W M A H E A D L I N E S  
Wood Mouldings: A Fresh Take  
These Products Can Give a Home an Instant Makeover  
B Y J E F F W I L L I A M S  
n the building materials industry,  
all successful products go through  
the inevitable evolution of “new  
and exciting” to “industry standard”  
to “so yesterday” to “whatever hap-  
pened to?”  
I believe the best way to avoid this  
is to pay attention to market, fashion,  
style and architectural trends. By doing  
this, you can upgrade and freshen  
your old standby products constantly  
and remain relevant in a constantly  
changing market. Wood moulding is  
an industry-standard product that has  
stood the test of time and has con-  
stantly changed with evolving tastes  
and trends to remain as relevant today  
as it was centuries ago.  
Wood mouldings provide homeowners with diverse, inexpensive design options.  
A Quick-Change Artist  
One of the most visible, easy to to a home is a relatively low-impact endless exciting possibilities.  
“freshen up” architectural items in project. It won’t break the bank or  
At the World Millwork Alliance, you  
a home, new or old, is the moulding disrupt family life while it’s going on. have the opportunity to meet and dis-  
package. New mouldings can change As an added bonus to the beautiful cuss these thoughts and others with the  
the entire theme of a home’s interior new look of a home, the customer will best “millwork minds” in the business.  
from Early American to Modern to have the satisfaction of knowing they WMA member manufacturers and dis-  
Victorian to Shaker to Craftsman or have increased their home’s beauty tributors represent the most effective  
any other style a homeowner finds and value as well as taken a step to and professional organizations in mill-  
attractive and relevant.  
I will take this a step further. The  
upgrade and protect their investment. work. The partnerships that exist in  
WMA leverage our mutual strengths  
best choice of material for this “fresh- Mouldings’ Golden Age?  
en up” project is wood mouldings pro- Today’s wide availability of wood sales and market share growth.  
duced from the bounty of softwood mouldings has never been exceeded You may want to consider joining  
and deliver consistent and successful  
available today. This includes pine, in any other time period. You have us for the 53rd annual “Meeting of  
hemlock and alder as well as others, mouldings available as close as a Millwork Minds” WMA Convention  
not to mention the endless variety of neighborhood family-owned lumber and Tradeshow October 7-11 in beau-  
hardwood mouldings made from red yard or hardware store, the local big tiful, historic Charlotte, N.C. If you  
and white oak, cherry, poplar, walnut, box, pro dealer yard or Internet. Wood are not a member, contact me at jwil-  
hickory or any other exotic a customer mouldings are available that originate liams@orepac.com.  
might desire.  
domestically east or west, north or sharing the benefits of WMA mem-  
would enjoy  
Whether your customers envision south, and from Asia, Canada, South bership with you.  
this as a DIY project or plan to hire America, Mexico and just about any-  
one of the truly skillful and artistic where else in the world you care to Jeff Williams is the senior corporate  
finish carpenters who are as close as mention. So next time a customer millwork purchasing agent for OrePac  
their home computers, upgrading or wants a “fresh take” on their home, Building Products and treasurer of the  
adding additional wood mouldings think wood mouldings and all of the World Millwork Alliance.  
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