window material-handling system, nology system, GED’S next generation  
the SD-20 batch cutting saw and the of the Intercept technology that replac-  
es GED’s GEN I and GEN II, as well as its  
GED: Booth 3437  
GED Integrated Solutions will show Smart i-3 Extruder PLUS.  
off several new products at GlassBuild,  
The company will also feature the award-winning Roboclean (RC-2000)  
including Roboflow, a robotic vinyl Intercept 2.5 warm-edge spacer tech- twin-head robotic vinyl corner clean-  
ing systems for both frame and sash.  
Stürtz: Booth 237  
The Stürtz Hi-Performance Turbo  
four-point welder combines high-  
speed servo drives, increased weld  
temperature and high-pressure join-  
ing to reduce weld time by approx-  
imately 30 percent. The welder is  
available in horizontal and vertical  
configurations for single or double  
stack welding. The vertical welder is  
Booth 1350  
The Erdman High  
Speed Dura line pro-  
duces insulating glass  
units (IGUs) vertically  
in a fashion that the  
company says nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. Vertical  
production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production  
sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators  
for service and minimizes breakage.  
Total labor for the Dura High Speed line is 3-4 operators per 1,000 units per  
shift vs. 8-10 operators for 1,000 units on a traditional line.  
Door & Window Market  
GlassBuild America  
is Back in Atlanta  
lassBuild America 2017 returns to  
the Georgia World Congress Center  
in Atlanta September 12-14, with  
more than 450 exhibitors displaying the new-  
est products in the door, window and glass  
industries. Whether or not you can make it to  
the show, read on. DWM is highlighting the  
Y’ALL stand-out products from the show floor.  
HHH: Booth 3045  
HHH Tempering Resources has  
added an automatic glass drilling  
machine to its product line-up.  
The machine offers industrial glass  
drilling. Features include a built-in  
laser, self-feeding drill capabilities,  
hydro speed feed controls and multi-  
ple motor drive options. The company  
has also expanded product offerings  
to include comprehensive insulating  
glass fabrication machinery. HHH  
designed for manual unloading. The automatically trans-  
horizontal machine can be set up for ferred via belt to a  
manual operator unload or with single static unload table or  
or twin-tier belt unload. After welding, into an automated  
the squares are either staged for man- corner cleaner.  
ual transfer to the corner cleaner or yy➤  
signed an exclusive product agreement  
granting U.S. fabricators access to the  
machinery starting August 2017.  
continued on page 30  
August/September 2017  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH29 OWTIME  
J&S Machine:  
Booth 951  
As an outsource partner for custom  
door and window products, Ventana  
USA will display long-time favorites in  
new forms: operable octagon, arched  
single-hung, casement with awning,  
a one-piece bend for CTX/springline  
windows and a Series 2050 60-by-60-  
inch garden window.  
A variety of colors and finishes  
have been added to its vinyl Veka  
Euroview and Rehau Geneo residen-  
tial and commercial products includ-  
ing tilt/turn windows, lift/slide door,  
Chelsea Building Products:  
Booth 2205  
Chelsea Building  
Products will show-  
case its Inoview  
window platform.  
The multi-hollow  
profiles enhance  
the thermal, struc-  
tural, water, air  
and sound per-  
formance. Multi-  
J&S Machine will display the hollows align within the mainframe swing door and swing door with tilt/  
CR126HAIM from 3C - C.L.O.M.E.A. and sash to offer weld strength and turn sidelite.  
The CR126HAIM is a hydraulic alu- thermal efficiency. Inoview was yy➤  
minum profile bending machine designed to maximize thermal per-  
with three driven rolls in a pyramidal formance without the need for exot- INSULATING GLASS  
configuration. Utilizing an inverter to ic insulating glass or foam filling. Intigral: Booth 725  
control the roller rotation and posi- The product was also engineered  
At GlassBuild 2017, the company  
tion speeds, the CR126HAIM can be to achieve .14 U-value as well as will introduce the Intigral Certified  
programmed to create multiple radius light commercial structural ratings, Fabricator program for its custom  
parts in a single pass while main- according to the company.  
