October  2004

A Minute with AMD's Incoming President

SHELTER wanted to give its readers a look into the life of Terry Bumgarner who will be installed as the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) president at this year’s convention. Here’s what Bumgarner, president of King Sash & Door Inc. of Clemmons, N.C., had to say.

Q: Most people have their own yardsticks of success. What yardstick will you use at the end of your term to judge whether or not it’s a success?
A: I think we need to expand the association and to continue the long-range strategic plan on which we’ve worked so hard in the last two years to put in place. The membership and the board have done all this, and I hope the membership can appreciate all the hard work that has been put into it by the board and the strategic planning committee.
Q: What are your most important priorities for the coming year?
A: I think keeping the membership involved in our entry-door standards and having them commit to getting involved with establishing the standards is important.
Q: Are you talking about standards such as the side-hinged exterior door standard?
A: Primarily. As well as any other standards that would affect the association.
Q: The association has come under criticism in the past for the low turnout at the conventions. How would you respond to that?
A: We have tried to have the association management user-friendly by listening to the membership and adjusting the days and the things involved. The members who are not coming are truly missing out on the convention. We are working to be involved with the membership to get them what they want. If we can achieve that, then I think they will come to the convention.
Q: What does the typical AMD member look like in ten years?
A: If I could predict the future (chuckle), I probably wouldn’t be doing this interview. I would be a stock broker or something.
I think they will be very computer-oriented and they will have much broader lines of inventory. The customers
 are demanding so many more items and options.

Q: How did you get started in the millwork business?
A: I began as a minority stockholder of King Sash & Door in 1978. I purchased the other stockholders out in 1985 … I didn’t grow up in the business.
Q: What did you before then?
A: I was in the meat distribution business.
Q: How do you feel your company is different from other businesses and what are some of its unique characteristics?
A: We are a shop that will try to build anything that anyone wants. The custom orders are niche for us and we like them very much. The large orders tend to give us the volume we need for our business, and the custom orders allow us a little more margin.
Q: What are your greatest professional challenges?
A: To become more successful in what we do and to do a better job in what we do. 
Q: What are the biggest lessons the business has taught you?
A: The building industry operates in cycles, and you need to be prepared for downturns as well as enjoy the upturns. 
Q: Who are your mentors in the business?
A: Since I didn’t grow up in the business, I don’t have anyone I would call a mentor. My father was a mentor, but he wasn’t involved in the millwork business.
Q: Have you found other AMD members to be helpful?
A: The AMD members have been extremely friendly and willing to share with me. Mike Harmon, who was president of M&W Windows but is no longer in the millwork business, was the one who brought me into AMD.
We’re moving into a new building in November, and we’ve had distributors in Tennessee, Alabama, and different regions of the country invite us to come see how their operations work, and we’ve taken advantage of it.
Q: If someone were thinking of moving his business, what advice would you give to him?
A: They need to plan to spend more money than they thought they would (laughs). Everything seems to cost more than we anticipated, but we are moving into a building (an old furniture factory) that is four times larger than what we now occupy. 

Q: Tell us about your family?
A: I’ve been married for 40 years to Evelyn, who I met in high school. We have two grown children—Joseph and Kristy. Neither is married. My son runs a trucking company that we own independently and my daughter works in retail. She has worked in the millwork industry, but not for me. 
Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: Primarily golf. I enjoy traveling around the country and playing different golf courses.
Q: What is your typical golf score?
A: It’s from the low 80s to the high 90s, and there’s no rhyme or reason why it goes from one to the other. 
Q: What was your first job? Worst job? Job you’d like to do that you haven’t?
A: My first job was working on the family farm, and my worst job was in high school, and it was washing trucks at Holly Farms Poultry. 
I can not think of a job that I would like to do more than I’m doing now. I love my job. I really enjoy the millwork industry. It’s been great getting to know the people, customers and even the competitors. 

Products, News and More Products

Booth #425: 
Penrod Adds Cellular PVC Boards
The Penrod Co. of Virginia Beach, Va., is introducing its newest product—XO™—to the industry. Having been in the market since 1888 in items as diverse as sawn hardwoods, flooring, plywood, furniture veneer, component parts, hinges and hardware, The Penrod Co. is introducing Cellular PVC boards.
In addition, Penrod will show its selection of hinges and hardware, with the Ball Bearing Lite™ as the centerpiece.

