Volume 14, Issue 7- September 2013


Increase Production with FastGas

Gas filling slowing you down? FastGas fills average IG units with argon in less than 15 seconds, according to Integrated Automation. It’s the only single gas filling system that lets one machine and operator keep pace with Intercept production, the company adds. The product is available in one- and two station versions, and fills IG made with any spacer system precisely, rapidly and reliably while offering 100 percent argon retention.

Get Ready to Bolt

American Sales Development (ASD) is offering its new bolt-on adjustable lift systems for modifying existing work surfaces into an ergonomically height-adjustable unit.

ASD bolt-on kits make ergonomically friendly work areas available to any existing work surfaces inexpensively and with minimal effort, the company says. ASD QS systems consist of four height-adjusting legs, a pump and either motor or hand-crank actuation. Typical sit-and-stand height range is 12 inches but the QS systems also offer travel distances of 8 and 16 inches for special situations.

Each system arrives in one box, completely assembled with drilling templates, ready to attach and operate.


Sealants and adhesives
Seal it Easily

ACRYL-R® SM5514 is a self-leveling, low VOC, one component acrylic compound designed to seal mechanically fixed joints, available from ITW Polymers Sealants. The product is fast skinning, paintable and permanently flexible, according to the company, and applies easily with a Plews gun. After solvent release, the sealant exhibits a tough ductile mass that fulfills the sealant requirements of doors and manufactured home details. The sealant complies with AAMA 800 specification. www.itwsm.com

Time to Renew WFI Global has introduced U-Core+, a polyurethane window foam with renewable agricultural content that is said to reduce its environmental impact. The bio-content in U-Core+ significantly exceeds the criteria for the United States Department of Agriculture’s Bio-Preferred Program for insulating foams, according to the company. A soybean product substitutes a renewable agricultural material for a non-renewable resource—petroleum—in some of the petroleum-based components of polyurethane foam.

U-Core+ retains the benefits of traditional insulating polyurethane foam—improved thermal performance, greater energy efficiency and reduced condensation on windows, WFI says in a press release. U-Core+ foam is a fire retardant.

Pres-On Solutions

Pres-On®, a supplier of adhesive-backed industrial products, has introduced what it says is an affordable new line of PVC foam tapes designed to seal out light, air, dust and moisture, provide a reliable cushion against vibrations and noise.

New Pres-On VF tapes are designed for use in the construction, HVAC and general assembly industries. The closed-cell polyvinyl foam design is available in several densities including Sof-Seal, low, medium and high. All VF tapes are said to be resistant to most industrial solvents and chemicals.

The water-based acrylic exhibits good initial tack, high shear and excellent resistance to plasticizers common in PVC foam and other substrates. VF tapes can be ordered on 52-inch width rolls in thicknesses ranging from 1/16-inch up to 3/4-inch. Custom sizes are also available. www.preson.com




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