Volume 14, Issue - October 2013

Moulding The Future

Well-Worth the Effort
New Standard/Specification for Plastic Moulding and Trim
by Kellie Schroeder

The Moulding and Millwork Producers Association's (MMPA) Poly Blends Group put the finishing touches to its MMPA Standard/Specification for Plastic Moulding and Trim during a meeting in Sacramento, Calif., last month. The new standard is the culmination of a few years of hard work and compromise by the members of MMPA. Headed up by chairman Bob Simon, executive vice president of Gossen Corp., the Poly Blends Group secured an accepted final draft which led to an approving vote at the Westin Sacramento meeting.

Five Years in the Making
“For the past five years the Poly Moulding members of the MMPA have been developing a quality assurance program for interior and exterior trim applications. This new quality assurance program certified by NAMI/MMPA for member licensees is for trim manufactured from polyvinylchloride, polystyrene and polyurethane,” says Simon. “The performance/compliance guidelines for the poly member licensees sets a new quality standard for poly interior and exterior trim in the North American building industry under the certification of NAMI/MMPA.”

Over the past year, the Poly Blends Group and MMPA worked closely with Sharon Durand, president of the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI) and her team out of Hayes, Va. Durand and her staff aligned the Poly Blends Group's vision on paper, bringing structure and clarity to the long-term project. NAMI was the bridge connecting the diverse manufacturing pathways involved in the project to a positive standard and specification outcome.

The new standard/specification for plastic moulding and trim addresses exterior and interior polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyu-rethane (PUR) and polystyrene (PS) moulding and trim products. The multiple product and raw material approach within the standard and specification represents the myriad of products produced by the poly manufacturing companies not only within the MMPA membership, but non-members as well.

Vital Contributors
Simon was flanked continuously by steadfast committee members: Mike Chausse of Vi-Lux Building Products; Tim Dykstra of Royal Building Products; Steve Jasperson and Heather Sonnenberg of Therma Tru/Fypon; Pete Delaney of Port-O-Lite Corp./Omega-Tek: and Tim Hannen of Patwin Plastics. Although there were other PVC, PUR and PS companies interacting with the Poly Blends Group during this journey, this core gathering of manufacturers helped to shape the new standard and certification throughout the development process.

“MMPA’s new polymer moulding standards and specifications positions “poly” moulding at the same level of profile integrity as all MMPA products today and truly supports the very reason MMPA was founded,” says Dykstra. “The value of polymer moulding as an exterior or high moisture moulding solution is well known, but like any product, quality and performance differences can produce poor or even negative results. The new MMPA poly standards and specifications places the performance bar where the professional installer and homeowner will feel comfortable they are getting the right product for the application, every time.”


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