ScreenLine blinds-between-glass kits.  
taining smooth transitions between yy➤ Intigral supplies the custom product  
bends. The CR126HAIM also utiliz-  
es a material detection photocell to Ventana USA: Booth 3123  
reduce material loading time with  
feed distance programming. Perhaps  
the most important feature of the  
CR126HAIM is its ability to use pre-  
viously stored bend data to automati-  
cally calculate the roll position neces-  
sary to achieve a desired radius.  
and fabricators can place the blind  
between the glass. The company  
offers two integrated blind models  
(ScreenLine and Innovia) with six dif-  
ferent control systems and 31 color  
Vitro Architectural: Booth 2727  
Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly  
PPG Glass) will display its Sungate  
60 and Solarban 90 glasses, two  
new products for the residential win-  
dow market. Sungate 460 is a clear,  
passive, low-E glass that the com-  
pany says enables window manufac-  
turers to achieve Equivalent Energy  
Performance Values for residential  
insulating glass units (IGUs) in the  
Energy Star 6.0 certification standard.  
Designed for the Northern and North-  
Central Energy Star climate zones,  
Sungate 460 has a center-of-glass win-  
ter nighttime U-value of 0.26 and a  
solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of  
0.58 in a standard 3-millimeter IGU,  
according to the company.  
Quattrolifts: Booth 1527  
Quattrolifts is an Australian com-  
pany that designs and manufactures  
glass-handling equipment for the job-  
site and the shop. The equipment  
allows window fabricators to handle  
large and heavy glass with greater  
safety and fewer people. The compa-  
ny will display a range of its prod-  
ucts, including the Nomad, a portable  
glass-handling lift.  
Solarban 90 glass is based on pro-  
continued on page 32  
Door & Window Market  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH30 OWTIME  
prietary multi-silver coating technol- triples. Innergy mullions made from  
ogy developed by Vitro Glass. As a Rovex XF are also available for open  
high-performing solar control low-E window systems.  
glass, Solarban 90 glass is made for  
The company will promote its  
applications requiring a neutral glass exclusive Solex laminate technology,  
appearance, reduced infrared (IR) which offers a wide range of dura-  
transmittance and high levels of visi- ble interior woodgrains and exterior  
ble light transmittance.  
colors. Based on Renolit exterior film  
technology, each layer is engineered  
to address various environmental  
Deceuninck: Booth 3113  
issues from heat reflection to weather and tapes, which are suited for in-plant  
resistance and color retention.  
Deceuninck North America’s booth ƒƒ®  
will feature a selection of its impact-re-  
sistant single- and double-hung win- SEALANTS  
dows, casement, horizontal slider and Tremco: Booth 945  
back bedding, cap, toe and heel bead  
applications and provide long-term,  
weather-resistant performance against  
the harshest extremes. Also featured  
at this year’s event is the pre-desic-  
picture window systems, as well as  
Tremco will showcase its in-plant cated, ready-to-apply, cellular silicone  
sliding patio door systems. The com- manufacturing and field installa- warm-edge spacer EnerEDGE, which  
pany will also showcase its Rovex XF tion application sealants as well as is suitable for a wide range of insulat-  
extreme fiberglass) technology, which EnerEDGE cellular silicone warm- ing glass constructions in fenestration  
is now being used in window mullions edge spacers. applications.  
to provide an energy-efficient connec- On display will be the AAMA- ƒƒ®  
tion that turns single window units approved TremGlaze silicones, poly-  
into multiple units, such as twins and urethanes, urethanes, foams, butyls  
continued on page 34  
Introducing RAU-FIPRO by REHAU—a high-tech composite material unlike any other. RAU-FIPRO of ers the best of high-grade RAU-PVC  
plus the best of premium f berglass. Delivering more than 2x structural strength, >10% better thermal performance and designed  
for zero leakage with fusion welded corners. The possibilities are endless!  
