Volume 14, Issue 8- October 2013

Win-door 2013:
A Win-Win Event

Windows Quanex Cool
– Booth #1541
Quanex Building Products will debut two new products, the Mikron® C3-11300 AW-Rated Window System and the MikronWood® Thermal Advantage Window System at Win-door.

Part of Quanex’s “Innovation Zone,” MikronWood Thermal Advantage features Quanex’s MikronWood composite frame material, specifically engineered for increased thermal performance for colder temperature climates. This system uses solid-core composite material that can be fusion welded at the frame joints. The resin combination doesn’t absorb moisture, preventing damage caused by condensation, rot, mold and insects.

The MikronWood Thermal Advantage Window System is designed for both the replacement and new construction market. It features a 4-1/2-inch frame depth that accommodates up to 1-3/8-inch thick insulating glass and fits triple-glazed glass units. It is available with Quanex’s standard SuperCap colors in white, almond and adobe finishes while the system is available in black, architectural bronze, adobe, hunter green, brick red and gray SuperCoat exterior colors and pine, maple, red oak and cherry real wood veneer interior finishes. MikronWood Thermal Advantage Window System is available in tilt single hung, horizontal slider, picture window, and casement/awning styles.

he Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated Window System is engineered to achieve below NFRC .20 U-Factor with CR over 75 and comes in various designs, including tilt and turn, casement, awning and fixed window. Quanex’s patented MikronBlend vinyl compound comes standard for the Mikron C3-11300 to ensure weathering and durability, even in intense UV, temperature and salt air environments. Its vinyl frames also resist condensation, reducing the risk of water damage to building interiors, according to the company. www.quanex.com

VEKA Offers Solutions and More – Booth #1503
VEKA will showcase various innovations for this year’s show with energy and innovation serving as the driving forces behind these products. Products being shown include Evolutions® high performance window with Solutions® solar charging system integration. Commercial EuroView® products will also be featured as well as a casement hybrid product that the company says is making waves in Western Canada. www.veka.com

hardware Truth Be Told – Booth #1423
Truth Hardware’s Sentry Bi-Fold Hardware System incorporates Truth's contemporary styled handle, patented hinge design and sleek flush bolts for a system that combines what the company calls ease of installation with the integration of Truth’s Sentry Multi-Point Hardware System for a passage door.

Additionally, the company offers window opening control devices, which have become a very important subject among window manufacturers and onward through to builders, contractors, and homeowners concerned with being able to safely and securely operate a window which has safe guards in place to control opening and prevent accidental falls, while still being able to be easily opened for egress purposes in case of an emergency. Truth Hardware’s new SafeGard Window Opening Control Device is a reliable, easy to install and easy to operate solution, according to the company, and which meet safety requirements such as ASTM F2090-10. www.truth.com

A Wood Alternative – Booth #1929
Vi-Lux Building Products now offers an alternative to traditional wood door frames that it says is maintenance and rot free. The Vi-Lux door frame system combines the strength and convenience of wood door frames with the properties of 100-percent cellular PVC, said to make them moisture and insect resistant as well as dimensionally stable with low thermal expansion index.

All of the company’s door frames are fully UV protected and available in smooth white, wood grain embossed or factory finished with Vi-Guard® coating, but rest). They are available in 4 9/16-, 6 9/16- and 7¼-inch sizes.

Vi-Lux will now offer a complete machine door jamb solution including hinges, multi-points, strike, double strike, dadoes, cut an angle for the sill. www.vi-lux.com

Make the Grade – Booth #1303
Royal Building Products has introduced its Window Performance Grade Calculator. This calculator is designed to assist Royal’s customers, fenestration product manufacturers and stakeholders, in selecting products according to the new 2010 Canadian National Building Code (NBC).

It allows users to establish the required performance grades for a specific building (based on geographic location, terrain conditions, building height and shape), using the existing climate design data of more than 640 selected Canadian locations included in the 2010 NBC.

The tool enables users to determine the appropriate air tightness levels, the water penetration resistance as well as the positive and negative design pressure.

The results can be registered, classified and emailed and is available as an IPad application as well. www.windowperformancegradecalculator.com

Decorative Glass
Imagine All the People – Booth #1403
Novatech will present its new 2014 products which include new designs, new steel and fiberglass doors, including the company's Imagine door. The latter is described as “presenting a totally new look to match the latest trends.” The company will also display its new raise-and-lower blind that it says operates more smoothly with a new mechanism. yyä www.novatechgroup.com

To the Extreme – Booth #1902

Caldwell has introduced new products: the Hybrid balance Ultra Lift® Extreme, which delivers Class 6 performance in single pair applications, up to 130-pound sash weights after 8000 cycles. Additional features of the product include lengths to 78 inches, adjustability and extended warranty options.