Booth #239: BrasPine 
Offers Finger-Joint Products
BrasPine Madeiras Ltda. of Porto Alegre, Brazil, started its operation in 1997 and it is one of the leading finger-joint product manufacturers in Brazil. The commercial office is located in Porto Alegre, and its plant is in Jaguariaíva. 

BrasPine has an extensive line of finger-jointed pine products, including mouldings, exterior frames, split and flat jambs. All its production is exported to North America and Europe and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

In addition, the company is expanding its mill for the production of ultra light MDF mouldings, which is expected to start its production by end of this year.

Booth #402: BAM to 
Unveil New Stair Router
Builders Automation Machinery Co. (BAM) of Largo, Fla., will be unveiling a new generation stair router machine.

“Stair equipment hasn’t changed much in years,” said chief executive officer Robert Mitvalsky. “We thought it was time to integrate modern technology into trusted machinery design. The result is our Model CNC/MFSR.”
This newest stair router is fully programmable and works directly from CAD drawings, which may be downloaded to the processor or through parameters that the operator manually enters into a menu-driven touch screen. The company says it’s as simple as entering the fractional dimensions that define the stair configuration. 
“We’ve engineered our stair router with four axes,” said Wolfgang Schusser, company president. “It will cut two stringers simultaneously at an industry leading cycle time.”

The servo-driven machine is also capable of making the top and bottom landing cuts without removing or repositioning the stringers, according to the company.

Booth #1441: WISE 
Offers Hinge Jamb Machine
WISE Corp., of Largo, Fla., has introduced the Model 1525A automatic hinge jamb machine, which is designed to process a variety of materials, such as splits, flats, rabbitted jambs or mull posts quickly and accurately.

According to the company, touch screen control and quick change bar template make the Model 1525A ideal for matching various door manufacturers’ hinge patterns. The machine features incremental depth and backset adjustment and index from the jamb stop to assure quality of the finished unit.

Booth #537: 
Sunset Offers a Variety of Moulding Products
Sunset Moulding Co. of Live Oak, Calif., has four manufacturing sites in the United States, and the company says each specializes in its own unique product line. For instance, the Chico, Calif., facility manufactures finger-joint mouldings and finger-jointed and primed mouldings and millwork; the Cottonwood, Calif., facility manufactures solid lineal and cut-to-length mouldings; the Live Oak, Calif., facility manufactures Suntrim MDF mouldings and boards for the distribution in the Western United States; and the Idabel, Okla., facility manufactures Suntrim MDF mouldings and boards for distribution in the Eastern United States.

The company believes it is one of the few manufactures that during the supply crises of 2004 that can proudly say, “We serviced all of our customers on time and with a quality product.” 

Booth #1107: Dixie-Pacific 
Offers Variety in Fiberglass Columns
Dixie-Pacific, of Gadsden, Ala., now offers new choices from its selection of large fiberglass columns. The new Accent collection offers architectural designs such as square tapered, knee wall, barrel, recessed panel, round non-tapered and square fluted columns. Sizes and styles are added to the new collection daily. 

The company’s DuraCast fiberglass columns are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polymers (FRP), with sizes ranging from 6 inches by 8 feet to 36 inches by 30 feet. All columns have architecturally-correct proportions and projections and will not decay, according to the company.

Booth #1023: Endura Offers 
New Brushed Nickel Sill
Listening to customer demands, understanding job site issues, as well as end-user concerns has been Endura’s practice from the beginning. Industry standards have subsisted of aluminum thresholds in three different finishes: standard mill, bright brass or dark bronze, and now through popular demand, Greensboro, N.C.-based Endura introduces brushed nickel, a first on the performance side. 

This new brushed nickel sill finish will be available on selected synthetic Z+ and Z Classic composite sills in 4 9/16-, 5 5/8- and 7 13/16-inch widths. The new option incorporates the high-performance features which address the shortcomings of wood sills.

Booth #1418: StairCon … 
Software for the Stair Industry
In association with Smithfield, R.I.-based Computer Associates, Inc., StairVision has introduced a product to North America that was first designed in Europe by Consultec.

