Volume 14, Issue 8- October 2013

AAMA Analysis

Are You a Master?
AAMA?Lets You Prove it
by Dean Lewis

Last August, AAMA announced the launch of a new online platform for the association’s FenestrationMasters™ program, making education and professional certification available to anyone with an Internet connection. Now, just a year later, AAMA is pleased to announce the completion of the curriculum with the availability of the FenestrationMasters professional certification exams—the last step in the development of the program.

Street Creds
Specifically, FenestrationMasters is a nationwide education and professional certification program for professionals in the door, window, skylight, curtainwall, storefront and sloped-glazing industries. It has been developed to help companies differentiate their business and establish their credibility with customers by staffing employees who have pursued a thorough, objective education in the fenestration industry. The online education format allows professionals to complete the coursework at their own pace and convenience.

Feedback received thus far from current certification candidates about the coursework and its online delivery system has been very positive.

Master or Associate?
There are two different credentials available through the program, both requiring successful completion of the applicable coursework and the certification exam: FenestrationMaster™ and FenestrationAssociate™. There are no prerequisites to qualify for the FenestrationAssociate certification. To qualify for the FenestrationMaster certification, one of the following qualifications must be met:
• Four-year degree in engineering, architecture or applied sciences and four years fenestration product-related experience; and
• Six years fenestration product-related experience.

Five course groupings are required for FenestrationAssociate candidates and six course groupings are required for FenestrationMaster candidates. Group 1 courses cover product types and design considerations; door, window and skylight performance standards; proper glass selection and specialty performance considerations (blast, impact, tornado and acoustics). Group 2 courses cover profile performance and material considerations, as well as coatings and finishes. Group 3 courses cover hardware, weatherstripping and weatherseals, as well as sealants and adhesives used during factory fabrication. Group 4 courses cover code requirements, energy efficiency and thermal performance, as well as skylights and daylighting. Group 5 courses cover residential and commercial installation, as well as field testing/forensic evaluation and fenestration anchorage. Finally, Group 6 courses cover curtainwall design, aluminum storefronts and entrances, as well as energy and the architectural fenestration industry.

The certification exam can be taken at any of some 500 testing centers across the U.S. This fall, AAMA launched the option to administer exams outside of established testing centers using AAMA-authorized exam proctors. For those who register and attend the AAMA Fall Conference (October 27-30 in Baltimore, Md.), no additional fees will be required to complete the certification exams.

Those who pass the exam receive materials indicating the level of certification achieved, including authorization to utilize letter designations following their name: CFM for Certified FenestrationMaster and CFA for Certified FenestrationAssociate. The certification for each credential is valid for four years, with the re-certification process currently under development.

AAMA offers a Candidate Guide that explains how the program works, the necessary steps to become certified and what materials may be utilized during the exam. The guide also provides sample exam questions and answers. In an effort to provide FenestrationMaster and FenestrationAssociate students with a printable reference to the courses, as well as a place to take notes to aid in preparing for the exam, AAMA is also offering a new resource called the study notebook.

Interested parties should visit the FenestrationMasters pages within the AAMA website.

Dean Lewis serves as educational and technical information manager for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association in Schaumburg, Ill.


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