Volume 16, Issue 6 - August/September 2015



SageGlass App Puts Control in Your Hand SAGE recently announced the launch of a new mobile app for electronically tintable SageGlass, a product of Saint-Gobain. The new app, which debuted at the AIA Convention earlier this year, lets users customize and optimize daylight for comfort inside residential and commercial buildings.

The mobile app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices. It allows building occupants to orchestrate customized daylighting “scenes” by controlling the SageGlass zones. The pre-established zoning can range from an entire building facade, to a single window. The app also enables the user to control and tint specific zones within a SageGlass window.

SageGlass is electrochromic dynamic glass that tints and clears on demand or automatically to block up to 99 percent of visible light without obstructing the view and connection to the outdoors, according to the company.



Doorglass Systems Can Save Time, Money

Doorglass framing systems might not drive consumers to your store to buy an entry door, but you’re doing them a real service if you let them know that a good one can save time and money later, says Joe Morin El & El Wood Products, one of the largest distributors of moulding and millwork products in California and Nevada.

“It seems like a minor component,” he says.

“It’s actually a very integral part of a door. Everybody’s usually concerned about the type of glass, but really, if you don’t have a good lite frame, all that doesn’t matter.”

Morin is a big fan of the TriSYS three-frame system by ODL Inc.

“What’s unique is it’s basically a frame that comes detached from the actual glass and the metal component that holds the glass into the door,” he says. “So the frame gets snapped on over that metal frame, and it has that same decorative raised moulding appeal without any screw plugs. There’s no screws. It’s all behind that moulding. The beauty of that is we can put the glass into the door and get it nice and tight, and then we snap that frame over the top. We don’t have to worry about that frame moving. It looks absolutely beautiful when you’re done.”

Squeeze-out is also not a problem with the TriSYS three-frame system, Morin says.



Be Sure With SHER-NAR 5000

Sherwin-Williams’ SHER-NAR 5000 is a weather-resistant dispersion coating for metal doors, windows, building trim and exterior building components. It employs Kynar 500 FSF (fluorosurfactant free) PVD. According to the company, that provides an environmentally responsible approach, as its base resin guards against chalking, pitting, chipping and premature aging and provides long-life protection for color and gloss.

Sherwin-Williams holds the sole U.S. spray license for Arkema Inc.’s Kynar 500 FSF PVDF resin. To hold a FSF license, a manufacturer must use 100 percent Kynar 500 FSF PVDF resin in its architectural coatings product.

“Architects worldwide specify coatings with Kynar 500 FSFPVDF resin to meet the stringent AAMA 2605-13 specifications and provide long-lasting performance in a variety of weather conditions,” said Bob Cregg, industry director of building products for Sherwin-Williams’ product finishes division.

“We’re pleased that Sherwin-Williams recognizes the value and protection that Kynar 500 PVDF resin has provided for metal building components for the last 50 years,” said James Feorino, global market manager for Arkema Inc.



Draw Up Plans With NanaWall

NanaWall Systems now offers the NanaWall Conceptual Drawing Program as a complimentary service to provide 3-D conceptual drawings of complex layouts, helping clients visualize how to incorporate NanaWall Systems into their designs.

Since each installation is unique and requires some degree of engineering, the 3-D models provide insight on how to incorporate the sliding glass wall into a project. These models can be rotated and zoomed in and out, making it easier to share designs with architects and structural engineers, and ultimately creating a visual example of how the systems will integrate within the space, according to the company.



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