The StairCon product by StairVision is a Windows-based design tool that does not require CAD experience. According to the company, the 3-D visualization gives the user the ability to view the staircase from different perspectives while configuring the stringers, risers, treads and balustrade as well as raw material and labor. StairCon will also check building codes to insure compliance. Straight run, circular, spiral, L-shaped, U-shaped and other combinations can be easily and quickly designed and quoted.

In addition, while in production, scale drawings can be sent to the plotter and, as a bonus, StairCon can tie into a CNC router for manufacturing.

Booth #417: Multi-Point 
Locking For Taller Doors Available
Multi-point locking systems are being used in more and more applications for both patio and entrance door requirements, especially in the increasingly popular tall doors. With this in mind, W & F Mfg., of Sun Valley, Calif., now offers the Trilenium locking system for doors with heights of 8, 9 and 10 feet or 6 feet, 8 inches. The system features three spring-loaded latches, which become deadbolts with 90-degree thumb-turn actuation and an interior panic release. Upgraded, solid bronze handle sets are now available in six styles with 33 lever shapes in seven different patinas. 

Booth #1423: Columbia Offers 
Weather-Stripping and More
Columbia Aluminum Products LLC of Commerce, Calif., is offering builders and suppliers a variety of options on exterior composite door sill components.

The company says it has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing weatherstrip products to the building industry since 1947. 

The finest quality materials have been designed for quick and easy installation, and the company says it is always looking for ways to improve its product lines, new material and special finishes have been introduced in this catalog. 

Booth #1217: 
Pemko Publishes 2004 Catalog
Now available from Ventura, Calif.-based Pemko Mfg. Co. is the company’s 2004 catalog. To make choosing a product easy, the catalog is organized into specific categories. In addition, most product drawings are shown at full scale with appropriate technical information. The catalog also has color-coded labels to indicate either new products or those that feature “advanced technology.” 

According to information from the company, the catalog’s format makes it possible to present product information on loose-leaf pages, which are inserted into a three-ring binder.

Booth #1323: 
New Threshold Offers Unibody Construction
The new ImperiPLUS™ threshold from Richmond, Ind.-based Imperial Products maintains a unibody construction. It features a one piece substrate where the nose and base are a single uncompromising structure—with no screw holes—that water won’t penetrate, according to the company. The ImperiPLUS exceeds ASTM E283-84 and ASTM E331-86 water infiltration standards.

In addition to entry-door applications, the company says the threshold is a perfect companion for Imperial’s patio and continuous sidelite vinyls, which can be cut to length and installed without notching. For added versatility, an attachable, stackable shim is available for height adjustments.

Booth #311: 
Polincay Buys New Sawmill
Polincay, of Santiago, Chile, has recently purchased a new 5 million BF sawmill in the South of Chile. The new facility will increase the company’s present FJ-pine jesso-primed moulding capacity and make available additional volume for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Booth #1223: 
Square Columns Available from Turncraft
Square columns are the newest option from Turncraft, of White City, Ore. The company’s square Poly-Classic columns include choices of non-tapered straight-sided, raised-panel and fluted. They can be fitted with optional pedestal bases for added style.

The columns are made of rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer and offer maximum load-bearing capacities and hollow center and are now available with FlameGuard.

Booth #506: 
A New Display Designed to Inform Ferche Customers
A new display was designed for customers of Rice, Minn.-based Ferche Millwork to show the most popular profiles the company manufactures. The rotating D2004 display has five panels featuring 94 profiles of products made in a number of different species. Included are four brochure holders for the standard profile, decorator series, EZ beam and mantel kit brochures. 

Each part of the display is identified and fastened to the panel with glue and nails. The display arrives completely finished except for placing the six-inch samples into the bins. The bottom of the display contains 28 bins for holding the take-along moulding samples. 

Booth #823: 
Simpson Doors Feature Magnetic Chalkboard Panels
Encourage kids to write on the walls? That’s essentially what Simpson Door Co. of McCleary, Wash., is saying with an innovative new collection of interior doors. These doors are constructed using a unique process that combines engineered wood stiles and rails and panels made up of a ¼-inch-thick specialty material. This material is magnetic and looks and acts just like a chalkboard, according to the company.

