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Millwork Industry Safety Efforts  
Hinge on Preparation, Expert Says  
he moulding and millwork indus- safety. He covered topics ranging from disasters and things such as terror  
try is facing many of the same disaster preparedness to an aging attacks and active shooters, but they  
issues that affect other business- workforce.  
es. An aging workforce is a concern, as  
is figuring out how to attract millenni- crucial to prepare for natural disas-  
don’t prepare for serious injuries or  
He began by pointing out that it’s fatalities at the workplace,” he said.  
Burkhalter also discussed the  
als who are looking for jobs. And safety ters such as hurricanes—not just for labor shortage in the industry, not-  
is always important, especially for an safety reasons, but also for business ing that the loss of skilled employ-  
industry where machinery is a crucial continuity.  
part of so many processes. “Did you know that 43 percent of lems for many reasons. For example,  
Those topics and more were cov- companies that experience a major older workers increase the number of  
ered during the recent World Millwork disaster never reopen?” he said.  
age-related injuries, mainly because  
ees and an aging workforce are prob-  
Alliance (WMA) convention in  
And while many workplaces have they’re still the largest percentage of  
plans in place for every conceivable the workforce—and their numbers  
Terry Burkhalter, the vice president calamity, they’re often unprepared for will only increase in the next few  
of risk control services with Willis the most common incidents.  
Towers Watson, discussed workplace “Most people plan for all kinds of  
years, he said.  
“Thirty percent of the workforce  
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will be over 55 by 2020,” Burkhalter  
said. “Are you handling that? Are you  
prepared for that?”  
Burkhalter cited a study showing  
that 100 percent of the most costly  
health claims were for employees over  
For Millennial Workers, Sell the Opportunity  
Diane Thielfoldt, founder of the Learning Cafe, hosted a panel discussion on  
millennials with four representatives of that generation who work in millwork.  
Thielfoldt says millennials are the largest and most influential group in the  
workplace, and they’re also the most diverse—42 percent are minorities. Today,  
millennials are about a third of the workforce. By 2025, they’ll be 75 percent.  
When it comes to workplace behavior, millennials are experience-hoppers,  
not job-hoppers, Thielfoldt said. Millennials also prefer to work in teams, and  
they define a “good boss” as someone who stretches and challenges them.  
The panelists offered ideas for attracting millennials to the millwork industry.  
Like many others, it’s facing staffing challenges as older workers retire.  
“When I was a little girl, I never said ‘I think I want to work in the millwork  
industry when I grow up,’” said Kelsie Murdock, the marketing director for  
Endura Products. “The question shouldn’t be ’hey, do you like doors?’ It should  
be ‘we have an opportunity in this industry.’ That’s more of the selling point.” ƒ  
6, and 85 percent of the most costly  
claims were for workers over 41.  
He then displayed a chart of the  
most common injuries reported in  
the millwork industry. Shoulder inju-  
ries were No. 1, followed by injuries  
to backs, fingers, hands, arms, wrists,  
thumbs, knees and eyes. Most injuries  
are related to material handling, he  
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