January/February 2004

Publisher's Notes

Change, Chance and Opportunity

Taking a moment to reflect on the year 2003, one word keeps coming to mindóchange.

Products have changed. Markets have changed. The way products are going to market has changed. Companies have changed. Personnel have changed. (It seems the list is endless.)

Now we all know what the word change means, but just for the fun of it, I decided to look it up in the dictionary and found this: change means to cause to be different; to alter; to give a completely different form of appearance.

On the way to finding the word change, I came across the word chance and this is what was described: chance is an opportunity; a risk or hazard; a gamble.

So then I moved on to the word opportunity and this is what it said: a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances. 

Lastly, I looked up the word millwork, or I should say I tried to look up the word millwork. The word millwork was not in the dictionary, which is a bit scary.

With some of the recent acquisitions in our industry, many of us are certain to feel a bit worried. What is going to happen to your business, especially this time of year when you are crunching numbers and trying to make predictions for 2004? Are you going to sit back and wait to see what happens? Are you going to step-up your efforts? Or are you going to just lie down and quit?

With the millwork industry changing, it certainly adds a whole new meaning to the above three wordsóchange, chance and opportunity. Right now, the industry is changing. However, it offers you the opportunity to take a chance and change the way you do business. Otherwise, you might be considered a risk that nobody wants to gamble on.

Make it a great day!

Brian Welsh, publisher




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