Find out more at rauf  
Door & Window Market  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH32 OWTIME  
Quanex: Booth 1919  
Quanex Building Products will highlight products and  
solutions for doors and windows, including Q-Glaze seal-  
ants, which are available in a range of material options;  
Edgetherm insulating glass sealants, including the 3000  
hot-melt butyl sealant and Edgetherm 3400 desiccant  
matrix for rigid spacers; and High-Heat Glazing Bead,  
a PVC clad bead with aluminum stabilized to prevent  
shrinking and deformation in high-heat environments.  
American Renolit: Booth 3207  
The Renolit Exofol interior film range has been expand-  
ed with more than 30 products for both residential and  
commercial applications. This range of designs includes  
realistic woodgrain prints and solid colors with two dif-  
ferent types of surface appearance.  
The new Exofol range also has excellent UV resistance,  
according to the company.  
All are suitable for substrates of PVC, fiberglass, wood,  
aluminum, composites and more.  
Also in the booth, customers can see the new true  
black color Exofol FX film and pick up the just-released  
fan deck showing all of the current overall offerings.  
Hornschuch: Booth 2325  
You can’t open a door  
or window without us!  
Hornschuch’s skai jet black laminate with cool color  
compared to other surface finishes and can be used for  
a multitude of applications, according to the company.  
Plus” technology reduces heat build-up significantly  
Your trusted fenestration supplier for over 40 years!”  
550 Applewood Cres, Concord, Ontario, L4K 4B4, Canada  
1-800-849-4011 •  
continued on page 36  
Door & Window Market  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH34 OWTIME  
These include lamination of construc- ation with little effort due to what the  
tion elements including windows and company calls an “innovative closing  
motion across the frame profile.”  
Roto North America:  
Booth 3017  
Midwest Wholesale: Booth 1314  
The Falcon SC60A Series is designed  
for interior use with aluminum store-  
fronts and mixed-use complexes. It  
offers ANSI Grade 1 durability backed system that has two ways of opening.  
by a ten-year warranty.  
It can be opened like a casement win-  
The product comes in a host of fin- dow (outswing) and can be projected  
ishes, arm types, mounting plates and out (awning).  
accessories. It features a single-piece  
The OA window also features a  
cast aluminum body, is fully adjust- multi-point lock design that creates  
able for sizes 1-5, has a heat-treat- an airtight seal around the sash. The  
ed steel pinion and steel piston, and maximum projection is 5 inches,  
staked valves.  
which is adjustable. The projection  
can be used as a shelter from rain  
and the awning function is great for  
ventilation, which is suitable for most  
John Evans’ Sons: Booth 818  
John Evans’ Sons Inc. will show off climates.  
As part of its new show booth and  
product display, Roto North America two balance systems. The company’s ƒƒ®  
will highlight its Inowa patio sliding drop-in balance is available in ½-inch  
door system.  
The system features what the com- triple coil combinations.  
pany calls an innovative closing move- The sideload constant force sys-  
and ¾-inch coil widths with single to Caldwell:  
Booth 1909  
Caldwell’s Magnum  
ment that provides a superior level tem features include sash guide com- bi-fold hinge systems  
of impermeability and lower energy ponents visible at the top corners of have expanded their  
costs for the user. In addition, the sys- the sash. These guides can now be product offering to  
tem allows for comfortable operation, replaced with sash cams that the com- include both top and  
without lifting the sash, and a clean pany says are out of view and tam- bottom rolling hinge  
design with no components protrud- per-resistant.  
product lines. Magnum  
hinges have robust fea-  
tures for higher struc-  
tural loads—up to 240  
ing into the passage opening.  
Other features and benefits include:  
a uniform closing movement with pos- HOPO: Booth 2819  
itive control through locking points  
HOPO Inc.’s new product is the pounds of panel weight  
controlled on all four sides and “Smart outswing and awning window hard- and eight panels each  
Sliding”—convenient and easy oper- ware (OA window). It is a dual window way. The extruded alu-  
minum friction hinges  
are available in a variety  
Strybuc: Booth 2112  
Strybuc will have several new  
of colors and with cus-  
tom color matching.  
products available at GlassBuild,  
including the E.Z.D. glazing tool  
and the jamb stretcher.  
