Vol. 9 - Issue 6 - June 2008


Run, Forrest, Run
Hurricanes are making landfall at the University of Florida, but in a good way. Assistant professor Forrest Masters and his research team are studying the stormsí effects on wall systems. 

Green Packaging
While green packaging may seem impossible to achieve, several manufacturers are making it work and are saving money doing so. 

Plant Tour: Ventana
Ventana focuses on bending vinyl for customers no matter what shape or size. Couple this with a focus on lean and environmental strategies in place and the result is much success. 

Seal It Up
Looking for new sealant options? Turn to page 42 for the latest products available on the market. 

Gas Filling
Argon filling offers a viable and economic approach to manufacturing IG units. But learn what measures to take to keep the gas inside the unit.



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