Dealer Products  
lock block combined with 1-1/  
engineered lumber lock stiles to door track or used  
increase rigidity and stability; a heat- as traditional  
and cold-resistant polyurethane foam swing door.  
-inch on a sliding barn  
core that fills the door, making homes  
For a more rus-  
more energy efficient; removable tic look, Simpson  
weatherstrip, protected by a durable also  
jacket, to offer long-lasting sealing “weathered” option on its barn doors.  
power; hinges with ball bearings that The weathered option provides the  
protect each hinge pivot for added same look as a door made from  
Soft-Lite Arrival Series  
Soft-Lite’s new Arrival Series of support and durability; composite reclaimed wood, while maintaining  
fiberglass doors lets consumers adjustable sills that help to maintain the strength and stability of shop lum-  
choose from wood-grained doors a tight seal between the sill and the ber. Simpson can make barn doors in  
with a factory-finished stain, or a bottom of the door; and a dual-bulb, virtually any size for varied visual pre-  
smooth-painted finish.  
dual-fin design, which helps maintain sentations of this increasingly popular  
Arrival Series doors are offered in tight contact with adjustable sill caps design trend.  
an array of products—from full-glass and creates added barriers against  
doors to oval-glass options or a more moisture.  
modern appearance. A wide selec- yy➤  
tion of door configurations, styles  
In addition to its barn door designs,  
any of Simpson’s doors can be mount-  
ed on barn track hardware.  
and options allows consumers to cus- Simpson Barn Doors  
tom-design their doors and create the  
best solution for their home.  
The entry doors feature composite with its newly released line of interior  
rails that protect the door at the top and exterior products.  
Simpson Door Company is meet- Marvin Direct Glaze Corner  
ing growing demand for barn doors Window  
The Marvin  
and bottom edges to block moisture  
Simpson offers a variety of barn direct glaze  
that can wick into doors; an enhanced door designs, which can be mounted corner win-  
dow is now  
MIWD Rain Glass  
available with  
the same nar-  
MI Windows and Doors has  
added a new pattern in its  
Obscure Glass product line—Rain  
Glass. It mimics the look of rain  
running down a smooth piece of  
glass. Allowing natural light into  
depth as its  
casement and  
awning win-  
dows, resulting in a clean, contempo-  
rary aesthetic. With jambs measuring  
a space while maintaining priva-  
cy, Rain Glass is available as /  
2- /16 inches deep, the lites of glass  
inch DSB (double-strength) with  
annealed and tempered options.  
It will be featured in several  
new-construction and remodel-  
ing products, including single-  
sit flush to the exterior, allowing for a  
streamlined design.  
The direct glaze corner window  
makes the most of panoramic views  
in homes by becoming a design focal  
point and adding interest to both  
the interior and exterior of a home.  
Offering design flexibility with sizes  
up to 84 inches by 120 inches in ver-  
tical or horizontal orientations, the  
window maximizes views and cap-  
tures light from multiple angles with  
its design.  
and double-hung models, casements and awnings.  
Like all of MI’s Obscure Glass products, Rain Glass features a pattern pressed  
into the glass during the glass-making process. Rain Glass applications include  
decoration, light diffusion or privacy, making it perfect for a first-floor bath-  
room or a front door side lite. It also masks fingerprints and is stain-resistant,  
so it requires less maintenance than standard clear glass.  
MI’s Rain Glass is available in a maximum size of 72 inches wide by 140  
inches tall and thicknesses of 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm.  
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