October 2002

     NSDJA Headlines

Reading, Writing and Recommending

by Linnea Johansson, MNM, CAE

NSDJA needs your help. It’s time to rewrite and update our Millwork Home Study Course. With nearly 400 copies sold annually, many of you have either taken the course or recommended it to others in your company. Responding to the changes that have occurred in the millwork industry since the last rewrite of the course several years ago, your NSDJA education committee is committed to updating the course in 2003.

We Need Your Help 
We are seeking volunteers to review and update the material already included in the course, and the education committee has identified several new topics to be added.

What qualifications are needed to participate in the review and re-write process? Simple. We are seeking knowledgeable individuals who want to help the association. It isn’t necessary to be an accomplished writer. We don’t even care if you can spell. We want your knowledge. As sections are completed, an editor will “clean up” the material for consistency and grammar. 

You may write independently or collaborate with others. Please take a look at the topics listed below and let us know if you would like to help. In addition, you can recommend individuals you know who have knowledge in these areas.

Interested in Helping? 
Here are the new topics that will be added: 

    • Door Machines;

    • Moulding Machines;

    • Styrenes;

    • Vinyls;

    • Plastics;

    • Components;

    • Glass Block;

    • Offshore Woods;

    • Steel & Fiberglass Doors; and

    • Fire Doors.

The list would be far too lengthy to list all the topics in the existing course that need to be reviewed and updated; however, these are the major categories:

    • Distribution Channels;

    • Construction Methods;

    • Specialty Millwork (i.e. columns, shutters, skylights);

    • Doors;

    • Windows;

    • Mouldings;

    • Stairwork;

    • Cabinets; and

    • Urethane.

We are seeking about 20 to 25 members to work together on this project. Several folks have already volunteered when I discussed this project with them in San Antonio. If you would like to help, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you. 

  Linnea Johansson is the executive director of the NSDJA, located in New Port Richey, Fla. She can be reached at 800/786-7274 or



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