design. The X10Lock-Out has now been added to the to the three crank handles and cover caps that are available in the xDrive line—X1/X1 Original, X6/X15 Contemporary and X8 Retro. There are nine standard finishes for the line (polished or antique brass, polished or brushed chrome, brushed-satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, white (powder coat), almond or matte black powder coat), though additional finishes can be requested.

The company’s corner drive attaches to standard Roto lock bar. The corner drive has an integrated lock point three inches from top of casement, capable of supporting 400 lbs in the load test, according to the company, which also says a stainless steel ribbon allows for low friction, smooth operation.

Roto Fasco also offers hardware for patio doors and are created in such a way to allow designers to mix and match styles. Made of zinc die-cast construction and available in painted and plated finishes, the five different models (9700 Euro, 9700EW, 9300RW, VA1019151 SRWH and the Angled Finger Grip) are compatible with industry standard single- or multi-point locks and fit stiles from 1 1⁄4- to 2 1⁄4-inches thick. Completing the line are window sash locks with a lifetime warranty against manufactured defects and are tested for lead, and approved for North American specs, according to the company. Window accessories such as cam handles, pivot bars, window pulls and travel lock are also offered.

Strybuc Stars
Strybuc Industries, a wholesaler of door and window replacement parts has added to its product offering in the category of multi-point locking hardware. The company supplies all types of trim sets and multi-point systems manufactured by Hoppe, GU-Hardware, Truth, Amesbury and others. These systems have become increasingly popular due to their unique security features, aesthetics, and ability to create a more efficient seal, according to Strybuc.

All Metal Stamping Offers Rainbows of Color
All Metal Stamping Inc. has added 164 RAL colors and special powder paints which the company says will add beautiful color and texture contrast to ordinary looking doors.

The colors are available in powder paint within seven working days with as little as a 10 pound minimum purchase. Companies looking for a wood veneer can choose from more than 60 colors. Stainless steel is also available also and for those special medical applications, the company says it offers lead lined metal vision panels as well as leaded astragals.

All Metal Stamping says this is a great way to gain more business thru product differentiation, and give your door the WOW factor.

Interlock/Assa Abloy Have a Handle on This
A new development in casement window hardware from Interlock USA is the Nova® Slim casement locking handle. It is described by the company as a super low-profile design, eliminating interference with blinds and window treatments. Available in powder coat and architectural finishes, the product offers a flush mount design to vinyl casement window applications. It works in conjunction with the Nova multi-point casement locking solution for security, easy operation and flexibility, according to the company. The lock bars feature mushroom-shaped roller pins to minimize contact friction while providing maximum seal compression and security. The lock bars also incorporate a self-locating guide that are designed to simplify installation and utilize the window structure for maximum performance.

Film Protection

American Renolit Corp., a manufacturer of decorative and performance films, offers Exofol MLA as a finish for building components. The film is laminated to wood building products for either interior or exterior applications such as door jambs, windows and jamb extensions. MLA is available in shades of white, including custom matches, but can be painted at any time—when new or later on.

MLA is available in a full range of thicknesses, which allows it to mask joints and other imperfections in the substrates and allows manufactures to reduce cost by using MDF or finger jointed products instead of solid wood, according to the company.
After the film is applied parts can be machined the same as raw wood for hardware or other processing.

Tape and Sealants
Wrap it Up in Low Temperature

MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, now offers a non butyl-based window flashing tape, WindowWrap PowerBond. This self-adhering, self-sealing waterproofing tape is composed of a silver polymer film coated with an aggressive PowerBond asphalt adhesive that the company says adheres aggressively in temperatures as low as 25° Fahrenheit and offers a 180-day UV exposure rating.

WindowWrap PowerBond is designed to be used as a waterproof tape around doors, windows, building seams and in general construction. The PowerBond adhesive self-seals around common fasteners and protects from water, air, insect and noise penetration. The company says it can also be installed on the window sill to protect against moisture that can contribute to rot, mold and mildew. WindowWrap PowerBond has a thickness of 25 mils and is available in 4-, 6-, 9- and 12 -inch widths by 100-feet length rolls.

MFM also offers WindowWrap Flex PowerBond, a highly flexible flashing tape composed of a polyethylene crepe film that stretches to seal around curved shapesfor installation on the window sill.

Hot Enough to Melt
H.B. Fuller’s HL-5201 clear backbedding hot-melt sealant is a clear solution for manufacturers who want to improve aesthetics. According to the company, this sealant does not yellow with UV exposure, meets AAMA 800 performance requirements and delivers a high strength bond without having to wait for a chemical cure.

