Volume 14, Issue 8- October 2013

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Industry Rises from the Doldrums

TAttendees seemed to greet optimism at every turn on the trade show floor during GlassBuild America held September 10-12 in Atlanta. DWM was there to bring you all the news from the show. For blogs, visit www.dwmmag.com/index.php/category/tarataffera/ and for four days of video news reports about the event visit www.dwmmag.com/index.php/category/studio/. Finally, for all the news coverage search for GlassBuild at dwmmag.com.

Commercial Expansions
From window companies’ expansion into commercial markets to growth by residential suppliers serving both markets, there is no doubt that opportunities abound in this space.

At the Truth Hardware booth Jim Seaser, director, new business development, referred to the fact that Truth and Amesbury are now “sister-companies” as Truth was purchased by Tyman, which also owns Amesbury. “Companies see the value of it and it definitely makes sense,” he said. One of the reasons is Truth’s strong presence in the commercial hardware market. Seaser talked about some of those options. The company featured its multi-point locks for commercial windows.

“We wanted to leverage our Maxim product on the residential side and bring that to the commercial market,” he said. This commercial product offers ease of operation, performance, ease of installation and adjustability.

“Commercial windows are getting bigger so this new product offers five locking points and can be used for windows up to 102 inches tall. Each locking point can accommodate 350 pounds,” said Seaser.

“We have received a lot of interest on this and we just completed the pilot run,” he added.

Amesbury also had commercial hardware on display. “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) handle is very big for the commercial division,” said Deb Lanctot, speaking about this new product for the commercial segment.

Quanex introduced what it calls its “first foray into a true commercial window.” The C3 11000 tilt and turn window is targeted for 25-story buildings, said Eric Thompson, Quanex Building Products. The 1 5/8-inch glazing helps the window achieve low U-values and high structural properties, he added.

Big growth will come from the commercial segment, said Filip Geeraert, president and CEO of Deceuninck North America. “Our customers tell us they have found some niches,” he added. “Some have found the niche of light commercial. Some say residential is flat but light commercial is up.”

To that end, Deceuninck showcased its newly- branded Icon Series, a line of residential products that may also be used for commercial applications.

The company also made updates to its Revolution Tilt-and-Turn™ window system for the commercial market. The product offers a unique configuration that incorporates individual HVAC units within the frame.

Glass Shines
Glass suppliers were out in full force displaying their latest products at the show (for news from AGC and Guardian, go to www.dwmmag.com/studio and view the GBA day two video).

Guardian Industries unveiled ClimaGuard 53/23 low-E glass for the Southern region. The glass manufacturer also introduced ClimaGuard 72/57 which meets Energy Star® requirements in the Northern U.S. Zone and, by flipping the IG unit and orienting the coating to the #2 surface, meets requirements for the North-Central Zone. (For more information on both of these products, see page 26).

At the PPG booth, Sungate 600 and Solarban 60 glasses were featured as part of a dual-pane insulating glass unit (IGU) that enables residential window manufacturers to achieve R-5 insulating performance without triple glazing. Another residential window product, Intercept Blackline warm-edge spacers, combines exceptional insulating performance and unobstructed views by fitting neatly below the window’s sightlines.

Company representatives also told attendees about its new residential glass website.

The upgraded site houses a separate resource center for residential window manufacturers. A technical information section links directly to the PPG technical library, glass design guidelines, thermal stress analysis, material safety data sheets and “Quality Now” manual for the Intercept® spacer system.

Fiberglass: Nowhere to Go but Up
While fiberglass has been around for years, it still represents a small portion of the market, and future growth is imminent.

“We are getting good feedback and more awareness of the product,” said Laurie Davies of Omniglass.

Joinery has always been an issue for fiberglass windowsbut the company said the issue has been corrected. It developed a process of injecting a self-leveling urethane in a mulled-in corner. “You can put the sash and frame together in less than two minutes and it is structurally sound and puts to bed that issue of failures,” said Davies.

Geoffrey Card, a technical consultant for Diversified Structural Composites, said there is a need for a systems company such as this one.

systems company such as this one. “An aluminum fabricator told me: ‘I have to get into something else. I can’t meet the requirements.’”

“There is still a high curiosity level and people seem to be better educated now on fiberglass,” added Mark Back, operations manager.

With fiberglass it seems there is nowhere to go but up.

“We are growing,” said Bernard Rokicki, chief operating officer, Inline Fiberglass.

Keeping up With New Components
Another category seeing growth is profile wrapping, according to Bernard Rieser, FUX Austria, whose machines were displayed with the Hornschuch Group.

“In Europe lamination is really popular,” he said, “and it is finally growing here. There is more consumer awareness than ever before as consumers want more colors and choices.”

Screenco introduced its OneScreen system that offers just one screen for all window systems. “We haven’t come across a window that it doesn’t work for,” said Jayme Tilley. “One manufacturer came by and was so excited to see something new, and even better was that it won’t ruin his seals.”

Lauren Manufacturing knows a thing or two about seals, as well, as the company offers a variety of sealing solutions. The company showcased its door seal, a closed cell EDPM product with a low friction coating. It also featured its continuous corner seals.

Windows and Doors to the Maxx
Skyreach displayed its brand new R-Maxx series, a foam back rigid PVC window. The company exhibited its single-hung version, and Franco Valente, sales director, described it as an extremely rigid product which results in less deflection than similar products. It also offers superior insulation properties.

Westech Building Products showcased its new R-5 door which J.P. Braaten said was generating interest in the residential market.

“They can go to a triple glaze with this product,” he said. “We are seeing a lot of interest.”


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