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U.S. Files WTO Complaint  
Against China Over Aluminum  
he United States has filed anoth-  
er trade enforcement complaint  
against China at the World Trade  
Organization (WTO), alleging the  
country is skirting WTO rules by pro-  
viding subsidies to certain producers  
of primary aluminum.  
The government said it took the  
action to address U.S. concerns  
that China’s subsidies are artificially  
expanding Chinese capacity, produc-  
tion and market share and causing  
a significant decrease in the global  
price for primary aluminum.  
and low-priced inputs for Chinese  
aluminum are contributing to excess  
Artificially cheap loans from banks  
Source: Office of the  
U.S. Trade Representative  
capacity and undercutting American The U.S. says China has unfairly propped up its domestic aluminum industry. That’s  
workers and businesses,” U.S. Trade led to a big drop in the global price for the metal.  
Representative (USTR) Michael  
Froman said in a statement. num production increased by 154 per- COMPANY NEWS  
According to the USTR’s office, the cent and capacity increased by 243 B.F. Rich Ceases Operations  
country’s apparent subsidies raise percent, while global prices fell by 46 B.F. Rich Windows & Doors, a long-  
concerns that China is not acting con- percent. It notes that during the same time manufacturer of vinyl replace-  
sistently with its obligations under period, U.S. primary aluminum pro- ment fenestration products head-  
the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and duction decreased by approximately quartered in Newark, Del., closed its  
Countervailing Measures.  
China’s Commerce Ministry said 46 percent, even though overall U.S. people out of work.  
in a statement the U.S. complaint consumption increased. The number “Unfortunately, despite a long leg-  
of U.S. aluminum smelters fell from acy of achievements, B.F. Rich has  
The USTR office claims that from 14 in 2011 to five in 2016, with only experienced financial setbacks dating  
37 percent and capacity decreased by doors in February, putting about 130  
lacked a factual basis.”  
007-2015, Chinese primary alumi- one operating at full capacity.  
back to the beginning of the Great  
Recession in 2007,” said Terry Rex,  
vice president of sales and marketing,  
in an e-mail to DWM. “This situation  
could not be sustained.”  
Sources told DWM that B.F. Rich  
had been in negotiations with a poten-  
tial buyer but the deal fell through,  
forcing the company to close.  
B.F. Rich was founded in 1957 by  
Benjamin Spiller, Frank Chaiken and  
Richard Guyer. (B.F. Rich is a combi-  
nation of their names.)  
Jeld-Wen’s IPO Goes Live  
On January 27, Jeld-Wen launched its initial public offering (IPO) on the New  
York Stock Exchange at an announced price of $23 per share. In a release, the  
company said it put 25 million shares of its common stock into the IPO, which  
could raise up to $575 million.  
The company said it will use about $375 million of the IPO to pay down  
its debt. The rest will be used for “general corporate purposes,” according to a  
prospectus filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  
Jeld-Wen initially filed for an IPO on June 1, 2016.  
Jeld-Wen operates 115 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries. It’s head-  
quartered in Charlotte, N.C. In November, the company announced that it  
would build a new corporate campus in Charlotte and hire about 200 workers.  
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Door & Window Market  
WCONThINaUEtD ’s News  
In 2013, BF Rich was a DWMGreen Ventana USA Celebrates  
Award honoree for its overall commit- 30 Years in Business  
technical standards that are used in  
laws such as building codes. It also  
ment to energy efficiency.  
Ventana USA, which began said organizations that develop stan-  
in 1987 with three employees in a dards, including those used in the  
3,000-square-foot space, is celebrat- fenestration industry, have the right  
ing its 30th anniversary this year. It’s to charge fees to access them.  
Koch Completes  
Guardian Acquisition  
Koch Industries Inc. has com- grown to more than 100 employees  
The court ruled in favor of ASTM  
pleted its purchase of Guardian in two facilities totaling over 70,000 International, the American Society  
Industries Corp. after receiving square feet. of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-  
all regulatory approvals for the  
Ventana USA is headquartered in Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)  
Export, Pa. The parent company is and the National Fire Protection  
Koch initially acquired a 44.5 per- also in Germany, France and Poland.  
cent minority interest in Guardian in  
Association (NFPA).  
Public.Resource.Org had argued  
that standards become “legal facts”  
when they’re incorporated into state  
or federal regulations and can’t be  
012 and purchased the remaining LEGAL  
shares last November in an all-cash Court: Posting Standards  
transaction. Additional terms of the Online Violates Copyright Law  
deal were not disclosed.  
In February, the U.S. District Court copyrighted. The court rejected that  
Guardian has locations in more for the District of Columbia ruled argument, saying technical stan-  
than 25 countries and brings Koch’s that the public-records activist orga- dards differ from other laws because  
employmenttotaltomorethan120,000 nization Public.Resource.Org violat- they’re not written by government  
ed copyright law by publicly sharing officials.  
Door & Window Market  

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