The company’s Constant Force Spring product line has two recent additions. The QT3 offers Class 3 performance in a fixed coil balance solution while the Roller Tilt® Elite 562 is said to combine the ease of a modified drop-in pivot bar with the consumer safety feature of a rack-in system. It accommodates headed pivot bars for high structural ratings and the company says the “capped” cam cavity eliminates accidental sash displacement. The Roller Tilt Elite 562 is a LEAN solution: a non-handed design that allows for SKU reduction and a cartridge option with pre-assembled bracket for labor savings. Both Constant Force Spring products go directly from the Box to Balance Pocket.

The fourth new solution Caldwell has brought to market is the Magnum EZI: 4-bar hinge that also is said to feature a lean solution for easy hinge installation. www.caldwellmfgco.com

Lock and Load with NOVA® – Booth #1313
Now featuring a hinge with the highest load bearing capacity in its class, the NOVA® casement window hardware series from Interlock combines expertly engineered operators with the most sophisticated handle design and multi-point locking system on the market, according to the company.

The suite of NOVA casement hardware for vinyl, wood and aluminum applications includes dual-Arm, single-arm, dyad and awning operators, which feature a patented two-directional fixing design for superior strength and stability, and offer more versatility than ever before. The series also is available in stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion resistance in harsh coastal environments.

The casement operators and hinges work in conjunction with Interlock’s patent-pending NOVA® slim casement locking handle, featuring a super low-profile design that eliminates interference with blinds and window treatments, and in conjunction with the entire NOVA multi-point casement locking system. www.interlockna.com

Machinery Viral Video – Booth #1540
Erdman Automation is having a busy fall, so in lieu of bringing machinery to the Win-door show this year, they are inviting visitors to stop by and watch TV. Specifically, to watch video of the company's products, including the three most recent additions to the company's product line: The 400 Series spacer applicator, the fixed head IG secondary sealer and the hand assist glazing/back bedding table.

The Erdman 400 Series Spacer Applicator is an insulating glass production system that is said to work with all flexible spacer systems applying the spacer straight with true 90 degree corners and require minimal operator training and no data input required for standard operation, the company says.

The Erdman Fixed Head IG Secondary Sealer has a stationary sealant application system for consistent secondary seal to insulating glass units, according to the company, and can be configured for dual and triple pane units in one pass and seals special shapes with no program change.

The Hand Assist Glazing/Back Bedding Table offers a servo control system utilizing the company's fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant at speeds up to 30 inches per second. www.erdmanautomation.com

Tools Solar Specs – Booth #2018
EDTM will bring its American-made instruments and sales kits, in particular the Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter, a new field measuring instrument that offers what the company says is unparalleled accuracy. It provides six performance values that are important to a variety of industries: Tuv, Tvis, Tsolar, Tir (from 900 to 1000nm), Tir (for fuller IR range from 780 to 1700nm +), and Damage Weight Coefficient. The two infrared ranges allow users to demonstrate and measure the performance of a product at the smaller selected range of 900 to 1000nm, and then also show the full performance value of the product by covering the majority of the IR spectrum from 780 to 1700nm+. The Solar Spectrum Transmission meter also includes a damaged weight coefficient value that is specified in the ISO9050 and NFRC300 standards. The value assigns a percentage of 0 to 100 as to the ability of a given window product to resist fading and damage from the energy of the sun, according to the company. The company is marketing the product as one that will allow users to measure all glazing products to the same standard. The device is calibrated to ISO9050, NFRC300 and EN410 standards and the user can switch between standards on the instrument as needed.

Additionally, EDTM will showcase improvements to its GC3000 Glass-Chek PRO instrument. It allows users to measure window thickness and the presence of low-E in the windows and comes with the ability of the meter to identify different types of low-E coatings. The Glass-Chek Pro will indicate if the low-E coating is a hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputtered) product. If the coating is a soft coat, the meter will also provide the number of silver layers used to make up the coating, allowing users to estimate the type of coating being used. EDTM notes that window replacement companies will be able to use this feature to help select the proper low e to use in the replacement window, guaranteeing that the replacement window will offer similar energy benefits as the one being replaced. www.edtm.com

There Can Only Be One – Booth #1422
ScreenCo Manufacturing now offers OneScreen, which it describes as “the easy and elegant solution for all windows.” Punching isn't required for installation and with no visible hardware, the screens rely on strong aluminum frames to provide what the company calls simple assembly and beautiful design. www.screenco.ca


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