Volume 14, Issue 8- October 2013

Distributor Products

Doors and Windows
Free For You and Me

Cascade Windows, a vinyl window manufacturer based in Spokane Valley, Wash., has added a new product enhancement that will come standard on their windows at no additional cost.

A dual-pull rail feature has been added as a standard feature on all slider and single-hung product lines. Now there are rails on both sides of the vent of a slider as well as, both the top and bottom of a single-hung window. By providing another pull rail, the company says, it will be easier for customers to open and close the window. www.cascadewindows.com

A Soft Nest Soft-Lite Windows, a vinyl replacement door and window manufacturer headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, now offers the Nest® Learning Thermostat, which it says offers homeowners greater energy efficiency. According to the company, Nest learns a homeowner's schedule and , programs itself. It and can be controlled from a phone, programming itself in about a week. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes a person makes and continually adapts to changing lives. Nest can sense when everyone has left the home and automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid heating or cooling an empty home, Soft-Lite says. www.soft-lite.com

Come Out on Top
Extech Inc. has introduced its TechVent® top-hinged windows, which the company says provide massive natural light and ventilation, doing everything that a louver can do at less cost. Available in continuous or individual units, these windows can be left open during normal rainfall. When glazed with cellular polycarbonate they also provide exceptional insulating value and resistance to impact and other abuse, according to the company. Rack-and-pinion operating hardware is durable and remote operators are available. www.extechinc.com

Folding systems
Welcome into the Fold
Solar Innovations Inc. has introduced a new folding glass wall configuration called the “fold-to-fold” door.

The design was inspired by a customer’s request, made by for someone with limited space for storing the “stacked panels” that make up a traditional folding door, but who found the concept appealing.

The fold-to-fold door system begins with all panels on a closed track. After disengaging the handle set, the panels become mobile. The operable panel opens 180 degrees, to lay flat against the adjoining stationary panel. A proprietary jamb release mechanism was designed to allow the two panels to open an additional 90 degrees in unison and remain flush against the adjacent wall.

The fold-to-fold door system includes the same corrosion-resistant hinges and sills used on standard door units. Industry leading air, water and structural test results can be achieved with fold-to-fold doors, depending on the panel’s swing direction, according to the company. The extrusions used on the door maintain the same sightlines as the company’s folding glass walls and swing doors. www.solarinnovations.com

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