July/August  2004



Heavy Machinery
 Prehangers Can Become 
More Efficient by Adding Machines

Years ago, prehangers did not have the luxury of owning equipment to make their businesses more efficient. It would take three to five people working by hand to accomplish what one person and a machine can now accomplish. With the addition of a machine, companies can move employees from one area of the warehouse to another, making their operation more efficient. If you are in the market for new machinery, here are products from a number of machinery companies for your consideration.

Door Assembly Line Can Prehang 850 Doors
Norfield Industries of Chico, Calif., says it offers the fastest, most reliable door machine in the industry. The Norfield Model 5000SS automated door assembly line is capable of prehanging 850 doors within a 7-hour shift. 

The complete assembly line includes the 5200SS door loader, 5000SS machining center and 5100SS assembly table. Each station is integrated with the system to insure maximum flow speed.


Machine Completely Preps Doors
Triad/Merrick Machine Co. of Alda, Neb., offers an addition to its 928-8 interior/exterior door factory. The company says the machine can improve the efficiency and economy of any-size door shop drastically.

The company says employment of a programmable controller in conjunction with proximity sensors provides consistent, reliable and fully-automated control. 

The company says the 928-8 will completely prep doors and jambs from 6-foot, 6-inch to 8-foot heights, 16 inches to 48 inches wide, 13/8 inches or 1¾ inches thick and automatically adjusts for all door and jamb sizes.

Machine Accommodates Raised Molded Doors
Full House Co. of Melbourne, Fla., offers the Marquise Diamond machine. The company says it was the first to bring to market flush-hinge technology on its vertical line, and now brings cutting-edge technology to its high-production horizontal line.

The Marquise Diamond is 8-foot capable, handles doors from 4-feet-1-inch in width and accommodates raised molded doors with instant changeover of hinge sizes, according to the company.

Other options available include immediate changeability from standard to commercial face plate, hinge applicators, pre drill, ball-catch drill and deep-pocket mortise.

Hinge Radius Instantly
WISE Corp. of Largo, Fla., says it has had a revolutionary breakthrough in pre-hung door and jamb machining technology with its 8800 LXR door and jamb machining center. 

The company says the 8800 LXR is the most versatile and accurate door and jamb machining center offered today.

With CNC speed and accuracy, the 8800 LXR changes hinge radius, hinge sizes and patterns, backsets, deadbolts instantly and automatic square corner chiseling reduces labor-intensive tasks.

The company says its unique standard features include: pre-drill and chamfer, pick and place hinge application and 0- to 5-degree tilt for double-beveled doors. Creating and batching daily work orders for production through desktop communication is also available.

In addition, programming for the 8800 LXR is available in three different languages.

The 990FX Completes Door Units in 20 Seconds
Petaluma, Calif.-based KVAL says its 990FX is the fastest door pre-hanging machine available. 

The 990FX will rout a door and jamb for three hinges, drill the pilots for the hinge screws, mortise for the lock and apply three hinges in 20 seconds, according to the company. 

When set up in line with a special KVAL handler door feeder and a KVAL 700-C frame assembly machine, the 990FX can produce up to three complete door units every minute.

BAM Machines Now Available with Processors
Largo, Fla.-based Builders Automation Co. (BAM), which recently expanded its facility by 60 percent, says its 995E and 996E pre-hung door machines are now available with processors that reduce cycle times by 25 percent through the use of innovative programming techniques. This feature may also be field-installed on existing equipment, according to the company.

“Our customers get real increased productivity—turning out approximately 10 hours worth of doors during 8 hours of operation,” chief executive officer Robert Mitvalsky said. “This means either expanded production or maintenance of current manufacturing capacity with fewer man hours—both adding dollars to the bottom line.”
BAM also recently introduced a pre-drill option for these same machines equipped with the 1550 hinge applicators that pre-drills screw holes prior to hinge applications. It can be added to new equipment at the time of manufacture or field-installed on customers’ machinery in their facilities.

The pre-drill units are mounted to the router bases and simultaneously drill pilot holes for screw application. They pivot to remain out of the way while routing, position automatically for drilling, and then retract again to allow hinge application. 

“As raw materials and door construction change, adaptability is important. Some of our customers have noticed inconsistencies—particularly puckering in MDF doors—that make pre-drilling a desirable step in the manufacturing process,” president Wolfgang Schusser said.


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