March 2003

Getting Framed

Manufacturers Offer a Variety of Sills and Frames

ills and frames are essential to the window and door industry. If you’re a jobber, dealer or wholesaler who pre-hangs doors or handles custom-window jobs, then take a look at what different manufacturers are offering in the area of sills and frames.

Door Frames That Eliminate Rot 
BMS Vertical Framesaver Burns, Morris & Stewart L.P. (BMS) of Nacogdoches, Texas, offers the FrameSaver™, a wood exterior door frame with a wood-composite end, which is fingerjointed to the frame. According to the company, the 6-inch TimberTech-composite end is impervious to water, eliminating bottom-end rot. 

Almost all moisture that penetrates the frame enters from the frame bottom and is absorbed up the frame. The company says the frame’s technology stops rot at the bottom of the frame before it starts.

Jamb System Offers an Alternative to Wood
Astro Plastics of Covington, Ga., says it has created a door-jamb system for exterior doors with traditional brickmould that outlasts and is more durable than wood door jambs. ASTROjamb™ patented door jambs are constructed from ASTROcel™, a cellular material. ASTROcel is a viable alternative to wood because it doesn’t absorb moisture. As a result, the jambs won’t swell, mildew or rot, according to the company. The ASTROcel material is co-extruded with a durable, exterior vinyl cap.

The door jamb incorporates a patented, unitary structure that joins the brickmould, eliminating caulk joints and improving the structural integrity of the door unit. The complete system includes accessory pieces to accommodate in-swing doors, out-swing doors, sidelites, several mullion options, circle tops and transoms for both 4-9/16-inch and 6-9/16-inch widths.

Young Manufacturing Offers Starter Kits
Young Manufacturing Co. of Beaver Dam, Ky., is now offering Clad-Plus II starter kits containing all the components needed to build single, double and sidelite units, shipped together in two bulk boxes. Starter kits include your choice of Young’s patented sill designs: AA top drain or HP clad dills. 

Components Combat Rot and Termites
Woodgrain Resista Woodgrain Millwork of Fruitland, Idaho, is introducing its new Resista™ exterior components. The Resista frame and brickmould incorporate a raw material made by a patented steam-injection process. 

With the utilization of phenolic resins and zinc borate, the company says the material has a very strong resistance to rot and termites, and comes with a 25-year warranty against rot and termites. 


Z-Plus Offers All-Composite Materials
Endura-Z-Plus The Z-Plus sill is the next generation of Greensboro, N.C.-based Endura Products’ Z-Series product line. The line features all-composite materials that it says will not rot or warp and have a high-dam adjustable cap design. 

The sill also incorporates a new injection-molded substrate design that supports the threshold and enhances thermal break characteristics.

The company says mull and frame boot systems are injection-mold components that, when used in conjunction with the Z-Plus sills, protect the wood components from water damage, such as wicking, discoloration and rotting. These boots accommodate straight-cut mulls, back-to-back frames and standard frames and are available in a variety of sizes.

Frame Includes Large Assortments of Trim
Marley Pro Frame Marley Mouldings of Marion, Va., has introduced Proframe™ entrance and patio door systems, a no-rot, virtually maintenance-free door system with an all-cellular vinyl and composite entry frame. Proframe includes one of the industry’s largest assortments of exterior and interior trim available, according to the company.

The company says Proframe’s system is waterproof from the top to the bottom of the frame, with no wood construction used. The system is painted and ready to stain for fiberglass doors, and prefinished to match finished fiberglass and wood doors. While the need to paint is eliminated, the system can be repainted if desired and is under a ten-year finish warranty. 

Proframe, available in lineal or prepackaged kits, also provides the industry’s largest selection of sizes, including 4 9/16 inches, 5 ¼ inches and 6 9/16 inches. The company says the cellular vinyl is combined with a composite, post-treated filler core that further strengthens the product. 

Frame Eliminates Unsightly Screw Holes
ODL Smartframe Building industry professionals can now say farewell to traditional door frames that look “pock-marked” with screw holes, thanks to the new SmartFrame™ decorative glass frame introduced by ODL® of Zeeland, Mich.

The frame features a SnapFit™ design that eliminates screw holes and plugs to create a new standard in decorative door-glass frames for the industry. Frame pieces literally “snap and grab” securely together for a fast, hassle-free installation, according to the company.

Available in half door (22 inches by 36 inches) and half sidelite (8 inches by 36 inches) sizes, the company says the frame has a water tight compression seal, resulting in a clean, finished look around the edges.

Sill System Features Interchangeable Rail
Stanley Pro Sill Stanley Door Systems of Charlotte, N.C., a product group of The Stanley Works, has introduced the Pro-Formance™ rot-proof sill system for its line of entry and patio doors. The sill incorporates new features such as composite construction, an interchangeable rail, a hidden adjusting mechanism and the versatility of fastening jambs to sills with staples, nails or screws.

The company says a full width and length composite substrate supports the sill entirely, maximizing resistance to bending and providing maximum caulking surface for installation. Synthetic mull boots eliminate the need for tenons and provide additional rot resistance. The adjustable rail allows precise adjustment and the flexibility to fit a variety of different entryways. The new sill design leaves no exposed adjusting screws to corrode or fastener plugs to lose, according to the company.

Clad Product Does Not Require Painting
Evron Clad Everon Clad® is Portland, Ore.-based Contact Lumber’s latest patented improvement over solid wood. Made of 100-percent rigid thermofoil, an exterior grade PVC that can be adhered permanently over almost any substrate, the company says Everon Clad is a finished component that is durable, maintenance-free and easy to clean. 

The clad, which can be used for interior or exterior use, does not require painting, but with proper preparation, it can be painted to match any trim color, according to the company.

The company says Everon has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that over time it will not chip, peel, crack or suffer significant color change or deterioration. 




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