Vol. 10 - Issue 2 - February 2009


Coatings of Many Colors
Is your company looking for a new coating option, or a way to add some options to your products? Look no further than this special section.

Making the Case for Automation

Are you looking to automate your plant with new equipment and machinery? See how three manufacturers have accomplished this feat.

Fiberglass Friendly
Manufacturers are working on many advancements to make fiberglass not only green, but also environmentally friendly. G

Manufacturing Triple IG Units
While some manufacturers cite drawbacks of manufacturing triple-glazed units, others cite the many benefits. Weigh the cost and benefits of building triple-glazed units, which is increasingly important, in light of the new forthcoming Energy Star® requirements.

Special Shapes
In today’s market, manufacturers are looking for a variety of ways to stand out. For vinyl manufacturers, this can be done through the manufacturing of special shapes. Learn what items to look at when considering this process, including doing this in-house or through outsourcing.



Shown is the fiberglass Integrity line from Marvin Windows and Doors, its line of fiberglass products. The photo featured is part of its expanded line of round-top windows. For more on fiberglass windows and doors, including their environmental attributes, see article on page 26. Photo courtesy of Marvin Windows and Doors.

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