Volume 14, Issue 7- September 2013


See Y'all There!
People to See, Things to Do at GlassBuild America 2013

The industry returns to Atlanta this year for the experience that is GlassBuild America 2013 to be held at the Georgia World Congress Center September 10-12. We offer a sampling of some companies you might want to visit.

Fenzi's Full Range – Booth #1135

Fenzi, a manufacturer of chemicals for secondary glass processing, will display its complete line of high-performance IG sealants.

Among these is Thiover – a polysulphide, two-part sealant that the company says meets advanced ecocompatibility standards – will be an important factor, also because its use grants LEED® points. Thiover sealants are solvent-free, do not contain any harmful ingredients, feature excellent mechanical properties and extremely low permeability to water and gas. They are also described as being compatible with all spacers and with most of the materials used in IG glass and offer what the company calls extraordinary performance in IG units in terms of thermal insulation. www.fenzi-na.com

Quanex Bringin' Inventing Back – Booth #1617
Quanex Building Products will feature its Innovation Zone. The company will feature its four new edge-seal products that are a result of the company's collaboration with Bostik: the Edgetherm 3500 single-part butyl rubber-based sealant, Edgetherm 3400 hot-applied desiccant, Edgetherm 3100 and 3000 one-component hot-melt butyl sealants. These products will be stocked at Quanex facilities, which the company says provides short lead times. The product line was designed to meet key requirements in IG production, including low moisture vapor transmission rates, movement accommodation, low temperature flexibility and low gas permeability.

Quanex’s digital and social media team will also be on hand during the show to talk through the importance of having a comprehensive digital strategy to capture the interest of modern shoppers and produce high-quality leads. www.quanex.com

Patio Doors
Diversified Lineal Launches
Fiberglass Patio Door – Booth # 1135

Diversified Lineal Systems is launching its new series 7000 sliding patio door system at the show. The addition of the patio door line gives fabricators another option to promote to their customers, which already includes casement windows, push-out and hopper windows, and swing doors and frames.

“We may be the only fiberglass “systems” supplier available to regional fabricators, and we are especially pleased to be able to provide this patio door system so soon after the launch of our window and swing door systems just a few months ago,” says Mark Back, operations manager. “DLS is currently seeking regional fabricators to partner with across the US and Canada, giving fabricators the ability to introduce their own fiberglass composite doors and windows very quickly to the market. www.diversifiedlinealsystems.com

Tilt, Slide and Swing with Royal Doors —
Booth #303

Royal Building Products will feature its Royal La Marquise Tilt and Slide patio door, a multi-functional patio door system that can be used and fabricated in different combinations: Tilt and Slide door, Tilt and Turn door and Swing door. The optimized thermal chambers of the profiles, the wide selection of different depth of frames suited for several construction details, the ability of using IG configurations up to 42mm are some of the ingredients of this multi-functional high-end patio door, according to Royal.

The Royal Tilt and Turn product line exceeds the standards of the industry and achieves thermal values of R-7 and ER-46 using low-E/argon standard glass package. yyä www.royalbuildingproducts.com

Hardware Lock
Tilt Wood Windows — Booth #2003

Vision Hardware, based in New Jersey with distribution facilities throughout the United States and Canada, has introduced a ground breaking lock and tilt system specifically for wood double hung windows. The technology allows wood window systems to achieve greatly increased test results while eliminating the need for compression jambs or surface mounted tilt latches. The end result is a product with increased cosmetic appeal and better test results. www.visionhardware.com

Take Ame(sbury) – Booth #1103

Amesbury Hardware Products will showcase its new patented P3000 multi-point lock system. The lock incorporates an American style look with the thumb-turn oriented above the handle and deadbolt operation that is independent of the satellite locking points and available with a multiple locking options.

Also featured will be the company's Spiral, Lite-Lift and Super Lift line of balances. The 3/8-inch super heavy duty spiral can achieve weights up to 52 pounds per pair or up to 104 pounds when used in tandem – a Class 4 balance – according to the company.

Amesbury Company, Schlegel, will show its proprietary low wick foam profiles. The company says this new low wick foam absorbs up to 85 percent less water versus standard foam seals. At the same time, Q-Lon foam seals’ features include easy compression load deflection and resistance to compression set. www.amesbury.com

SafeGard the Truth – Booth #1401

Truth Hardware has embarked on its next generation combination lock and tilt latch system, named the harmony system, which it says installs by snapping the tilt latch and screwing down the lock.

