Volume 14, Issue 7- September 2013

From The Publisher

What I’m Loving Now
by Tara Taffera

The topic of my June “From the Publisher” column (see page 4 of that issue), was things that shocked me about the industry. For this issue I thought I would share a few things thatI love about the industry.

I love that members of the Loewen family have bought the company back from VKR. Yes, VKR was looking to divest its door and window businesses, and yes, Charles and Clyde Loewen admit it wasn’t their immediate thought to jump back in. But they ultimately made that leap, and I was fortunate enough to talk to the Loewen brothers about being back at the helm (see page 32).

I love when companies have shared visions. To clarify, it’s great when companies who are merging have shared visions—if not, think of the havoc that could result when CEOs clash. On page 14 you will see my interview with Jonathon Petremolis and Jeff Graby, CEOs for Amesbury and Truth, respectively. As you probably know, Amesbury’s parent company is acquiring Truth. I interviewed each CEO separately and couldn’t help smiling to myself when their answers told of their shared vision and philosophies. Seems this merger may be a match made in heaven.

I love industry debate. Yes, industry debate keeps it interesting, and there are definitely some differing opinions when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program. The agency released its final draft of Version 6.0 of its windows program (see page 16). The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (which counts many large window companies as its members), is coming down on EPA for ignoring industry feedback. Others, including those who have commented on the DWM website, say things like, “stop belly-aching” and “It drives me crazy that companies with a heck of a lot more money than ours claim the technology isn’t there, too expensive, etc. We’re doing R-7 and R-8 today.” No matter where you fall, there will always be differing opinions and that’s what makes the fenestration world go round.

I love meeting our readers in person to exchange ideas. With the fall trade show season about to commence, there will be plenty of time for information sharing. I look forward to seeing many of you in September in Atlanta, in November at Win-door and on October 31 at our own Fenestration Day event in Chicago. We have a great slate of seminars for both dealers and manufacturers so make plans now to attend this free educational event. Go to dwmmag.com to learn more.


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