Available in three design configurations, consumers can choose from one door-length chalkboard panel, two vertically-stacked chalkboard panels separated by a rail and the same configuration of two panels with a chalkboard panel on top and a ¼-inch wood panel below. Each door is 1-3/8 inches thick and can be specified in heights of 6 feet 8 inches, 7 feet and 8 feet and in a succession of widths from 2 feet to 3 feet. Simpson chalkboard panel doors come standard in Douglas fir, Western hemlock, American red oak, maple and cherry and can be constructed in virtually any wood species at Simpson’s Custom Door Facility.

Booth #1536: 
COLOR GUARD Offers Outdoor Products
Representatives from COLOR GUARD Vinyl Porch and Deck Rail Systems of Sheboygan Falls, Wis., say it provides homeowners with more than curb appeal, beauty and a high-quality, tested railing system. They say the company will provide distributors with the best service in the industry—and it says it can prove it.
The company says it acknowledges customer orders immediately and orders are shipped on time.

Booth #343: 
Baltic Offers a Variety of Millwork Products
Baltic Lumber & Moulding Group (BLM) of Brookfield, Conn., says it’s been successfully growing as a professional participant in the North American building construction materials market for the past six years.
The company is a vertically-integrated holding company comprised of companies involved in the cutting, drying, manufacturing, marketing and distributing of lumber and millwork products.

BLM’s product offerings include surfaced lumber, mouldings, door packages, components, edge-glued panels, flooring and plywood and veneers.

Booth #1001: 
New Patrician Collection Available From MAi
The new Patrician collection from MAi Wood Doors & Stair Parts of Wylie, Texas, received its inspiration from the classic shape of European triumphal arches. The company offers 36 full surround door unit options designed to project a feeling of nobility. The doors and surround components are made of mahogany and feature a choice of all beveled or a combination of camed and beveled glass.

Booth #907: 
Young Mfg. Offers Maintenance-Free Door Frame
Clad Plus II, from Beaver Dam, Ky.-based Young Mfg., is intended as a rot-free, maintenance-free door frame. The patented door frame, constructed of treated hardwood encased in vinyl, never needs painting. To prevent wicking, insulators are used on the ends of all vertical components. In addition, a zipper attachment eliminates exposed fasteners.

To further add to design choices, the Clad Plus II is now available in sandstone.

Booth #817: 
WoodWare to Demonstrate WebConnect™
WoodWare Systems of Memphis, Tenn., will demonstrate its new software and technology capabilities. Among the software solutions on display are its WebConnect modules for internet inquiries, quoting and ordering. Modules include: customer and sales rep inquiries and look-ups, quoting and ordering for standard products, quoting and ordering for configured products, handheld wireless PDA modules for job site connectivity and more.

All of the WoodWare WebConnect modules utilize the Caché post-relational database and the WoodWare Database Interface software module. The quoting and ordering modules of WebConnect software are being designed in conjunction with the new graphical WoodWare System for a consistent look and feel throughout the company’s new platform. Current WoodWare users can begin using these web modules immediately, as these modules are already in use at a number of WoodWare customer accounts.

Booth #1022: 
Western Reflections Offers Dual Caming
Western Reflections of Gallatin, Tenn, recently introduced a new dual caming glass panel. The company says the product, Windsor Sensations, offers brass and platinum caming in the same design. 

The company is also offering satin nickel caming for doorlites, sidelites, transoms and decorative windows to round out their caming offering, including brass, platinum, patina and sensations. 

Booth #1206: 
DMSi Increases Agility Sales
DMSi has announced a 200 percent increase in sales of Agility in less than two years since the one-of-a-kind business management application hit the millwork distribution market in earnest. According to the company, Agility is the industry’s newest Windows-based software solution—and the first designed, engineered and developed from scratch specifically for Windows/GUI (graphical user interface) and millwork distributors. 
The Agility platform is rare in that it represents a complete re-architecturing and re-write designed to offer distributors of doors, windows, millwork and other building materials dramatic improvements in functionality, speed, reliability and flexibility.