The glazing tool was designed  
to assist in the deglazing of glass  
from residential vinyl windows. The product will remove glazing systems such  
as foam tape, silicone and butyl tape.  
The jamb stretcher enables you to spread a vinyl jamb pocket in order to  
replace window balances, shoes or other components without cutting the  
Vision: Booth 1227  
Hybrid aluminum housing sash  
locks will be added to Vision’s line of  
hybrid hardware systems in 2018.  
Purchasing representatives know  
that the price of zinc, a material found  
in many window and door compo-  
nents, may not always be stable. This  
continued on page 41  
Door & Window Market  
What to Expect at GlassBuild America 2017  
It’s an exciting time in the fenestration  
industry. We’re experiencing increasing  
Rethinking the Plant Floor  
of tomorrow. Expect it to be a hot topic  
Fully automated lines for glass and window at GlassBuild.  
demand for new and innovative products. manufacturers don’t just help you boost  
The Multigenerational Workforce  
One in three people in the American  
workforce is now a Millennial, and that has  
businesses across industries thinking about  
how to manage this changing dynamic.  
Employee communications, engagement  
techniques and more must account for  
Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials—  
be on the lookout for some tips on meeting  
this challenge at GlassBuild.  
Technology is evolving at a rapid clip.  
There are new possibilities for how  
we’re pushing our businesses forward.  
volumes—they come with the opportunity  
to reimagine what’s possible on your plant  
floor. Are you maximizing the value of your  
product line? Utilizing floor space properly?  
Leveraging software to make better  
business decisions?  
Simultaneously, we’re being challenged  
in new ways. Skilled labor is hard to  
come by, and a multigenerational  
workforce is bringing new considerations  
in how we recruit, maintain and  
communicate with the people who  
make these new innovations possible.  
Vinyl Takes a Stronger Hold  
Vinyl and composite materials are  
continuing to evolve in both the residential  
and commercial markets. Composite  
materials have homeowners considering  
the more cost-effective option with the  
same aesthetic benefits compared to  
traditional wood, and advancements in  
performance have seen vinyl profiles  
gain significant new traction in the light  
commercial and even commercial high-rise  
markets. As the benefits become clear, and  
proof of performance is established, don’t  
think this trend is slowing anytime soon.  
Quanex Building Products is helping its  
customers take advantage of these new  
industry trends with Plant Transformation—  
which you can read more about in this  
issue of Fenestration Focus and hear about  
directly from our experts at GlassBuild. We  
have the resources, technology, capabilities  
and expertise to unite a range of changing  
industry dynamics into an actionable,  
winning strategy for customers. And, we  
can’t wait to show you more.  
How will we move forward? Rest  
assured, it’s what will be on the minds  
of attendees at GlassBuild America  
017 in Atlanta. Here’s what to watch  
out for:  
The automation of fenestration  
manufacturing processes is changing  
how we do business. It’s helping us  
maximize our labor and do more with  
less. As more invest in the technology—  
be it semi-automated or full, high-  
speed lines—maintaining a competitive  
edge becomes a priority. How to do  
this? You can anticipate some theories,  
answers and techniques to emerge at  
this year’s show.  
The Labor Shortage  
We know there’s a labor shortage—and it’s  
time to get proactive. Whether it’s partnering  
with local trade schools, developing  
apprenticeship programs or other forms  
of outreach, it’s the responsibility of our  
industry to foster the best and brightest  
Check out  
to learn more about the show, and stop by  
Booth #1919 when you’re there!  
HL Plastics Receives Queen’s Award  
Quanex President and CEO Bill Griffiths  
had the honor of visiting Buckingham  
Palace and meeting the Queen!  
Bill was invited to accompany HL Plastics  
CEO Roger Hartshorn to the Palace on July  
bi-fold door, earning a Queen’s Award for  
Enterprise in Innovation.  