The company also is promoting its new SafeGard Window Opening Control Device to help control a window's opening so as to prevent accidental falls, while also being able to be easily opened for egress purposes in case of an emergency. Truth Hardware describes SafeGard as reliable, easy to install and operate, adding that it meets stringent safety requirements such as ASTM F2090-10. www.truth.com

Gas Filling – Booth #1849

Is your insulating glass installed at elevations 1,000 feet or more different than production? Are you losing the U-value war because of breather tubes? Are you struggling with blinds between the glass? Do you want better performing refrigeration IG? Integrated Automation Systems says you can achieve Energy Star ratings and avoid deflection with the Helantec ISO Altimeter Professional. The product sets IG unit pressure to installation pressure at production with no field adjustment necessary. www.optigasig.com

Reaching for the Sky
Up Close with one Exhibitor — Booth #1419

When Skyreach L&S Extrusions launched in January 2012 under new management, and with significant investment from a public company, it has been able to achieve some impressive growth and has much more planned. (Company executives say Skyreach was reinvented from its precursor in 2011, when a Hong Kong listed company, LIANSU Holding, invested heavily to establish manufacturing facilities in Canada, the USA and China.) DWM spoke to Skyreach executives about this expansion and some of its product lines.

The company, an extruder in Vaughan, Ontario, that offers fabricators everything from windows to patio doors, is in the midst of a growth curve. Skyreach recently set up warehouses in Chicago and Los Angeles in addition to an existing warehouse in Dallas. The company plans to add two more in 2014.

We set up where we have anchor customers,” says Dedo Suwanda, vice president. “We have definitely headed more and more to the South. We are finding the requirements are different so for that reason we are developing new products. The welded patio doors we will introduce at GlassBuild, for example, will fill a need in this region.”

“As a newer company we are in growth mode,” adds Franco Valente, sales director, who focuses on profiles/extrusions for North America. He adds that in terms of the company they are definitely seeing an uptick.

Regarding windows overall, Valente says companies are definitely focused on improved thermal performance. “Glass is a real focus in improving thermal performance,” he says. “How much more can you improve on the frames? So we are working to improve our products through different materials—not only better U- and R-values on the frames but on various IG sizes, etc.”

Along with that comes some challenges including marrying the hardware accordingly, determining what materials will improve thermal efficiency and more.

Building products sales director Bob Green works with customers that sell finished units and says customers are looking for multi panel units going as high as 8 feet. The company has responded by offering these products, among others.

But the company’s true growth will come from being in markets we aren’t in today,” says Green. “We have to get closer to the market as a manufacturer, and the only want to get there is more locations.”

It is our strategy to have facilities across U.S. and Canada,” adds Suwanda. “Part of the problem is distribution and logistics. In 2013 we added two new locations and that’s part of the strategy—to have products that are easily acceptable in different territories. In U.S. and Canada it’s very fragmented. The market needs different things so we need different products to offer.”

Valente adds that having distribution in various regions will allow the company to be more efficient in lead and transit times. It’s not all about providing product however.

“We think the other value we can provide to our customers is that, given the right conditions, we can help them make the switch [product] by way of supporting those fabricators and providing them with tools to do so given the right conditions. We have things we can do that can help the transition to help with a start-up of a line, for example.”

He adds that the company can also help with marketing support.

What we are looking at that is the value-added proposition, being closer to our customers through locations and helping them with start-up and marketing. Those are the key points to fabricators,” adds Valente. www.skyreachls.com

Machinery and Equipment
Wakefield Wakes Up its Website – Booth #1650

Wakefield Equipment will tell GlassBuild attendees about its updated website, which includes everything potential customers need to know about its equipment.

Saws, glass handling and gas filling equipment, tables and conveyors and much more are offered in the electronic catalogs and demonstrated through the video gallery. The site also allows the customer to shop online. www.wakefieldequipment.com

Erdman Offers Bevy of
IG Machines – Booth #1347

Erdman Automation will bring three of its heavy hitters to the show. The Erdman 400 series spacer applicator is described as a low-cost IG production system works with all flexible spacer systems applying the spacer straight with true 90-degree corners. Minimal operator training and no data input required for standard operation, the company says.

Also making the trip to Atlanta with the company this year is its fixed head IG secondary sealer. It has a stationary sealant application system that gives the operator the ability to easily apply a professional, high quality, consistent secondary seal to IG units, according to the company.

It provides total quality and consistency of seal, which Erdman says rivals any expensive fully automated machine. The fixed head IG secondary sealer can be configured for dual- and triple-pane units in one pass and seals special shapes with no program change. www.erdmanautomation.com

Come See Saws with Sturtz – #Booth 335

Stürtz's 2000 square foot exhibit will showcase a full range of cutting, welding and cleaning equipment for vinyl fenestration products.

The latest addition to Stürtz’ LinearPro Series of saws will be featured this year. The SMI-LP-DM90-F automated miter saw with inline fabrication has the same accuracy and speed operation of the other LinearPro machines, according to the company. New features of this latest saw include: automatic blade angle adjustment to either 45- or 90-degrees based on the profile ID, simplified fixture changes for efficient processing of multiple profiles and two fabrication tool configurations based on customer need for speed or flexibility in processing.