Booth #725: 
Entry Doors Feature 90-Minute Fire Rating
A line of 22- and 24-gauge fire-rated insulating steel entry doors, including the first such door in an 8-foot height, is offered by Taylor Building Products, of West Branch, Mich. The doors feature the aesthetics of weldless construction and are designed and tested to qualify for the 90-minute Warnock Hersey fire-rated label. 
The company also offers design flexibility, with doors available in a variety of flush and embossed patterns and a stainable textured wood grain finish option. The doors are available in heights of 6 feet, 8 inches, 7 feet and 8 feet, with widths up to 3 feet. 

Booth #1119: 
Royal Moulding to Feature Garage Systems
Marion, Va.-based Royal Mouldings Limited, a member of Royal Group Technologies, will provide an array of its interior and exterior mouldings and trimwork products, as well as railing, guttering and a complete garage system.

Royal will have its Trim Plank® (cellular PVC boards) No Rot® Exterior Trim on hand. The company says it’s the industry’s most extensive line of no-rot exterior trimwork, including door frames, brick moulds, jambs, crown and dentil mouldings, window sills, door and window casings, utility trim, porch and ceiling mouldings, fascias and soffits, trim plank boards, jamb extenders and mullion.

In addition, the company will also display its Proframe™, Pro Sash® I-M, Pro Weld II-W™, Round Top Window Quick-Trim® System, Envelop™, Pro Series® No Rot Exterior Trim and Garage Solutions™ products.

Booth #801: 
Commander Adds Computerized Technology
Petaluma, Calif.-based KVAL’s machine, the Commander, has been recognized as one of the industry’s most versatile door machines. The company says the machine has now been made even better with the power of computerized technology (touchscreen optional).

The company designed the first edition of the Commander nearly 20 years ago to machine locks while dapping hinges with a single router moving from one location to the next automatically. The machine adjusted readily for hinge size and location, making it right for machining architectural doors and prehanging residential doors.
Today, the Commander di utilizes full digital integration to adjust lock and hinge location and sizes. The settings for each door are keyed-in for immediate use, downloaded from a queued sequence or from bar code labels on each door.

Booth #331: 
Terranova Offers of Variety of Mouldings
Terranova, with North American headquarters in Wando, S.C., invites AMD show-goers to see first-hand its extremely smooth surface of MDF nd finger-jointed mouldings finished with Ultra Prime™. Terranova says it is extending its highly-refined jesso finishing process to more product lines, since it has proven enormously successful in initial markets.

According to the company, jesso components are mixed in the exact ratio that produces consistent texture and solid white color to completely cover—without dulling profile shapes or cracking. Master-level sanding and buffing produces a workable finished product ready for a final coat of paint. As all Terranova products, Ultra Prime mouldings are delivered custom-labeled and packaged.

Booth #1500: 
HVP Offers More Hardwood Species
Heritage Veneered Products (HVP) of Shawano, Wis., recently expanded its product line to include knotty alder. It is now available in select WOODPORT® interior door designs. The company believes knotty alder will appeal to consumers who want a rustic, yet rich and elegant décor throughout their homes. Known as a medium-density hardwood, knotty alder is usually light brown with reddish or peach hues. Small and large split knots are apparent, which vary in size, shape and color. The grain appearance is even and stain can be applied with ease.

With the addition of knotty alder, Heritage also offers a pine option, which the company made available earlier this year. Heritage offers vertical grain clear pine and knotty pine doors in raised panel, v-groove and French glass designs. More species will be released in early 2005. Species under evaluation include select alder, hickory and Douglas fir.

Booth #1322: 
Contact Expands Its Moulding Inventory
Changes in customer preference patterns and a subsequent emphasis on hardwood species products for interior use have allowed Clackamas, Ore.-based Contact Lumber to expand its product offerings of natural wood wrapped mouldings. The product line has expanded to include most available veneer species and hundreds of patterns, including those used in interior moulding applications, as well as window and door components. 
In an effort to further support the consumer shift, Contact has introduced an inventory management program, Contact QuickShip Inventory (QSI). The program allows distributors to offer certain species and profiles to their customer base without having to directly hold the inventory. Instead, Contact keeps the inventory in-house for quick shipment of smaller-than minimum order quantities. 