2, in recognition of the Liniar ModLok™  
The prestigious UK award, announced on  
the Queen’s birthday, means HL Plastics  
joins a very select group of UK businesses  
to be honored by Her Majesty—only 1,357  
new products have been awarded the  
Innovation accolade since it was launched  
1 years ago, with HL Plastics among just  
Photo Courtesy of  
57 companies added to that list this year.  
Roger said, “Visiting the Palace was a dream  
come true; I’ve always been a royalist and  
appreciate the huge contribution the Royal  
Family makes to the UK. Winning the award  
was fantastic—but meeting the Queen was  
the icing on the cake!”  
bit surreal to be hosted by the Queen. I am  
very proud of our HL Plastics team and all  
they have accomplished, and I was honored  
to be a part of the award festivities.”  
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met  
award winners during a drinks reception  
at the Palace, where Roger and Bill mingled  
with other successful business heads and  
innovators. Staff cleared a path for the  
Queen and Duke as they moved through  
state rooms connected by a series of  
chambers and chatted to award winners,  
including Bill.  
Learn more about Liniar, ModLok bi-fold,  
and the company’s full range of window  
and door solutions at  
Bill commented “What a privilege to be invited  
to Buckingham Palace. I have to admit it was a  
CompositWood Product Spotlight  
The CompositWood® 9400  
retention, insect-proof material, and  
superior surface finish and durability to  
avoid maintenance. CompositWood  
can’t absorb water or moisture, meaning  
Architectural Series from Interstate  
utilizes Quanex Building Products’  
MikronWood and Duralite spacers,  
blending the elegant appearance of true it will not rot, host mold or mildew. As  
wood with the maintenance freedom  
of vinyl, the strength of metal, cutting-  
edge energy savings, and ease of  
operation into a beautiful and durable  
door system.  
an alternative to wood and fiberglass,  
CompositWood boasts superior dent  
resistance, low air infiltration rates—saving  
money—and a limited lifetime warranty.  
CompositWood by Interstate  
CompositWood by Interstate  
CompositWood by Interstate is the next  
generation of doors and windows with  
revolutionary material blended with  
timeless design.  
CompositWood offers many  
advantages to wood, including greater  
energy efficiencies, superior screw  
Learn more about MikronWood and other  
Quanex window and door profile solutions  
Keep up on the latest at  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH36 OWTIME  
Glasslam: Booth 2119  
WorldSpacer is a stain-  
directly affects the cost of the finished  
lock, latch or handle. Aluminum pric-  
es, on the other hand, have proven  
to be consistent from year to year.  
Vision will be turning out a new line of  
sash locks that use zinc cams, handles  
and down rods for strength and high  
cycles, combined with color-matched  
aluminum housings.  
less-steel-backed, flexible  
polyurethane spacer system  
that provides warm-edge  
performance and durabili-  
ty for insulating glass units  
(IGUs). The product features  
a matrix of UV-resistant  
thermoset polyurethane and  
3A molecular sieve. It is sil-  
icone-free, which prevents  
contamination of the vapor  
Wood’s Powr-Grip: Booth 527  
barrier or IGU air space.  
WorldSpacer is designed to meet and exceed global IGU standards such as  
ASTM E2190 and EN1279. It has also been engineered for use on automated IGU  
production lines with robotic spacer application machines, as well as for manual  
spacer application methods, according to the company.  
fixed with a distortion-free and last- includes the capability to identify the  
ing finish. Various kits are available type of low-E coating in the window  
for immediate delivery for large and and indicate if it is a hard-coat (pyro-  
small customers  
lytic) or soft-coat (sputtered) product.  
The meter will also tell the number of  
silver layers that make up the coating  
of a soft coat low-E.  
EDTM: Booth 1636  
EDTM will display its line of yy➤  
American-made instruments and  
sales kits to the glass and win- COMPONENTS  
dow industry, including the latest Lauren Manufacturing:  
improvements to its Glass-Check Elite Booth 2229  
With a 700-pound load capacity, (#GC3200).  
