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TWO - 4 axis machining centers  
with tool changers.  
Want more qualified leads for your  
business? Join’s growing  
network of Affiliates. We are current-  
ly accepting companies looking to  
expand their business by servicing  
leads in the following areas: mirrors,  
table top/furniture glass, windows  
and doors, shower doors, and com-  
mercial storefronts. Multiple loca-  
tions? No problem. Manage them all  
from the same account. For more  
information, visit  
affiliates. can also be  
ONE with 13’working length, pass  
through design to 24’.  
ONE long bed machine with 23.5’  
working length, dual zone capable.  
Frontal Miter Saw 45-135  
Pneumatic tilting  
Compound Miter Saw  
End Finisher  
Corner Crimper  
Vinyl Single Corner Welder  
Equipment used for Demo’s only  
Comes with warranty. First come basis. contacted at 81-MY-GLASS-8 or  
006 Elumatec SBZ-122/30 CNC Profile  
Machining Center / Router, 3 Side  
Machining of Aluminum Profiles, 21k  
RPM Spindle, 4 Pos. Tool Changer, 8.5  
HP, 137” X, 13.75” Y, 11” Z, (3 machines View our website for our large selection.  
available) Call: 847/537-7700, Email:  
Used & New Window  
To get a price quote for your listing,  
please send your wording to Janeen  
Mulligan at or  
call 540/602-3255. Prices start at  
Dave @ 855/669-9108  
$129 per column inch.  
Visit the DWM  
Machinery Center  
Want to check out some door and window  
equipment in acꢀꢁn ꢂitꢃꢁut ꢄeaꢅinꢆ ꢇꢁuꢈ ꢁo ceꢉ  
Check out the DWM macꢃineꢈꢇ centeꢈ ꢂꢃicꢃ  
incꢄudes quick ꢅideꢁs ꢁf ꢅaꢈiꢁus industꢈꢇ macꢃines.  
Want to get your  
machine added?  
Email taꢀffeaꢁ@laꢂꢂ  
c find cuꢃ hcws  
Door & Window Market  

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