Vol. 11 - Issue 2
March 2010


Software Buying Guide
If you’re in the mouldings and millwork or the door and window industry and are looking for a software supplier, this is the issue for you. Keep this as a reference throughout the year in case you find yourself in the market for industry-specific software.

IBS Review
Attendees and exhibitors reported that although the International Builders’ Show was smaller than in recent years, products still reigned supreme and both groups seemed to sense a growing optimism in the industry.

Plant Tour
Seaway Manufacturing in Erie, Pa., says it prepared for the worst in 2009, but through a commitment to its dealers, combined with the window tax credits, the company has survived and is poised for future growth.

March Machinery Madness
If your company is looking for a new machine or system, turn to page 44 to see the latest available.

Lead—Laying out the Facts
Many in the industry are talking about the upcoming lead paint regulations and how they will affect window contractors. But this focus on lead has also raised questions about other components, such as the hardware. DWM takes a closer look at this issue.






Seaway Manufacturing chief engineer Zach McCartney operates Seaway’s Sturtz 4-point fusion welder For more on Seaway, see article on page 38.

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