Wood’s Powr-Grip’s P1-DC3 vacuum  
lifter with Intelli-Grip technology is a ability to identify laminated glass in a ed corners to offer customers a  
new tool to help install windows. window, and also measures the thick- solution to on-site cut and glued/  
It adds computer-aided controls ness of the laminate inner-layer. Also adhered gaskets in critical applica-  
and safety systems. new to the design is a graphical dis- tions. Vulcanized corners utilize rub-  
Lauren Manufacturing creates  
The newer instrument adds the seals and gaskets with transfer-mold-  
For added safety, the lifter’s Dual play that shows an illustration of the ber extrusions and a transfer molding  
Vacuum System (DVS) features two profile of the window, helping the user process to inject rubber compound  
independent vacuum circuits, allow- to better understand its construction. at the corner between the cut ends  
ing it to maintain the vacuum level The graphical display shows the win- of the extrusion, maintaining con-  
for one circuit even if an unexpected dow drawn approximately to scale tinuity of the seal between the glass  
vacuum loss occurs in the other.  
and assigns numbers to each piece of and metal framing. Compared to butt  
glass in the window, and to each sur- joints and adhesives, molding pro-  
face of glass, aiding in identifying the duces a bond with greater integrity  
low-E-coated surface. Another new and better appearance.  
Industrial Sales Corp.:  
Booth 1518  
ISC is bringing the Purex glass recent 28 measurements taken by the technique can create simple corners  
and acrylic scratch-removal systems user, allowing him or her to pull up or complex frames from a singular  
to GlassBuild. They use physico- the measurements after returning to extrusion or multiple dissimilar pro-  
feature lets the meter store the most  
Lauren Manufacturing says this  
chemical processes and cause glass the shop or office.  
files. Recent improvements to Lauren’s  
to “flow” on a molecular level to fix The Glass-Chek Elite has all the abil- transfer-molding process have made  
and repair glass and acrylic scratches. ities of the previous Glass-Chek Pro this a cost-effective option for cus-  
Purex offers a complete training pro- product as well, including the ability to tomers while meeting the demands  
gram and will train personnel so the measure window thickness and iden-  
scratched or damaged glass will be tify the presence of low-E coatings. It  
continued on page 42  
August/September 2017  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH41 OWTIME  
of those seeking high-performance  
GPI: Booth 3729  
The GPI Group will bring  
wide range of door components to  
GlassBuild, including the “N” series  
PVC T-astragal with double woolpile,  
the “N” series aluminum T-astragal  
with double woolpile and the “N”  
series fiberglass T-astragal with dou-  
ble woolpile.  
The company will also showcase  
pultruded fiberglass jambs and door  
panels with “Snap-On Hinge Prep  
Molding.” Additionally, GPI is dis-  
playing a pultruded fiberglass sill and  
adjustable sloped sill pans.  
LaCantina: Booth 3823  
LaCantina Doors has created a new class of multi-slide by combining the  
preferred features of symmetry, strength and performance of a lift and slide  
door with the functionality and value of a multi-slide. The new multi-slide  
system utilizes the same door panel used in its folding and swing systems for a  
perfectly matching door package to meet any architectural style  
Typical multi-slide doors have tall bottom rails, different leading and trail-  
ing edges and thin top rail that is buried in the header. LaCantina Doors’ new  
class of multi-slide panel features stiles and rails of a consistent width to cre-  
ate symmetry and balance. They’re also available in a wide range of material  
Energi Fenestration Solutions:  
Booth 1717  
Energi will bring several exam-  
ples of its Hybrid product line to  
Panels can be as tall as 12 feet and as wide as 8 feet with up to 60 square  
feet of glass. Pocketing and stacking configuration and zero post applications  
are available, as are single-, double- and triple-glazing options.  
GlassBuild, including the Orchestra APPS  
Hybrid lift and slide patio door; the Assa Abloy BILT  
multi-functional Marquise Hybrid tilt  
The mobile BILT app is free to  
and turn product line fabricated in download on Apple and Android  
different combinations; and the 4600 and provides access to Intelligent  
Hybrid Series, which has aluminum Instructions for Assa Abloy products.  
extrusion on the exterior but is also The instructions are fully interactive,  
available in a version with aluminum voice-narrated step-by-step guides  
extrusion on the exterior and interior. that simplify installation and short-  
en the time it takes to accomplish  
the job. They remove the guesswork  
when attempting to interpret paper  
Combilift: Booth 1644  
The Combilift range of four-way  
forklifts is designed for the safe han-  
dling of long and awkward loads in  
confined areas.  