The HL-5201 clear backbedding sealant is part of the company's HL-5200 family of fast-setting, environmentally-advanced 100 percent solids, single-component backbedding solutions.

H.B. Fuller is also introducing the HL-5240 Door Lite foamable hot melt, which the company says is highly resistant to high temperatures, a characteristic needed to reduce creeping and distortion of gaskets in high heat field applications.

Quanex Has the Edgetherm®
Quanex Building Products Corp. has entered into an agreement with Bostik, a provider of insulating glass sealants, to distribute four new edge-seal products in the Americas. Sold under Quanex’s Edgetherm brand, the product line was designed to meet key requirements in IG production, including low moisture vapor transmission rates, movement accommodation, low temperature flexibility and low gas permeability.

Machinery and Equipment
I Dream of EuGenie

EuGenie in Montreal, Quebec, says its new vertical CNC door machine—called Sandy—can perform any work that needs to be done to a door slab to make standard or custom doors and that includes creating cut outs for door glass, handle and lock routes, hinge routes, mail slots, peep holes, multi-point lock routes.

According to the company, Sandy is very easy to operate with touch screen image that allow the operator to select options and functions from a standard list and easily customizes a project with a couple taps on the screen. G-Code writing is not required to program EuGenie machines and operators can perform other duties while the machine runs, the company says in a press release.

Fill 'Er Up
OptiGas/Integrated Automation Systems says now offers companies a way to fill standard IG units in less than 15 seconds with its new FastGas high-speed argon-only gas filling system.

FastGas uses patent-pending Twin Turbo technology to fill insulating glass made with any spacer system. FastGas provides 100 percent argon retention as the fill is done on the top edge, according to the company. It developed FastGas to meet market demand for a fast and reliable argon-only gas filling system. The portable wheeled system is available with one or two stations.
The company, which created the OptiGas intelligent gas filling system, also offers the ThermalCheck, an affordable and compact desktop quality control system that first mixes and then directly measures the gas content in IG air spaces in real time.

The 400
The Erdman® 400 Series line of equipment for IG production from Erdman Automation requires minimal operator training and no data input for standard operation, according to the company.

Capable of producing 400+ units per shift with two entry level operators, the equipment is easy enough to use that the company says low skill set level personnel can produce high quality IGUs.

Additionally, the company says the Erdman 400 increases IGU quality through consistent spacer offset from edge of glass which, in turn, guarantees desired amount of secondary sealant is applied and eliminates operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. It also provides option to provide accurate grid placement via slicing the spacer prior to application to the glass.

Get In Proline
Prodim's Digital measurement solution, the Proliner® takes precise measurements in a simple step-by-step process, organizes projects and streamlines workflow, according to the company. The Proliner offers management tools to ensure each project is detailed and no openings go unmeasured. The measurement process is repeatable and requires very little training. The Proliner captures important information about the opening, including lock and hinge positions and the measurements can be exported as a printable shop ticket or as a digital file that can be precision cut with a manual or CNC machine.

Touching the Proliner pen in 11 predefined points captures the shape of the opening. A few more points mark lock and hinge positions. The Proliner will alert you if the door exceeds size or shape parameters. The Proliner pen allows you to continuously trace objects, including curves, capturing their exact geometry.

The company also has a new Procutter door table. Paired with the Proliner door measurement, this solution makes cut to fit doors possible using manual tools. This solution can be set up in a compact area at a fraction of the cost of CNC milling. This solution opens up the cut to fit door market to smaller manual millwork companies.

Mix it Like a DJ
Franklin International division of Franklin Adhesives and Polymers is offering the latest in mixing/dispensing systems to accurately combine and dispense its two-component Advantage EPI adhesives.

The compact mixing system offers all the features of a large machine and makes it as easy to use Franklin’s two-part EPIs as it is to apply a one-part adhesive, the company says. It also says the mixing system eliminates direct handling of isocyanate and takes the guesswork out of adding the correct amount of hardener. All controls are pneumatic and require no electricity and the operator can control the system using an electronic shot-size controller, a manual thumb button, a foot pedal or an automated machine interface.

The mixer is powerful enough to handle continuous output up to 35 pounds per minute (4 GPM)—but also can handle periodic applications and be slowed to meet specific production requirements. Specified mixing ratios are preset and are fully adjustable and the equipment can be tailored to specific applications, from finger jointers and extruders to roll coaters.

On Cloud Nine

SureFire Systems Inc. has introduced its SureFire ONLine MFG, a full-featured, cloud-based order entry and cut-list generator. Based on the company’s Configurator technology, it is a true web application that runs in an Internet browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Opera), and cuts software costs from hundreds of thousands of dollars for the small to mid-size manufacturer to only dollars per day, according to a SureFire press release.

