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CES 2017: Home Automation  
Makes a Major Mark  
he recent CES 2017 show in Las firm. “Consumers are only now start- to address these concerns to continue  
Vegas featured a strong focus ing to conceive of the additional value growth in these sectors,” said Stuart  
on home automation, including derived when devices collaborate to Sikes, president, Parks Associates. “2017  
fenestration products and systems.  
There’s growing demand for these  
products from homeowners. According be hampering greater market growth.  
to a recent report from Transparency For example, Parks Associates  
deliver more intelligent services.”  
will offer companies multiple oppor-  
However, security concerns might tunities to take the lead in protecting  
consumer privacy and data.”  
Parks Associates also released the top  
Market Research, the global home recently announced new research 10 consumer Internet of Things (IoT)  
automation market will grow 26.3 per- showing that 60 percent of U.S. trends for 2017. As far as applications  
cent per year between now and 2020 to households with broadband Internet that could be used with fenestration,  
$21.6 billion. connections are worried about the the report says voice control might  
The smart home is in an early security of smart home devices.  
become the primary user interface for  
stage, where the primary perceived  
“Privacy and support concerns are smart homes. Additionally, the report  
value is in the convenience of home outpacing smart home adoption, which finds that the smart home industry will  
automation,” said Jennifer Kent of is currently at 26 percent of U.S. broad- continue to develop new products for  
Parks Associates, a consumer research band households, and companies need security and energy management.  
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