Designed to work inside and out, on  
semi-rough terrain and in all weather  
conditions, it’s versatile and universal,  
with capacities from 5,000 pounds to  
SIfTyoOurePat GBlassYBuilAd, sNwinDg by BSooAth Y707 aHndI  
0,000 pounds. It’s available in diesel,  
say hello to the DWMstaff. We’ll be there all week.  
continued on page 44  
Door & Window Market  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH42 OWTIME  
FeneTech: Booth 927  
FeneTech will present the latest release of their  
FeneVision ERP software for glass fabricators  
and door and window manufacturers. This fully  
integrated software operates on a graphical user  
interface running on a single database, allowing  
employees to see—in real time—exactly what is hap-  
pening on the production f oor. FeneVision provides  
all the tools necessary to control each phase of  
production, including web and client-based quo-  
tation and order handling, pricing and costing, an  
integrated CAD for glass shapes, the creation of bills  
of materials, capacity planning, production sched-  
uling, dynamic or batch glass cutting optimization,  
a CRM tool, and reporting through their FeneVision  
Business Intelligence (BI).  
LPG or electric models.  
The Combi-CB is compact in  
size and can operate everywhere  
regular counterbalance forklifts  
can operate.  
Blink: Booth 2519  
ODL’s Blink for doors and window  
is a blinds-plus-glass IG panel option  
for the fenestration industry.  
The company says Blink came  
about because manufacturers, build-  
ers and homeowners wanted a simple  
solution that addressed and solved  
their concerns about the safety, clean- SOFTWARE  
and supply chain management and  
business intelligence. The company  
ing and lack of ease associated with OpenJanela: Booth 328  
traditional blinds.  
The OpenJanela ERP is a custom- says it can be integrated with most  
Blink Blinds + Glass offers custom izable, open-source, fully integrated f nancial software.  
sizes, clear and low-E glass, and a business solution that encompasses  
OpenJanela’s designs are based on  
turnaround time of eight days or less. marketing and customer relations more than 50 years of fenestration  
Assembled in America, each panel management (CRM), lead manage- experience and are built to meet the  
comes with a ten-year full warranty.  
ment, sales management, service  
management, projects, production  
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Door & Window Market  
IcoTntinueSd fromSpageH44 OWTIME  
Not Just Machines  
complex and unique demands of today’s door and window  
manufacturers, dealers and suppliers.  
In March, the company released Version 3.0 of its software,  
which includes several product enhancements.  
WTS Paradigm: Booth 2223  
WTS Paradigm will display its new Web CenterPoint and  
Inspire products.  
At J&S Machine, we specialize in providing a  
turnkey, profitable solution for your bending  
applications. From storefront and window  
extrusions, to awning and sign applications,  
we provide the machine, tooling, and training  
to fit your investment budget and meet your  
bending needs.  
Web CenterPoint offers a reliable, scalable web-based con-  
f gurator that gives access to the data behind it all to help drive  
business decisions in the right direction. Inspire is a new web-  
based application that helps door and window companies  
make their catalogs available to consumers online.  
Kommerling: Booth 3522  
Kommerling USA will bring its lift and slide KomaDoor sys-  
tem to GlassBuild America. The KomaDoor can f ll spans of  
up to 21 ½ feet by 9 ½ feet in a two-panel design for maximum  
light and space. It also comes with options for double and  
triple glazing, and it includes a low ADA-compliant thermally  
broken sill. Available f nishes include classic white, as well as  
a selection of colors and woodgrains.  
Your success is our business.  
J&S Machine, Inc.  
W6009 490th Avenue, Ellsworth, WI 54011  
Ph: 715-273-3376 Fax: 715-273-5241  
Web site:  
Door & Window Market  

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