Booth #516: 
Setzer Offers Different Programs
Setzer Forest Products Inc. of Sacramento, Calif., operates mills in Oroville, Calif., and Sacramento, and recently purchased three state of the art Weinig moulders—two Powermat 2020s and one Hydromat 23C.
According to the company, the programs are designed to fit the distributor’s every need, such as providing solid, finger-jointed or MDF mouldings and millwork.

Booth #1101: 
Crown Heritage Offers New Colors in Crown System™
North Wilkesboro, N.C.-based Crown Heritage will feature its newly patented Crown System, as well as its forged iron collection of balusters, newels and accessories in new colors.

Crown Heritage developed one of the industry’s first stair systems that perfectly aligns standard balusters with the rake of the rail and the tread—something no other traditional stair system has been able to achieve in a 34-inch rake rail height. The Crown System, which was launched in 2002, provides the geometrical solution to the stair system industry’s problem of uneven alignment, which emerged from a change in building codes.
Crown Heritage began offering three new forged iron colors, copper vein, silver vein and rubbed copper in March of this year. These colors are in addition to the gloss and matte black finishes. The company says it has one of the largest selections of colors available.

Booth #1311: 
WMMPA Offers New Pattern Book
The Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA) of Woodland, Calif., has added to its profile series pattern book collection. The newly-released WMDF® Series Wood Moulding Patterns book is a visually pleasing and comprehensive pattern book that contains standardized MDF patterns, informational background on MDF, installation guidelines and recommendations for MDF mouldings, as well as images and ideas on how to build up MDF mouldings to enhance any installation. The book is printed in two languages—Spanish and English.

The association also recently compiled more than 400 of its standardized profiles on CD-ROM for easy reference. The CD-ROM contains today’s most widely used WM® Softwood Series Patterns along with the newly developed WMDF® Series Patterns. Each pattern is depicted with the dimensions around and is in .dxf file format which is compatible with most CAD-like programs.

Booth #431: 
New Catalogs Available from Glasscraft
Glasscraft Door Co. of Houston will present three new catalogs containing a total of more than 1,371 entryway designs. According to the company, the entry designs offer a variety of wood types, finishes and glass options.

Booth #1017: 
CMI Makes Available More Mirrored Doors
Chicago-based CMI has added the Reflection series to its CraftMaster door design product line. The series features a textured, raised-panel design on one side and a mirror on the other, and suitable for the bathroom, bedroom or closet.

The Reflection series is offered in a wide range of raised-panel designs to complement any home décor. It is available in the standard 6-foot, 8-inch height and in widths from 2 to 3 feet, in designs such as the four-panel, square-topped Coventry or the two-panel, arched-eyebrow Classique. Five design options are available. 

Booth #1417: 
StileLine Doors Designed as Elegant Option
StileLine is a new product line of elegant, affordable doors manufactured by Lynden Door, of Lynden, Wash.. The new series is offered in flush, in 1- and 2-panel configurations, and bi-fold doors in flush, also with 1- and 2-panel offerings. The doors are available in sapele, maple and red oak. Four glass choices are offered: clear, satin etch, scalloped reed and dappled rain. 

Booth #515: 
Trinity Offers 30 Different Styles
Trinity Glass of Tacoma, Wash., is introducing their new lines of fiberglass entry doors and decorative glass that offers more than 30 different styles and a broad selection heights. The fiberglass entry doors are patterned after custom high-end wood doors. Available prefinished in light and medium oak, the company believes the doors set the standard in finish appearance and durability. 

The unfinished wood-grain fiberglass accepts standard water- or oil-based stains, according to the company. Smooth fiberglass is easy to paint, and has great resistance to UV degradation. Trinity molds most doors with lite openings, and eliminates stile and rail rotting through the use of composite edges. 

Booth #644: 
Ledco Modifies Rectangular Door Frames
Ledco, of Shelbyville, Ky., has introduced a new series of arch-top doors: the Classic Curves series. The doors are available in CraftMaster Caiman and Cremona design options and three choices of trim. A universal header adapts any of the Classic Curve doors for a standard rectangular opening, while also offering a decorative design. Most standard sizes are available, in 6-foot, 8-inch and 8-foot applications, in addition to double door units. 

