October  2004

Woodworking on Display
A Look at Products Exhibited at IWF 2004

Atlanta was jam-packed with members of the woodworking industry during this yearís International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair (IWF), August 26-29. The Georgia World Congress Center held 29,889 attendees circulating around hundreds of booths filled with information and samplings of lumber, millwork, tools, machinery and more. 

Seminars were held during each day of the show, with topics such as improving productivity on CNC routers, troubleshooting when finishing veneer and using powder coating for wood products. More importantly, exhibitors made themselves available to endless questions from attendees curious about the latest in products and technology. 

Columbia Offers Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Columbia Flooring of Danville, Va., now has available a choice of engineered hardwood flooring in oak, maple, cherry or pecan, as well as its Out of Africa seriesí exotic species. According to company information, the engineered flooring can be installed nearly anywhere in the home and can be glued, stapled or nailed over most subfloors. Nine coats of DiamondPlate stain and sealer protect the wood. Each panel is available in three widths.

In addition, the Longstrip Clic collection allows planks to be secured together without the use of glue. The collection is available in traditional three-strip designs with a 7 1/8-inch width. 

Harmony Mouldings Available from TLC
TLC Mouldings Inc. of Willacoochee, Ga., a part of the Langdale Co., offers its Harmony collection of mouldings created from pre-primed medium-density fiberboard. The company offers more than 120 items in the collection, including baseboards, casings, crown mouldings, jambs and boards. 

No pre-sanding is required on the moulding, according to company information, and the surface is easily paintable. Lengths from 16 to 18 feet are available. 

Legacy Provides Machinery for Custom Columns
Legacy Woodworking Machinery of Provo, Utah, has introduced two series of 8- by 11-foot commercial column machines that can design columns that are straight or tapered, spiraled, reeded or fluted and round, square or multi-sided.
The Legacy 1800 has center-to-center stock capacity, a 10-inch wide flat-stock milling bed, an 11-inch diameter and 19 spiral pitches. It also features upper dust control, X-Y-Z axis milling, ball bearing headstock and a variable speed linear drive motor with limit switches and a gear cover. The Legacy 2000 has a 13-inch diameter and 15 spiral pitches. A Z-axis lead screw with 8-inch stroke, quick-release tailstock and cutting head are also included. Both machines feature an adjustable bed for tapering and a template follower. 

Berg Profiles Introduces New Options
Morristown, Tenn.-based Berg Profiles is offering new profiles, colors and lengths for its wrapped mouldings. 
The company now has available 10-foot lengths for all of its crowns and light rails. New profiles include the 1308 and 1309 crowns, as well as the 1305 crown with dentil or rope. The mouldings are available in paper and veneer finishes or thermofoil/vinyl finishes.

MDF Mouldings Available from White River 
White River Hardwoods/Woodworks Inc., based in Fayetteville, Ark., is offering a selection of new specialty millwork products created from MDF. The new mouldings do not split or warp and have no finger-joint ends to break. Embossed MDF can be painted or stained and is installed easily using standard woodworking tools, according to a company news release. Eight styles of moulding are available.

Saw TRAX Helps Transport Panel Saws
Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. of Acworth, Ga., offers a panel saw carrier designed for ease in transporting a panel saw to a job site. 

The panel saw carrier slides into any 2-inch trailer receiver. An arm pivots down and hooks onto the frame of the panel saw, then the arm is pinned in place. Next, a safety catch hooks the machine into place to prevent it from falling. The final step is to bungee the saw to the pivot arm. 

New Veneer and Panel Saw Cuts Through It All
A new veneer and panel saw available from Veneer Systems of Buffalo, N.Y., can be used for cutting all types of veneers, panels, MDF and laminates. A pneumatic pressure beam secures the material, while a circular saw blade removes all but 3/32 of the material exposed outside the pressure beam. Directly behind the circular saw is a milling head that climb-cuts the remaining 3/32. The result is a 90-degree jointed edge for nearly invisible splice lines and joints, according to a company news release. 
Other options are available, including extended fence depths, a motorized feed with adjustable speed, front table support and digital readout.