Customers only pay for what they actually use and can expand and contract software costs as the business expands and contracts. Using any computer available—a PC, a Mac or a Linux box, even an iPad or Android tablet—customers can access the software system.

Be a Better Meter Reader

EDTM has redesigned its Solar Meter, model numbers SP2065 and SP1065, and incorporated several new products and accessories. The new acrylic base and meter stand provide locations to place the glass samples and Solar Meter for a consistent, repeatable, hands-free demonstration.

The acrylic base also provides a location to place the company’s Heat-Sheet® temperature demonstration card, which provides a visual display of temperature blocking capabilities.

All of these products can be the center of a new sales kit or added to existing kits.

Ultrafab Multi Fin Pile Seals

Ultrafab’s line of multi-fin pile seals are ready to reduce air infiltration and assist manufacturers meet the demands of today’s high performance door and window standards. The company offers a choice of two to five fins located inside or outside the pile and fin heights that exceed the pile height.

The company also now offers a five-fin option for applications that require sound abatement performance as well as air and water infiltration reduction. This patented product offering will feature the two outside fins Ultrafab’s traditional Triple Fin®.
According to the company, Triple Fin pile and Five Fin pile seals typically provide at least 25-percent reduction of air infiltration over standard center finned pile.

Ultrafab’s Multi-Fin pile seals come in all standard colors and a range of densities, heights and backing options. Product can be inserted during profile extrusion process or in cut profile lineals at the fabricator, utilizing an Ultrafab provided pile insertion machine (PIM).

From Concept to Reality
Bringing a New Louver System to Life

How does Jesse Villarreal Jr., president, Bella Fleur Corp., describe the company’s new louver window system? He says the product’s tagline sums it up nicely: “The best thing to happen to outdoor space since the barbecue.”

Villarreal set out to create an operable overhead and vertical louver window system, incorporating its EnsoGlass™ cut into louvers called BellaBlades® + LouverLock™ that when closed becomes water-resistant and sheds water. EnsoGlass is a non-laminated, Solid-Core™ architectural glass panel that has UV inhibitors built into it and encapsulates natural materials “making for dramatic visual effects,” says Villarreal. He adds that it is half the weight and 100 times the strength of conventional glass.

He describes the new product as a skylight-like louver window system that could be used in outdoor settings like pergolas or deck enclosures. The louvers open and close easily creating an enhanced experience for the homeowner who is now able to control the amount of sun and shade allowed in, says Villarreal.

Interest is even growing in the light commercial market where these systems are being considered for patios, restaurants and bistros.

“You are turning your home or business into a four-season activity,” says Villarreal. “Think of the pool areas in Vegas or the outside restaurant. You just lost all that revenue because it rained and your people left.”

But this product didn’t come to fruition overnight and he certainly didn’t do it alone. The development wouldn’t have been possible without teaming up with engineers at Truth Hardware. DWM talked to Villarreal about the inception and completion of this new louver system.

On Working with Truth …

I worked on this concept for a number of years. In 2011, I hired a local group of engineers to take my drawings and build prototypes. They exceeded their bid by more than double and were nowhere near what they said they could do. In frustration I started asking around to my contacts in the window industry and Truth, by far, came up the most. So I took my original drawings and original prototypes and said, “Here’s what I am doing and here’s what I need to do.”

You could see their eyes light up. I worked with Jim Seaser, director, new business development and Scot Berkley, engineering manager, design and development. It ended up being quite the working relationship.

On Designing the Louvers …
When working with Truth’s engineers to design the hardware it had to be highly functional, as safety and security were major issues especially in commercial applications. These louvers rotate 160 degrees and are held securely in place with three screws on each end. We went to substantial lengths to verify testing to make sure that it was sound and solid structurally and could withstand 50 pounds per square foot in snow load or uplift. Even the louvers won’t self-actuate at 120 mph winds.

Seaser and Berkley built an apparatus to work with our Enso glass and their hardware. And they were twisting it trying to find out where the fail point was on the glass and hardware. At 750 pounds per square foot the screws bent but the EnsoGlass and BellaBlades + LouverLock hardware held.

On Endless Opportunities …

Homeowners and business owners alike can use this product without a fear of louvers falling or replacing a canvas.

There are a few companies out there who have aluminum louvers in a horizontal application and they are beautiful but when you close them it is dark and it sounds like a tin roof when it rains. With ours light filters through.

We get asked if this is like other laminated products. None of the other decorative glass options could work in the exterior environment. We have moved beyond those capabilities using our Solid-Core technology which forms EnsoGlass as one piece and fully encapsulates the material. Bella Fleur has U.S. and international patents pending.

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