Booth #300: 
Seiki Offers a Number of Screen Door Options
Seiki Screen Systems of Japan, with a sales office in Toronto, Ontario, offers the ability to provide customized screening solutions to door and window manufacturers and distributors. With some twenty varieties of retractable door screens, Seiki Screen Systems says it offers quality assurance, design aesthetics, technological advancement, safety and ease of use, and affordability.

The company’s introductory product, the Vista Roll Screen, is designed specifically for the North American market. Incorporating patent pending innovations the screen’s features include an elegant “all in one” screen housing and handle (unique in North America) which eliminates the incidence of pinched fingers. The company’s tension gear bracket eliminates the need for high-tension springs, making dangerous incidental openings a thing of the past.

Booth #509: 
RSL Presents New Decorative Glass Designs
RSL Inc., of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., has added to their decorative glass collection five new designs, the Tuscany, Margate, Regal, Newport and Dior. The Tuscany features liquid crystal resin technology and is available in most popular sizes, including transoms. The zinc caming of the Margate and Regal are designed to complement today’s contemporary looks, while the Newport and Dior capture the timeless beauty of a traditional look. 

Booth #808: 
HB&G Offers New Column
Made popular by such well-known designers as Gustav Stickley in the early years of the 20th century, the craftsman style is widely used on bungalows and is commonly set upon a pedestal. HB&G of Troy, Ala., has introduced the new craftsman-style PermaCast Column. The craftsman style PermaCast Column is manufactured using the same process as the original PermaCast column and is available in four sizes. It is load bearing, insect-proof, weather-resistant, low-maintenance and has a lifetime warranty.

HB&G also manufactures:
• Round and square PermaCast columns;
• Balustrade systems, which are available in three sizes with two styles of balusters for each; 
• PermaPorch railing, which is available in pre-built sections, 8-foot kits and in pieces; and
• PermaPost, which is available in three styles (colonial, chamfered and square) in dimensions of 5 to 6 inches and 8 to 9 feet.

Booth #317:
Parrett Offers Direct-Set Windows
Quality-crafted specialty windows made to specification from high-quality materials for the residential, historic, light commercial and church market is what Parrett Manufacturing of Dorchester, Wis., offers. 

According to the company, numerous standard options in wood species, profiles, hardware, glazing options and colors are available, as well as window styles in any engineered shape, size or configuration. 

Parrett will be displaying wood and aluminum-clad direct-set windows, single hung and casements. Accessories to be shown include radius and lineal casings, removable wood grilles, simulated divided lites and true divided lites.

The company says all its windows are design engineered to AAMA standards for residential, church and light-commercial applications.

Booth #1243: 
AuraLast Wood Offered on Norco® and Caradco® Brands
In January 2004, JELD-WEN AuraLast wood was introduced into the Pozzi® Custom Collection, and now, after only a six-month period, JELD-WEN AuraLast wood will be extended to the Norco Premium and Caradco Collections of windows and patio doors. In addition, JELD-WEN AuraLast wood will be offered on the Premium Wood French Doors—Morgan Collection.

Customers benefit from industry leading warranties of JELD-WEN AuraLast wood up to 20 years against wood decay, water absorption and termite infestation.

JELD-WEN says its AuraLast wood also maintains its natural pine color and accepts paints and stains similar to untreated wood, providing additional customization options for wood exteriors where metal clad was traditionally used. 

According to JELD-WEN AuraLast wood was tested for several years in Hawaiian rainforests and Formosan termite farms to ensure product reliability. JELD-WEN provides industry-leading warranties.

Booth #809: 
Vetter Expands Options
Vetter Windows & Doors of Mosinee, Wis., has new options for its architecturally inspired wood windows and patio doors. Vetter now offers brick red as a standard clad color, a full nine choices in interior trim profiles, and alder as a premium wood species for interior frame and sash casings. 

With the addition of brick red as a standard color, Vetter now has eight standard color choices for its extruded aluminum cladding. Other standard colors include: charcoal black, dark bronze, hunter green, sable, sandalwood, parchment and white. In addition to the eight standard colors, Vetter also offers 48 designer colors and can custom color match for the most particular color. 


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