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Controversial Connecticut  
Window Warranty Bill Fails  
n late July, the Connecticut General  
Assembly declined to override Gov.  
Dannel Malloy’s veto of legislation  
that would have forced window man-  
ufacturers to include replacement  
and labor costs in product warranties.  
The proposal was strongly opposed by  
the Window and Door Manufacturers  
Association (WDMA), which called it  
unprecedented.” The bill is now dead  
for 2017.  
S.B. 821 would have required win-  
dow, roofing and siding manufac-  
turers that offer consumer warran-  
ties to make a determination on a  
claim within 30 days of receiving one.  
After that period, the claim would  
have been considered automatical-  
ly approved, and the manufacturer  
would have been required to pay it  
within the following 30 days.  
In addition, the bill would have Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy vetoed the bill in early July.  
required manufacturers to pay any  
warranty claim made for materi- wasn’t needed because consumers are all labor costs for product defects is  
als and labor and to reimburse the already covered by product warran- unreasonable because products can  
full price of the materials and labor ties that protect them from legitimate fail for many reasons, such as improp-  
the consumer was charged. The bill defects or failures. In addition, manu- er installation, misuse or modifica-  
would have forced manufacturers facturers provide specific instructions tion after installation, or improper  
doing business in Connecticut to cre- for the installation of products, along maintenance.  
ate separate warranty procedures that with maintenance and other import-  
differ from the rest of the nation. ant documents. The association also  
“WDMA commends the General  
WDMA had argued that the new law said that making all warranties cover  
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RegistratioWn ifonrDWoinoDororR2e01g7i, stCreantrtei, owhnichOis lpoceatnedsabout 15 min-  
Canada’s leading trade show for the utes from most of Ontario’s door and  
door and window industry, is now window manufacturers.  
open. The event is scheduled for  
WinDoor planners are also seeking  
November 28-30 at the International to expand exhibitors beyond door and  
Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, which window companies to tool businesses, tracks encompassing technical codes,  
is located near Toronto’s Pearson health and safety operators, architects business and marketing, and manu-  
International Airport.  
and designers and more.  
facturing and operations.  
Last year’s show in Montreal drew big  
The education program for WinDoor  
Visit www.windoorshow.ca for more  
attendance, and organizers are hoping and Fenestration Canada will expand information and to register as either  
for a bigger turnout at the International as well. Look for multiple learning an exhibitor or attendee.  
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WCONThINaUEtD ’s News  
Assembly for refusing to consider an  
In June, OSHA published a notice multiple establishments at the same  
override of this veto,” said Michael of proposed rulemaking to extend the time. A third option will allow users of  
O’Brien, WDMA president and CEO. deadlineforsubmitting2016Form300A automated recordkeeping systems to  
This legislation was unprecedented to December 1, 2017, to give businesses transmit data electronically.  
and severely problematic for manufac- time to familiarize themselves with the  
turers, dealers and consumers doing electronic reporting system and to pro- LEGAL  
business in the state of Connecticut. vide the new administration an oppor- Virginia Sues Window Company  
WDMA would like to thank all mem- tunity to review the new electronic  
Virginia Attorney General Mark  
bers who weighed in on this bill.”  
reporting requirements before they’re Herring filed a lawsuit against aVirginia  
implemented. Beach window company in July that  
The data submission process will is accused of defrauding homeowners.  
involve four steps: (1) Creating an Sea-Thru Windows Inc. and its  
OSHA Launches Reporting App  
On August 1, the Occupational establishment; (2) adding 300A sum- president and owner, Jeffery C. Pesich  
Safety and Health Administration mary data; (3) submitting data to are accused of taking money from  
(OSHA) launched the Injury Tracking OSHA; and (4) reviewing the con- homeowners before work was com-  
Application (ITA). The web-based firmation email. The secure website pleted, as well as some whose “life-  
form allows employers to electronical- offers three options for data submis- time warranty” was not honored.  
ly submit required injury and illness sion. One option will enable users  
“When Virginians spend hun-  
data from their completed 2016 OSHA to manually enter data into a web dreds or thousands of dollars on their  
Form 300A. The application will be form. Another option will let users homes, they should get what they pay  
accessible from the ITA webpage.  
upload a CSV file to process single or for,” Herring said in a statement.  
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