Vol. 8 - Issue 11 December 2007


2008 Construction Outlook
Experts in the construction industry gathered in Washington, D.C., recently to offer their predictions for the coming year. 

Machinery Survey
Door and window manufacturers say knowledgeable machinery suppliers are crucial, while price actually falls at the bottom of their preferred criteria. 

Plant Tour
The R.O.W. Window Co. balances the tradition of wood windows with a changing market. The company manufactures both wood and vinyl products. 

Win-door Review
Win-door North America 2007 brought together the fenestration industry while offering new products, networking opportunities and a forecast for the year ahead.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
While door and window manufacturers may be focused on data concerning pressure-sensitive adhesives, one company warns against putting too much value on one single number.



Experts predict that the housing market may remain bleak in 2008. Turn to page 30 for an overview of the 2008 construction forecast.

Only Online
Learn Insights from Window and Door Industry Update Webinar
Jordan, Knauff and Co. hosted its latest webinar recently that offered valuable information for door and window manufacturers. From competing with China to diversification, manufacturers were given a host of information to help them plan for the future. www.dwmmag.com


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