Stürtz will also display its vertical four-point welders and a twin head CNC corner cleaner for both frame and sash. All equipment will be powered and ready for demonstrations. www.sturtz.com

Total Spectrum – Booth #1835

EDTM will be displaying its ever-growing line of American-made instruments and sales kits to the window industry. The company will bring with it this year, the solar spectrum transmission meter, a new field measuring instrument that offers what the company says is unparalleled accuracy. It provides six performance values that are important to a variety of industries: Tuv, Tvis, Tsolar, Tir (from 900 to 1000nm), Tir (for fuller IR range from 780 to 1700nm +), and damage weight coefficient. The two infrared ranges allow users to demonstrate and measure the performance of a product at the smaller selected range of 900 to 1000 nm, and then also show the full performance value of the product by covering the majority of the IR spectrum from 780 to 1700 nm+. The meter also includes a damaged weight coefficient value that is specified in the ISO9050 and NFRC300 standards. The value assigns a percentage of 0 to 100 as to the ability of a given window product to resist fading and damage from the energy of the sun, according to the company. The lower the number, the better the performance of your product. www.edtm.com

Windows That's Genius! – Booth #1301

Deceuninck will continue its tradition of launching product solutions that fit within its business pillars of “innovation, design and sustainability” at the show. This year, Deceuninck will feature the Genius ultra-performance window and a sash solution based on the exclusive Innergy® polyurethane technology. The company will also showcase color and style options to help fabricators and dealers capture evolving market trends, and will also announce enhancements to its recycling program. www.deceuninck-americas.com

Doors VEKA to Showcase Doors,
Doors, Doors – Booth #1015

VEKA will be featuring everything doors at this year’s show. In fact, the company says large door sizes, with unique operator types and unique features, are the fastest growing specialty market segment. Standard residential products will be shown including a new stackable, triple sliding door that features an 8 ¼ inch depth of frame and all-welded 3 ½-inch sash panels, due out in the later half of 2014. Also featured will be part of the Euroview® door collection including a fold and slide 3-panel door and a EuroSwing. www.vekainc.com

Guardian Unveils Two New Products – Booth #2123

Guardian Industries will introduce two new products for the glass industry at GBA. ClimaGuard 53/23 low-E glass for the Southern region controls heat, glare and energy costs with three microscopic layers of silver. This third layer of silver helps the window block more of the sun’s heat on hot summer days and reduce glare, all while maintaining the right level of light transmission for a southern climate, according to the company. The glass manufacturer will also launch ClimaGuard 72/57 which helps to meet Energy Star® requirements in the Northern U.S. Zone. This product meets requirements for the North-Central Zone by flipping the IG unit and orienting the coating to the #2 surface. www.guardian.com

Select Comfort with AGC – Booth #927

AGC Glass Company North America will showcase its residential glass products including its Comfort Select line of residential glass, a durable, low-E glass that blocks solar heat gain during warm months and enhances it during cooler months.

The company is marketing the Comfort Select line as being designed specifically for the different needs of each region, and says that builders now can offer performance advantages that go beyond Energy Star codes. www.us.agc.com

How Low-E Can You Go? – Booth #1427

PPG Industries will showcase its newly introduced Solarban® 67 glass, a solar control, low-E glass with what the company calls a soft, imperceptible neutral coating that it says gives buildings a crisp, clean and clear exterior appearance along with solar control performance. It has a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating, and PPG says it reflects the true timbre and brightness of ambient light and color accurately and authentically. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with conventional clear glass. The glass has visible light transmittance (VLT) of 54 percent and a SHGC of 0.29, which yields a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 1.85. www.ppgideascapes.com

Film it with Renolit – Booth #1302

Components Film it with Renolit – Booth #1302 American Renolit Corp., a manufacturer of decorative and performance films, offers Exofol MLA as a finish for building components. It is a film for wood building products for either interior or exterior applications, such as door jambs, windows and jamb extensions. MLA, which is laminated to the product, is available in shades of white, including custom matches, but is also paintable. It can be painted when new or later on.

The product is available in a range of thicknesses, which the company says provide durability from processing and transportation to installation as well as for the homeowner. The heft of MLA also masks joints and other imperfections in the substrates and allows manufactures to reduce cost by using MDF or finger jointed products instead of solid wood. The film is available in a variety of embossed surface finishes and provide scratch resistance. After the film is applied, parts can be machined the same as raw wood for hardware or other processing, according to the company. www.renolit.com

Lauren Seals it – Booth #1925

Lauren Manufacturing has engineered a dual durometer door seal that it says offers a high-performance sealing solution for entry door systems. The door seal is made of closed cell EPDM sponge with low friction coating applied to the surface and is co-extruded with dense EPDM. A low-friction polypropylene is applied to the dense EPDM for easy kerf insertion. EPDM material is known for its natural UV resistance, superior compression set, and excellent weather resistance. www.lauren.com

Neo Vision – Booth #825

The brand-new FeneVision neo ERP software solution, developed by Ohio based FeneTech Inc., unveiled in June 2012, has become a successful software solution for door and window manufacturers, according to the company. The software offers a new, fully graphical user interface and new functions including: a fully native iPad app for mobile delivery, enhanced product selection capabilities for FeneVision Web and integrated designers such as bay/bow or opening designer. The FeneVision neo ERP software package is described as "ultra-modern," offering all necessary functions to manage a complete fenestration company. www.fenetech.com






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