Presto Offers A Choice of Stackers
Depending upon such factors as the weight, length and height of the material being transported, Presto Lifts of Attleboro, Mass., has stackers to choose from. The pallet stackers, with 1500- to 2700-pound capacity, have lifting heights of 62 through 144 inches and lifting speeds of 2 to 4 seconds. A 24-inch load center, fixed and telescopic mast and hand operated floor lock are also featured. 

Stackers are available with capacities of 1000, 1500, 2000, 2700 and 3000 pounds. Manual operated lifts can be used for lighter weights and lighter work cycles, while electric stackers are available for heavier loads. 

New Swiss-Made Products Available from Colonial Saw
A redesigned vertical panel saw, available from Colonial Saw of Kingston, Mass., was designed to offer improved precision and convenience over previous models. According to a company news release, the Swiss-made Striebig COMPACT is the only saw of its kind to feature standard aluminum fingers that can be moved individually along the horizontal T-slotted center shelf bar to customize the saw. When sawing small panels, workpiece support is provided along the full length of the saw for comfort. Other user-friendly features include a shifting grid that moves upward so that it canít be jammed or damaged by off-cuts leaning against the frame, a 24-inch repetitive rip device with a roller follower and a measuring stop that flips out of the way. The COMPACT handles sheets of up to 5 by 10 feet.

Tempo Introduces C10 Series Hinges
Tempo Industries of Ontario, Calif., has introduced its C10 series of slide-on and snap-on hinges for doors. According to a company news release, the steel- and nickel-plated hinges are corrosion-resistant. Each of the hinges features 3-way adjustment, a 11.3 mm cup depth for 110-degree door opening, a 35 mm hinge cup diameter and a 45 mm cup boring pattern. Full-overlay, half-overlay, inset and 45-degree angle options are available for both slide-on and snap-on hinges. 

Beaver Tools Introduces New Air Router
The new one horse-power air router is one of the new industrial air tools available from Beaver Tools of St. Louis. The router features a ľ-inch collet, 20,000 RPM, an average 4 CFM and a minimum 90 psi and is suitable for round-over cuts on hardwood, softwood, solid surfaces or plastics. The compact size of the 2-pound router combined with its low vibration motor is intended to reduce user fatigue and increase productivity. In addition, the router now allows for one-handed operation. 

Lignomat Offers Mini-Meters 
Lignomat, based in Portland, Ore., offers both pinless moisture meters and moisture meters with built-in pins. Pin meters, such as the ergonomically designed mini-Lignos, are resistance-type meters, calibrated to read the moisture in lumber, veneer and fiberboard, based on USDA data. The mini-Lignos feature a switch between pins that turns the meter on as the pins are pressed into the wood. Two pairs of pins give measuring depths of 3/16-inch and 7/16-inch. Each model in the series is equipped with microprocessor-based circuits for calibration accuracy. 

Festool Offers Two Plunge-Cut Saws
Goleta, Calif.-based Festool USA offers two plunge-cut saws designed for quality and ergonomics. The ATF 55 E is intended for fast, on-site cutting. It features a 2-inch cutting depth and comes with a 55-inch guide rail. The AT 65 E is designed for everything from deep rough cuts to finer work. It has a 2 7/16-inch cutting depth and also comes with the guide rail. 

New Q-Series Cleans Up 
The new Q-series cyclones, from Dustvent, of Addison, Ill., generate from 1000 to 4000 CFM under load and provide 99.9 percent dust collection efficiency. The collectors are driven by 1.5-10 HP motors and are intended for use in areas with large amounts of coarse dust, areas where fires are expected or to separate fine from coarse dusts. The cyclones can be paired with a drum, cabinet or hopper dust catch and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Four styles of after-filters are available. 

AZEK PVC Trimboards Replace Traditional Lumber
AZEK Trimboards of Moosic, Pa., provides a replacement for traditional lumber with trimboards created from cellular PVC. According to a company news release, the boards can be milled, moulded, shaped and thermoformed to any custom millwork profile. 

The trimboards offer resistance to insects and moisture and will not rot, cup, split, twist or warp. No paint is required for protection. The trimboards feature a consistent thickness with uniform density throughout, according to the company.


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