January/February 2004

New Products

WISE Showcases Two Machines
WISE Corp. of Largo, Fla., displayed two of its machines at the 40TH Annual Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) Convention in Orlando, Fla.: the 8800 LXR and the W8000. 

The 8800 system machines an entire pre-hung door unit. The company says it is a fast and accurate servo-driven system, has a pre-programmable deadbolt function, has automatic backset shift and predrill and has variable hinge patterns. The 8800 LXR’s functions can also be saved to memory.

The W8000 is a fully automated interior/exterior pre-hung door machine. It processes the hinge jamb, strike jamb and door operations simultaneously. Once the machining has been completed, hinges may be attached directly to the door and hinge jamb. The complete cycle time for this procedure takes approximately one minute, according to the company.
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Royal Introduces an Industry First
Royal Mouldings of Marion, Va., has introduced the new Pro Weld II-W™, a double-hung and casement weldable window system, that the company says is the industry’s first all-weldable cellular vinyl window system.

Pro Weld also has a complete selection of all sash profiles, brick moulds, grilles, sill, sill nosing, blind stop, jamb extenders, frames and mull profiles, as well as interior trim, which are designed for excellent weatherability. Clearwood® stainable finish is available for the interior sash profiles. 

Clearwood is a patented natural grain and coating process that can be finished in the home using traditional stains or paints and applied to mouldings, interior portion of windows, doors, walls, ceilings and floors. 
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Full House Introduces the Marquise Diamond Machine
Melbourne, Fla.-based Full House Co. has introduced the Marquise Diamond Machine, bringing flush-hinge technology to its high-production horizontal line. The Marquise Diamond handles doors from 1-foot to 4-feet wide and accommodates raised molded doors with instant changeover of hinge sizes. 

Other options are immediate changeover from standard to commercial face plate, hinge applicators, pre-drill, ball catch drill and deep-pocket mortise.
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Koch and Co. Introduces Fire Door
Koch and Co. Inc. of Seneca, Kan., announces the addition of its 20-minute-rated wood-style and rail fire door to its line of high quality doors. The door is offered in single swing with a maximum size of 3 feet wide and 7 feet high.

According to the company, this unique door is catergory “A” or “B” and is in compliance with the Uniform Building Code 7-2-1997 positive-pressure code.

Koch and Co. says its goal is to supply a wood door with a 20-minute fire stamp in its wide variety of designs and wood types, with flat or raised panels.
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KVAL Offers Machine to Make Interior and Exterior Doors
Petaluma, Calif-based KVAL Inc.’s 990F-4 Pre-Hanging Door Machine is designed for both interior and exterior doors and jambs. 

According to the company, the machine will accommodate 1 3/8-inch and 1 ¾ -inch doors with a minimum width of 18 inches and a maximum width of 48 inches, as well as door lengths of 6 feet by 8 inches or 8 feet. 

The machining sequence includes automatic routing of either 3 ½- or 4-inch hinge pockets on both the door and jamb and complete cylindrical lock machining, including faceplate.
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Young’s Sill Is Water-Tight
Young Manufacturing of Beaver Dam, Ky., says it has unquestionably the greatest advancement in door sill technology in decades—the AA Top Drain Sill.

With its one-of-a-kind storm drain, triangular fin weatherseal and fully treated one-piece hardwood base, the company says the AA Top Drain Sill is designed to keep the sill water-tight.

To make its sill, Young uses multiple pieces laminated into one solid block before machining, which increases the stability of the base more than 2 ½ times over all competitive wood sill designs. All wood parts on the sill are treated with moisture repellent after machining is completed, which assures that exposed wood, including end grain and hardware holes, is protected from moisture absorption.
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WindosorMill Adds to Collection
Windsor Mill of Windsor, Calif., now offers the Colonial Revival style as part of its WindsorONE™ mouldings collection. The style is based on the designs of a 1920s manufacturer’s catalog. 

The complete room style of Greek Revival includes a three-piece crown, picture moulding, two-piece window detail, two-piece base moulding and casing.

“This style is tied together with ogee (“s” shaped) details that show up on each moulding,” said Brent Hull, founder of Hull Historical Millwork of Fort Worth, Texas, and designeer of the new WindsorONE moulding collection. “Architecturally, we followed the styles of our forefathers,” he said.

The WindsorONE product line also includes boards and specialty boards, including interior and exterior trim boards, and tongue-and-groove boards. All the products are manufactured with lumber harvested from even-aged timber stands to provide consistent, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. 
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